Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dilemma of Lefthanded

Alarm went off this morning at 5.35am.
I tried to wake up but stomach pain plus my head heavy and my left hand feel heavy too.
Oh no!!! what happen to me???
I panic!
I need to go to work!

I try to relax and calm myself down.
I waited until almost 7am...
Still in pain!
What should I do?
Especially my arm... how to drive to work?

Result sms my officemate I will be on MC.
Can't force myself to drive in this condition.

I still waited until almost 11.30am to drive to nearest clinic for some medication.
Doctor prescribed with migraine pills,vein tablet,nerve relaxation pills,muscle relaxation pills and pain killer.
I reached home and currently still staring at that packets of pills and my heart keep saying, eat it or not eat it or not eat it or not?????
Too much pills!!!! How to swallow all this??? ewwww!!! Life is sucks with all this tablets to depends on.
Doc said I need to relax my left arm and don't use for time being.
He said not to think to much and try to calm myself down or I will get mental breakdown.
Whoa!!!! so serious advice???
Me relax???
A bit difficult in my life dictonary.
Unless I go for Thai Massage.... other than that I just can't relax myself at all.
Mr Doctor!!! I am lefthanded how to live without using this portion of my body?
I tried to drive just using my right hand.
Can't do... not enough strength.
I tried to water my plant with my right arm but I feel very awkward.

From now on... I will make use of my right arm as back up for emergency like this.

Poor my left hand. Need a rest because I over used.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Research week

Monday started with a wet day.
Raining in the morning.

I will be busy spending my weekdays with my research on Company Financial and Tax Planning.
Feeling like doing MBA studies again.... sigh!
More boring subject to me.
Hedging oh hedging!
Have to study market and see numbers and numbers again..... awwwww!!!!
So not cool this week.
Yeah! I am so damn lazy to study again and my mind just feel like want to play and play only.

Thank God!
My Min Ho Drama is airing again this week.
Damn! I am in love with him once again..... tall and cool and of course rich with drug money.

3 more days to Saturday.... I can't wait!
2 more months to go for my next adventure... I just can't wait for that too....

Great Wall I will conquer youuuuuuu soooonnnnn!!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bunch of Looser

Weekend almost over!!!!!!
Hate it Trillion times.
I was at BV11 for brunch with my ex officemate.
Meet with them once in a while for catching up.
Most of us will be talking about the same thing whenever we meet.
I am looking for job!
Ah! that is the most popular phrase!
But everytime we meet and everytime we are all still sticking with our job and never change.

We want to change but we are all afraid to get our from our comfort zone.
Most of the time we keep giving ourselves excuses to stay put.
or I can say not determined enough for a change????
We end up just keep on talking and repeating t he same old phrase....
Yeah! bunch of looser including me hahahaha

We need to start to act on what we preach!!! but we just can't????

Working day tomorrow???

Friday, June 24, 2011

My First Kiss

My first kiss???
Did I realised it?
Well... its all happened when I was 23 years old and while I was working at this one marketing solutions company as Accounts Executive.
My boss is a western man and now he is happily married to one of the Princess here in Malaysia.
Yeah! not this fantasy Princess but the real Princess.
I think he is happily married that was what I heard last time.

It is a kiss but just a peck on my cheek. hihihihihihi...
I was caught by surprise.
He just came back to Office after oversea trip and came from behind and gave me a peck on my cheek.
Huhuhuhuhuh... that was my first skinship with man.

What is my reaction?
Since I was brought up in a very conservative way....I am totally culture shocked!
My officemate who are sitting in front of me was shocked too...
Her jaw drop.
I was so frozen on my chair and hardly move or give reaction.
Ceh! I can even felt his saliva on my face....ewwwwww.... dirty dirty ...

Of course for my Boss it was nothing at all and for me I am going nuts! almost!!!!
I can't even eat my lunch that day.
In fact I ran to the toilet washing my face and cried because I am too shocked.
In my heart I keep saying , how could he ? how could he?
Kiss one girl cheek just like that????
Seriously want to die???
Ah! did he fall in love with me???

