Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still in control

These 2 days, is not the worst day but just a normal day.
I has team of 2 auditors in my office for year 2009 accounts.
Although not much audit queries from them but to brief them our complex business procedures is like the most challenging task to me. After few rounds of explaination in the conference room until tonight around 7.30pm, I manage to make them understand on our way of doing business.
Every year this audit firm have been sending freshies and new people to us. I seriously almost loose my patient with one of them due to don't even know what does it mean by cross check.
He can't even do the sampling right due to the cross referrence check is totally wrong.
Anyway, hope they could finalise everything by coming Wednesday.
Then I want to get out from that place soonest possible and prepare for my next journey.

I had received numerous calls from my X Boss.
I just can't pick up her calls due to I am not in the mood to listen.
Yeah! sometimes I can be this nasty!
She emailed me last night to talk to me about hiring me to be her Media Strategiest.
MMMMM me strategiest...???? thought I told her i want to retire in doing this strategiest thingy! I just want a peaceful and balance life for the next 2 years not the hectic life like I have for the last 3 1/2 years!!!
I am tired !!!!
Let me try to reply and tell her my story again tomorrow night.
I am seriously not in the mood to talk about deal right now!

I just want to move forward and prepare myself with new strategies and step into the next station.

Last night, I tried to read Anthony Robbins book that I bought.
Normal for me when I just started reading the 1st page my eyes feel very heavy and fall asleep instead.
Tonight I will start early and hope to complete at least 1st 4 pages.... We shall see :)

I am trying to remain calm until to the very last day....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Generals more than Soldiers

I was chatting away over the phone with one of my friend and we were talking about a company which have more high level managers than supporting team.
We came to a conclusion this company is like when a King order 10 Generals and 3 Soldiers to fight in a battlefield to face 3 Generals and 1000 soldiers. Imagine when all the 10 Generals shout 'Fire!' and all 3 soldiers are struggling to fire and following all these instruction comes from every direction. Poor soldiers! They will die because of enemy fire or die due to exhaust of too many instructions and confusions. For sure all of them including the King will go down within a minute!

CEO with only high level mind set is foolish CEO. They are just killing themselves or preparing to commit suicide.Everything is about balancing act!
Don't talk about expansion if your team is not ready!
Build up strong foundation to expand up to next level.
You imagine you are buidling up a house and you start from the roof first..... chinese said siaow le!!!

This evening I was at Borders , Tropicana City Mall looking for a book to manage my temperament. Can't find any. They do have many on managing stress which I think not that specific relevant to my problems. I end up bought a book by Anthony Robbins, ' Unlimited Power'. I heard many of people around me said this Anthony Robbins is good. Actually, I don't really have any idea what magic this man does to people and their so claim hardcore followers.
Did he really change many people's life? I have somebody paid thousands of RM for his course.
Ok ok I had read Robert Kiyosaki.
Not bad!
Let me see what Anthony Robbins will do to me....:)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My peaceful Saturday

My Saturday is full of activities .
I woke up as early as 7am for morning exercise for 1 hour then off for dentist appointment.
A follow up treatment turn out to be a root canal treatment.

Oh My God! I have to keep my mouth open for almost 2 hours.
Seriously hurt my jaw though!
Anyway, since I only 2 choices either extract my last tooth or do a root canal treatment.
Of course! I don't want to loose my tooth.
Weird! the dentist said it was very rare because she need to give me at least 3 shots for me to get the numbness. Yeay! how hell I know I was imune to the shot!
The treatment took over almost two and half hours. I went back home with RM700 bill and 6 tablets of ponstant!
I was so hungry since I have not eaten anything since morning.

I went home and grab some groceries at nearby hypermarket then straight back home.
Do some cleaning up and then have a good lunch at around 4pm.
Yes! right after the numbness gone due to the dental treatment.

