Saturday, March 7, 2009

Single Woman

I decided to start blogging about my life as single woman when I was preparing for my MBA assignment. I choose Independent Living Community as my Business Plan. Reason being I am afraid to go through my golden years alone and hopefully don't end up died alone. This concept is nothing new to the western but for asian like Malaysian we don't have such community.
Well, I am blessed with young gene look with the fact I am now reaching 35 years old. I have no man show interest on me or whatsoever. I hardly go out to socialize. (My social skill sucks!). Not many friends and living with no best friend to turn to for over 35 years. I cut off my private life from my family.
Basically, I got nobody to turn to... sounds pathetic!
However, I can tell you eventhough the description sounds lonely but I am happy with my life. Its all about routine and we forgot about the loneliness.
You wake up in the morning go to work, work work and work then reach home by 10.00pm. Not much time left for yourself end up doing some chores and go to sleep. This continues for 5 days a week. I always looking forward for weekend. I wake up on Saturday morning having breakfast at Kopitiam near PGRM building then go for my 2 hours chiropractic session for my wellness and well being. Then go for spa or salon. Go back home spend my time online to either for my favourite japanese or korean drama or for my online beauty product business. Time pass by, here goes night time watch tv or go online, if I feel good I will do some reading, then go to sleep. Here come Sunday, another routine lazying at home, do some chores at home or go out do some grocerries shopping then here come Monday. My routine start all over again. I am happy to live in my own world. I don't have mum or dad to nag on me or another friend to make me listen to their mushy mashy love stories or bragging or break up stories. I don't have to please anybody to live my life. I feel peaceful.
But my question, how long can I continue my life like this?
I am healthy now, what if I am not well and I need help?
Who will assist me to continue my life?
I am aftraid to look forward to that.
I always pray to God to bless me with good health.
My question is what if I died and nobody know where I live.
Who will find my body when nobody know I am here?

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