My Boss???
nothing nothing he don't even realise on the impact from his open skinship concept behaviour with this Asian girl. Hello! I was brought up in small town and go to girl school only. no brother in the family too.
Coming to this big city and make me work among all these men enough giving me an eerie feeling and now my boss is treating me like I am one of those city girl???
Peck left right centre when they meet each other?

Hhahahaha that the worst thought I had that that age I thought people skinship each other when they fall in love to each other.... ah! I am so naive.... so so don't know where to hide my face when I thinking about that incident...

Well that was when I was 23 year old and just starting my living in the city.
When I think about it now .... I feel so embarassed ....foolish girl!
Just a peck and that foolish man fault don't even know our Asian culture.
Until now I am not comfortable to even have a skinship with another woman or man.
Just not my style!
What so good about exchanging saliva??
Thats yuckss!!!

So when is your first kiss???

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far,the truest type pf love - confucious

We could watch this act in movie but in real life how many dare to act in such a way?
Just finished watching City hunter Episode 8.
Heartbroken and painful to watch my Min Ho almost bleed to death to save his so called woman in that drama. Uhuhuhuh... can't wait for Episode 9!!!!!

Min Ho faster go shoot the drama day and night ... I want to know the ending.... are you going to be dead because of that woman you love???

Ok enough with my Drama freak for this week... yeah! I can be annoying sometimes!!! ooppppsss!!! most of the times I mean :)

Forgiveness is the Ultimate sacrifice - I can't remember where I read this quote.

I don't think I am noble enough to act according to both quote.
How many of us have big and warm heart like this???
Very rare breed indeed!

My heart will be more stubborn and will not forgive people and keep thinking to plot on how to get back to them if they hurt me..... huwahahahahahaha (wicked vampire laugh style)
Let me practise to be more warm hearted first yeah!
Then I will be a good person.... but for now let me finish off that person first then I will repent..kekekeke (giggling without any hesitation and regret) ah..... wicked!!!!


As usual settle with morning coffee for breakfast.
No solid food since my appetite gone for vacation!
I was so sleepy head this morning and almost knock myself out on my steering while driving to work this morning. Huaaaarrrrr!!!!

I was expecting for chaotic week and I am just not in the mood to face any of this nonsense.The severe pain on my arm and my whole body is getting worst. I could not say I am lack of exercise since I exercise almost everyday now. My hand goes with cracking sound to every movement I made. Ah!!!! I need to buck up with that milk consumption or all my bone will be gone like a milk powder soon.

Our body is like an old house or car. The longer it is the higher the maintenance.
Maybe need to go for some overhaul?

One of my friend who I dare not mentioned to him on his symptom of aging which he do not realize.
He tend to drive recklessly and speeding very fast. Well it is more sort of impatient style.
I was so shocked when I sat on his car last weekend.

Where are the calm and cool man , I used to know????
Where is he???
Why is he acting this way?
I know this gentleman very well, that is why I dare not open my mouth.
He is that kind of person who will do worst if we mentioned about it.
So, friend or no friend I am force to seal my mouth tight.
Let him realise by himself and hope it is not a severe lesson to take.
I kind of like to watch cool guy driving fast like in the movie...say Jay Chou in Initial D, Fast & Furious or Fast 5...but not with me sitting in one of those car though!
I make my own assumption that this man is going through symptom of aging and menopause.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cruising Weekend

I always waiting for weekend.
I believe I am not the only one!!
I decided to explore Putrajaya Lake.
I took the cruise and enjoy the beautiful view of Putrajaya on Saturday afternoon.
My photograhy skills is sucks!!!! so the photos too!!! hahahaha..
In reality the scenaries is more beautiful...

Saturday Lunch @ Sekinchan Grilled Fish Restaurant. I am the first to arrive and their first customer for the day. Saturday Brunch!

