Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Birthday Dinner 12 Oct 2009

My 35th birthday is on 12 Oct 2009 ,Monday.
Its just another day , nothing special but I am getting older.
When we get older, what do we get?
Health not so good..
Boob and booty are sagging hahahaha
But I can feel I am getting wiser.. well ageing not that bad after all.

Happy because this year manage to visit the unfortunate home and deliver them some dry food.
Thats all I can afford!
Just love to see their welcome and happy face.

No matter what race and what is your religion and I don't bother about your past but whats matter we are all trying our best to survive in this world.
Our existense here is not by our wish but some how we were created.

Waiting for dinner to be served. I was so stressed up thinking about exam another 4 days.
even my bra strap is twisted lol

Try my best to stay positive .. cheer up!!!
I am so pale and fat!! so sad..
my stress seriously goes down to my waist a lot this year!!!
I never been this fat and flabby.. so damn ugly arggggghhhh!!!

Never try The Manhattan Fish Market. Look at those food all oily!!!! ahhhh.. my 1st and my last. Thought of eating sushi but don't know why that night seats was full. So no choice to go for this food. Anyway! thank you God for the food you put on my table. Hope all the unfortunate people out there have a better food and life. Amen...
what is in that platter??
Yummy cheesy prawn
Herbs rice
Onion rings
Fish & Chips
and don't know what thing but just digged in.... feel bless and thank to god for the food that day although it never turn up like what I wish and wanted.
Here are Dilmah Green Tea to neutralise the oily and greasy food. Well I have this tea bag back home...here there are charging RM8 for one cup and can't even re fill...
Should just asked for hot water and took out the tea bag from your bag hehehe

sauces goes with the food!!!
Linggam Chilli sauce maybe then mayonese and grated garlics

Love the table deco and setting!!!

I don't know which one is pepper and which one is salt
What did I get for my birthday??
Car MP3 Player and mouse pad from my dearest lil sis (Mel).
Thank you dear!!! you are one very thoughtful person I ever knew.
I also got an odd figure of red packet!!!
Thank you dear although you never know what you mean by that odd figure any reason????
I suppose to treat and pamper myself but it never happen until now.
Maybe next week... ahahahah decision is in my hand..

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