Friday, May 21, 2010

4th Day

Early morning, busy entertaining the politicians.
Then off meeting with the bankers.
Call for staff meeting on messy accounts.
You won't believe my findings after doing surface checking on the closing 2009 in this place.
I don't know what that fella doing over there.
My Senior Accounts staff here almost gone crazy after I taught her to do some internal cross checking.
Now she know, thing is not as simple as she thought!
More things to be done dear!
I just show you a starting point and let me lead you and just wait when you reach to the peak!

With another girl who wanna resign because she feel she can't grow with this company.
But I manage to talk thru and she agreed.
Now she know how many thing she can learn from me.

I will from now on, call for at least once a week staff meeting to just solve their probs.
Hope we can be the most efficient team in the company.

Yesterday, I manage to come out with my 1st draft for the employee handbook.
Not that thick. Just 25 pages long!
Many thing need to discuss with him to get thing move on.
Everybody is dying to see me to talk about injustice in the office (basically complain)
There are request for a staff meeting so they can ask me HR related issues.
Some sort like a forum!
Aiyoh! I can call for a meeting but you staff wanna call me for meeting and bombard me with question? Am I stupid enough to accept that invitation????
No way!!!! I am leading here... halloooo!!!!
email me if you have question. I will definately call for a staff meeting to introduce our new handbook and also brief them again on the do (s) and don't (s) and ask me question on that time. This is my 1st week and I am observing and writing down notes on your people behaviour when boss are watch out!!! I will definately do my job fairly!

I will be coming to work on Sunday!
Just because he will be flying back to Melbourne.
I had not met him since I joined.
May be will be interviewing some candidates for Receptionist and also PA for him.

Hope can close few things by Sunday.

Just now, received propose org chart for Myanmar office.
The chart is all over the place and over crowded for medium size company.
Whatever! let me concentrate in this Malaysia office first!
I will look into another office next 2 weeks time.

Last night manage to burn 250 cal after a 40 minutes work out!

Rina!!! jia yor jia yor .... loose that kilos and I will look great in another 2 months times

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