Monday, August 17, 2009

I am not impress

I met a friend last week and she were saying that she is getting married end of this year.
Whoa! finally...
Same age with me.
We used to be sharing same dorm when I was form One.
Yup! I was sent to boarding when I was 13 years old.
But they withdraw me from the school because my study was so bad to extreme meaning I practically get '0' for my maths and '30' for my English.
Hahahaha.. they just freak out when received my report card.
I enjoyed to see their face at that time.

Oh ya.. back to my 'so called' friend.
Basically we are not friend.
To be exact she is see me as a threat.
mmmm why!
Not really sure though.

I was in my own world as usual and my life practically to myself.
I don't really socialise.
No friends.
I don't really talk to people.
They talk to me I talk to them but most of the time few words will do.
Yup! I am a loner since then.

She practically.. a 'PLAYER' not that pretty but sweet looking girl.
She had changed her boyfriend like every 2 months once.
But one thing I don't like about her she just love to pick on me.
From the start to the end I remember her.

Unfortunately, we are sharing the same double decker bed. Yeah! mine on top and she is beneath me.
Same goes to our locker.
I really hate her because she love to use other people thing without even asking.
She practically used whatever she like and treat it like hers.
I even experienced woke up and don't have any uniform to go to class.
End up have to pretend sick just because I have no uniform.
Thick face and horrible beast to me.
She just love to pick up on me at that time.
I am practically spend my time crying over it.

That was another reason I failed badly for my last semester just to make them get me out of that hell.

Well , she still remember after so long. We don't even talk to each other I left that school 22 years ago.
She still a player but when she told me she is getting married and becoming one Dato' 3rd wife.
mmmm .... I don't feel impress at all...

3rd wife? I mean 3rd place?
What a looser!!!!

Ah! I feel much more better with my life right now!

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