I watched Korean movie 'Seducing Mr Perfect' . I am now officially deep in love with Danniel Henney. I love this feeling although I am cheating myself. ahahahaha siaow!!!

Then cook special dinner for myself.
Quail with Asparagus and hot honey lime.
Good one! Ah! proud of myself because my culinary skills is back!!!!!!
There will be more exploration and experiment coming up in new recepies!!!

Thought of spending my left over Saturday night with arranging my year 2009 receipts and do up my accounts for my Tax submission on June 2010.
If I feel want to work then this will happen but if my lazy attitude coming up..... too bad I will be a 'couch tomato' - i know i know its not counch tomato ehehehe this is my term okay!!!!
then I will end up watching Japanese series 'My Sassy Girl'. Anyway, its all depends because I have many important thing to do rather then just be a 'couch tomato'.

So happy Saturday night to the whole wide world!!!!
He is flying back from Paris now!!!!!!!!! Yeay!!!
Hope to see him next weekend!!

While I was typing this entry, Paris Hilton came up on TV and I love what she said, ' although you have a bad day you just need to put you head on!!!! face the world and be positive!' She is right in a way though!

Ok my favourite shows 'Fringe' coming up soon.
Later folks!!!

Honey Lime

I cook this Asparagus Quail
Not bad!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling sad

I tried my best to put on my cheerful aand positive face today.
It works just that I am a lil bit unusual because I dont eat.
I didn't join them for lunch and I just feel uncomfortable with myself.
Maybe my worries since he still stuck there in Paris, more or less affected my emotion.

I drive as fast as I could to reach home soonest possible forgot about dinner and just straight to my computer and get online and start searching for the latest available flight back here.
Finally manage to book ticket for them to fly out this Sat.
Cost for the stay is indeed sky high for them.
Well, this is what you call unfortunate event.
However, not that unfortunate since they a still fine, right?
Did I feel happy right after manage to book for him?
mmmm no!!! I still feel sad!

I guess my sad and uncomfortable feeling is more towards myself.
There are something incomplete matter within myself this week.
I still can't find the answer.

I will do a serious thought later on and try to do some meditation to find my lost soul or just sleep ehehehe!
Still can laugh when feeling sad!!! yes! this is what you call insane!!!
Feeling sad and still trying to find the reason seriously I am not well emotionally.
Good night!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Prayer for a friend

I am anxiously waiting for a news on my friend who are still stuck in London.
Latest news from his sms to me just now since no flight out to Malaysia, he is using another alternative.
He is taking a Eurostar to Paris and will be hiring a private car to spain tomorrow or day after tomorrow which is Wednesday and will try to catch any airlines ticket at Madrid back to KL. Although, its sounds interesting and exciting journey but hey dearer friend I know you are suffering too. It will be a great adventure to remember and pretty tiring too.
Don't forget to snap photo on your journey!
I am praying hard for your safe journey back home and wish to see you back here by this weekend! Everything going to be fine and God is taking care of you dear...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

According to plan

I watched 'While you were sleeping' by Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman.
In this movie Lucy (Sandra Bullock) were saying she has a lonely life.
All she has is her job, an apartment and a cat name Mel to look forward in her entire life.
She misses a family life.
She desprately need a man to love her.
She fall in love with the other brother and end up married to another brother.

Do you remember this saying?
'Not all will according to your plan!'
This saying is proven right.
God encourage us to make plan in our life but every man and woman and even animal or any other living creatures have their own fate and destiny.
Whatever we do believe in ourself and have faith to God and our each individual destiny.
Never stop working and striving for life and at the same time don't forget the unfortunate and be good to everyone and everything around you.

Anyway, we need to move with our life as usual or at least trying the best to work towards our plan no matter on whether it will turn out to be plan work out well or not well... just move on ok!

Whats for dinner tonight?
I end up eating sandwiches. Yes! not pizza.
I feel too much for me to order pizza and bloated myself with the whole pizza alone.
I am quite happy with my culinary skills this week.
My sandwiches end up quite creative one and never thought of it before.
I planned for sardines sandwiches but end up with white egg with onions sandwiches.
Verdict? fabulous delicious!!!!

