Friday, October 16, 2009

Deepavali exam

Yes! I neglected my blog for quite sometimes.
I have been very busy and need to focus on something more important.

My 35th Birthday on 12 Oct 2009
Nothing special!
I declared half working day and end up running errants up and down for half a day.
Rushing for interview appointment all the way at Kota Damansara.
Then rushing back before post office close to arrange delivery for my downline in Sabah and Sarawak.
I end up having lunch around 4.30pm!
Night time thought of having sushi for dinner but end up at Manhattan Fish Market.
Well my verdict is 1st time is my last time. The food was so oily! Yucks!!!
Ended my Birthday night with nobody want to propose to me. So sad and sian!!!! sob sob sob..
end up being alone until I die...what a looser!!!

Tomorrow is deepavali but also I am sitting for exam at 10am.
Leadership Dynamics. Am I prepared??? No comment!
I will try my best!

I just launch new website selling general heathcare products. Hope it will do well!
My ads will run starting tomorrow for 3 days.

Next week another exam.
The tougher one!
Group assignment result for this subject not so good.
Well ! who asked those people go and cut my write up???
The lecturer comments obviously is what I had wrote ealier!!!
Argh! I am so angry!
Here goes with you people last minute job!
I seiously need to buck up myself in this subject to chase after at least a credit.
I dont want just a PASS!
I paid this course with my hard earn money!
My blood my sweat my tears!

I am so not satisfied with the results!!!

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