 Pay RM20 and enjoy the magnnificient view for 25 minutes... worth it!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Half year

Half year almost gone soon!
What have I achieve up to now?
Not much... many things need to straighten up.
My time here almost done , though... hopefully I could use this place as my case study and list down as my portfolio for my consulting job.
These 2 weeks is very tiring...every day about sitting there solving problems and trying hard to get myself in the game without putting my team and myself in danger.
We sit down we strategize in each emails came in.
We planned our reply as safe as possible.
It 's all about get yourself involved in this political game.
So far when the team work is strong we still manage to 'Tai Chi' in and out.
Talk about management ? I think I familiarise myself well with this game....hahahahaha (laughing with wicked witch style)

Aigooooo!!!! next week will be another hell week when that idiot will be in and another idiot coming back end of the week too. We can't run away but to face this people!!!! You will face your fate real soon...... you can laugh all you want for now.... I will let you!!!!
I will get the last laugh ..... hahahahaha (wicked witch laugh again)

Yeah! I am in the mood to be the bad person!!!!!

When the weeks is tough.. you tend to think about break time...
I browse through some of my previous photos while I went for vacation last year.... ahhhhhh.... wish for Sep to come quickly......time to break again another 3 months..... see see see below how happy I am....:))))))

Anyway tomorrow is Saturday!!!!! I like it!!! eventhough I am busy too...No time for myself and do some reading... need to sleep now for my beauty sleep... Happy weekend WWW!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

City Hunter

My new Hot wall paper.... o la la la..

Below my is personal view only and if don't agree please don't comment further and leave me alone.... why??? because this is my space duh! (yeah yeah me with my childish act..aigoooo)

When I almost forgotten Go Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flower  here comes that cool image appear again in front me:)
Lee Min Ho still hot!!! hot! hot!
I have been waiting to see another side of Lee Min Ho acting skill.
What can I say , he is still cool though!

New drama and still on going filming.
I have watched up to episode 6.
On 13th June 2011, Min Ho involved in car accident during filiming.
No major injury, Min Ho back to shooting set the next day!
Yeah! this man really show his professionalism. Salute you!
Work hard while you still young and hot!

City Hunter drama based on Hojo Skasi comic. It is all about revenge, action, love,romance,jealousy,killing,plotting,conspiracy.

Up to episode 6 , I still can see the sterotype act from him. However, compare to Personal Taste drama I can see his improvement in his acting skill.
Lee Min Ho fighting!!!!!

Can't wait for the next episode.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blur Saturday

Love it!
Weekend!!!! Yeay!!!

Yesterday half day was a great day!
I manage to go to 2 bank and pick up my both cars registration cards.
Yeay! I achieved something yesterday.
I still have many times left before it gets to late night.
So decided to go for movies marathon.
X Men : First Class and Super 8 in a row.
hahahahaha... crazy woman on the roamed last night!
Satisfied Friday!!!!

This morning ,I plan to do many things but at the end I don't achieve as much as I want.
I drove to car wash with hope I could get my baby wash up.
Yeay! due to my lack of patience,I end up not washing my baby for almost 4 months.
I hardly can see what is my baby's color anymore.
Reached at car wash and saw many cars lining up!
Ah! baby forgive your mummy she just don't want to spoil her whole day waiting to see you get wash up.
Some other time baby!

Then I went to my usual saloon to touch up my springy noodles hair.
I was told I need to wait for another 20 minutes.
Ah! me wait???
Talk to my hand brother!

At the end went back home. hahahaha

I went back to saloon after 2 hours later and manage to get my slot back.
I asked the hairdresser, how long you need to complete your task?
He said Miss this one need 2 hours.
I said 2 hours not more ok?
Better if you could make it shorter.
Ow! Miss this one if I make it shorter you hair will not be nice.
Ok ok ... for the sake of make it pretty.... you have all of my time... hehehehe

I just remember I didn't eat anything since morning and by the time I realise it is 6pm.
Ya!!!!! I am that blur woman huh!
How can I forgot that I didn't eat at all????