Why not sardines ? ahahahah I don't know how to use the can opener. So can't open the can.
Guess what I have 2 can opener. One with batteries and one semi traditional one. But none of these is useful to me. Why? My technical skills is seriously damn low!
Not according to plan case again. Sardine sandwich turn into egg sandwich.

Did exercise the whole afternoon.
Good I sweat at last!
Feel healthy ehehehe hope to continue this healthy routine.

Did some cleaning job here and there then processing some of yesterday orders for my online store. Did some reading in world business outlook.

OK! for tonight thought of going down to my memory lane with Goo Jun Pyo!
Ahahaha Boy over flowers!!!! Lee Min Hoooooo!!!!!

Princess in every girl

Just receive another sms from my friend in London, his flight delay again due Iceland Volcano ash cloud. I read in news MAS and Air Asia grounded flight in and from Europe. My friend is taking Air Asia and according to news subject to UK airspace which currently still remain closed. Hope he is fine. Thank God! he went with his Boss so welfare taken care off for the extension stay.

Yesterday, I was watching 'A Little Princess'. I am not so ambitious in learning anything from this series apart from just trying to entertain myself since I am very boring to death on Saturday. Nevertherless, I did learned something from this movie which is I never expected. Maybe I underestimate the movie.

What I learned ?
1. Every girl is a princess. Ah! for normal people maybe will think this is craps! But for me I take this seriously. Thinking deeply to this statement... Yes! every girl is a princess. Most girls love to be treated well and most girls love to look pretty. Most girls love pretty things.
Don't you think all of girls are princesses???

2. Treat people around you as equal as possible and always treat them nice. Why ?
I always have this thoughts, life is like a on a wheel. One time we are at the top and we will reach at bottom too. So its full with up and down and even like 'YOYO'. So, if you are blessed and have good life don't forget those are unfortunate. If you are unfortunate don't give up and just keep on moving forward and strive to be on top.

Therefore, for all girls always believe we are the princesses. Princess with big heart to help people around and always positive and move forward.

Last night, actually this morning eheheh went to bed at 1.30am, I was thinking on whether I can wake up alive or am I going to be dead. This thought has come again and again in my head.
Am I prepared to be dead?
At first, I feel afraid to go to sleep because of this.
Then I try my best to plant to my head, I am a good princess nothing to be afraid with and just go to sleep. I seek for another chance to proof myself a good princess.
Result? I overslept until 1.00pm ehehehehe totally overslept and missed almost half day of Sunday! ahahahaha bad princess!!!!

What I am planning to do for my leftover Sunday?
Currently almost 3pm.
Thought of going out buying some fish but need to forget about my plan due to hot whether.
Yeah! me with that avoid sun program.
Maybe will need to decide on other meal apart from just that bean soup. Bored ledi le!
See if I can calculate on pro and cons on ordering pizza today. ehehehehe... everything come with price and cost.
Oh ya later TV2 will air this While you were Sleeping - Sandra Bullock. mmmm got to watch this movie. I have heard about it but never watch before. Can't wait!

I need to go outside to my car pick up stuff in my car but have to make sure nobody sees my face. ahahaha me and paranoid case again....

Tomorrow another working day! Hope to do handover this Thursday.
I need to let go from now on and move on!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

To be beautiful is a sin

Every woman dreams to be beautiful.
Same goes to yours truly ehehehe...
I will do anything to look gorgeous.
Call me a freak call me crazy.
Most people will come out with this saying ' beauty from within'...

Well from my observation on people behaviour and perception towards beauty is totally not what like most people saying which is 'beauty from within'.
Most of us tend to judge from ones outter look.

Yeah! imagine you are approach by one young lady she is dark brown features say big nose ,thick lips and big round eyes, she is short and fat but she is neat in her dressing. She is soft spoken and polite.

Same time you also approach by another young lady she is gorgeous everything about her is perfect except for her snobbish attitude.

Another young lady superb beautiful and she is polite and well manner.

If you are the one do you think you will choose the 3rd woman and follow with the 1st woman?

Well , I can conclude 'beauty from within' is good but beauty inside out is most preffered choice.
Don't you think in this world we need to balance up.
Don't you think our life is almost similar like doing full sets of accounts. Everything need to be tallied and make it perfect by balance it up like a balance sheet?

I have this almost 5 sens big dark pigmentation spot on my right cheek.
This always gives me worry and lower down myself esteem.
I tried whatever it takes to get rid of this ugly spot.
I dont mind spend some cash and reduce my food to get rid of it and be pretty again.
For the past 3 months I have been going through this laser treatment session.
Today is my 3rd session.

What is the result to now???
It get lighter and lighter but I am nervous to wait for whether it will disappear.
Obviously today and the next 3 weeks I am not going under the sun at all.
I will confine myself to heal my spot. anything to gain back my clear baby skin face.

I am more conscious on what I am eating from now on.
My these two day diet will be all about beans and fruits.

Hope my diet will work as I am working out and toning down my body.
I want to look good in my new place soon....

I conclude today's blog with to be beautiful is not a sin as long as don't harm yourself and people around you. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moving forward

I have been working late these days since I tendered.
Yeah !!! finally...hope to move forward and build up my own future.
Deep down ... heart broken and sad to leave but hey... its been 3 years and I did not see any progress.
When I am busy building the team he keep ruining... I feel tired.
When people trying to move forward he keep pulling people back... I feel tired too.
I need put a full stop here and move on to the next station.
Maybe I can meet someone better recognise my talent and appreciate me better.

I am moving forward from now on....

Finally manage to closed my Accounts for year 2009 after a pain to my mouth keep asking my boss for his final figure. Ah! so tiring... but finally its over!
Busy doing my handover and trying my best to be as details as possible.
Yeah! me being me try to be perfect as possible since my belief is 'come in with good intention and get out for a good cause!'

Reached home late just now.
Feel like pampering and treat myself with good predicure moment!
Yeah! I enjoyed it so much.
I was reading Shape magazine when getting my predicure and I read this article on popcorn is good for anti oxidant.
I am very ambitious when drop by GSC and get myself one regular fully caramel popcorn.
Digging popcorn while driving and singing happily to Adam Lambert song.
I don't know this can be quite challenging to me.
My mouth is so tired munching and singing.
I think I hurt my jaw!
... and the caramel so thick and sweet. Yeah! admit love the caramel but hey this is obviously bad for health. Ah! I should get the light one then only serve the purpose not the caramel.

I also have this crazy ideas like joining a Boot Camp!
But a lil bit taken a back since my knee is not that strong for all the tough act I need to do.

Let me think carefully what I need to do to maintain healthy apart from just eat healthy!

Moving forward for new life style and new life environment...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Leaf

I've bext been waiting for this day .....
I've been waiting to see his face when I said I am walking out!
I've been waiting to see him feel helpless when I am out of his life.
I am glad the day has comes..
It is not I want to enjoy other people sadness but I think he deserve to feel the sorrow he brings to others...

Although I am myself nervous on my next stop but I still have to move on.
Continue my life journey until the God say its time to stop!

I am afraid to step out from this shell and see the outside world.
I am afraid my new me will damage my soul.
But I have to for the sake of climbing up to the top ladder.

Hopefully I can see myself as one of those corporate leader one day!

My first trip to China (Shanghai) open up my eyes to the fast moving country.
People are competitive and make used of whatever resources in front of them which is unlike our country here. I am amaze with their competitiveness.
If I have chance to visit this place again it will be my great pleasure!
I love the green I love the history.....
Here are some of those photos from my view...