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lazy Friday

"Today I don't feel like doing anythin'
I just wanna lay on my bed
Don't feel like pickin' up my phone
So leave the message at the tone"

Hahahahaha Lazy Song from Bruno Mars

The real fact .... I don't have the choice above.
I need to wake up early from my bed and go to work earn cash to live in this world. huhuhuhuh...

Anyway, I am glad today is Friday!!!!!! Yeayyyy!!!!
I am on half day leave today.
Later going out to collect my car registration car from Finance.
Finally! I settled my car loan. Yeayyyy!!!!
I have one more car to gooooooo.... ah! this one will be another 5 years to go. arggghhhhh!!!

Last night dinner was Goat dinner equivalent.
Plain salad without any dressing. To be exact I ate fresh leaves!!!!!
So suffer to loose weight.
This morning settle with half chappati for breakfast.
My black coffee I brought from home, I left in my car at Basement 2 car park.
Ah! so lazy to go back down since I am going on half day leave later.

Happy Weekends WWW!!!!!!!!!!! Cheersss!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Envy them

I always wants to loose weight.
Who doesnt want that?
I was working hard nowadays.
Eat 3 meals a day and exercising for 30 minutes every evening.
Cant afford for one hour . :(

But I feel I am bloated even more than before.
Maybe the exercising part. Ah! need to increase more.

I was looking for korean girl music group diet and routine.
I came across SNSD girl group diet.
Ah! can I do that?

* Sweet pumpkin, cherry tomatoes,puddings

* Lemon, tomatoes,veggie salad

* Watermelon, pineapples,shrimp salad

Their food intake is 1200 cal per day.
They then go through their dance routine from AM to AM. No joke!
The result is the perfect abs of Yuri and great 'S' line for all of them.
Ah! they are working really hard.
Make a lot of money but they dont really enjoy food.

They look very skinny. Me too want to follow their regime but too difficult for self control.

I will tell the world if I have that kind of self control and loose weight.
For time being I will stick with who I am right now.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wearing Mask

Tooth with tooth
Eyes with eyes
Conspiracy with conspiracy

Shall I apply this here?
My question is what is in return for me?
More money?

I dont want all three.
I dont need them.

Shall I start scheming again and bring out evil side of me to work?

Shall I start to use a the truthfulness and use this to eliminate this junk here?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


How to resist this temptation?
I am talking about Ipad2......
Tempting to order online that 32Gb Gadget from that Apple Store!
Can God give me more strength and don't make me loose again this time?

I love school holiday.
Traffic was smooth like jelly.
I like it ! I like it! ahak ahak...:)

Boss not around! Time to lofting around.. kekekeke
yeah! yeah! as long as I can deliver good result anything will do.

Read an article about that covered woman who want all the wife in Malaysia to act like a prostitute in front of husband. Aissshhhh... she better go find something better to get famous over night! Maybe her statement was misinterpreted by the media. We don't know! Whatever it is all woman in the world, please get your feet together and put your head up. Your husband is just a human and they are not God. Come to your senses and  live as individual like normal human did!

My Eel Jang Keun Suk was here last week. It was late when my friend told me he has 2 tickets to Jang's Cri Show. I was at Cititel for my property seminar at that time. Ah! again my Jang I will like you from far..... just like Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong.

My body was aching due to my cardio work out on Sunday evening.
Uwaaaaaa..... plus my pms... so suffering this week.
My abs hurt a lot!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Weekends

I have been lazy for quite sometimes.. lazy to upload my photos and many more...
I realise most weekends I hardly at home for personal time.
I need to do that next week.
We will see whether I could stay still at home next week... ehehehe..

Most my weekends outing full of food enjoyment time.
Yeah! I can't blame anyone for my bloating like balloon body.
Trying hard to loose weight though!
I know this is not easy task but not impossible...

Thank God! Sunday afternoon I manage to get my own time ... while working out with my Hip
Hop work out Videos and Fat & Burn Belly & Abs workout DVD... meantime uploading photos and posting entry into my online diary....

Very good sunday indeed!!!!

Find myself multi tasking and listening to Iron Maiden Phantom of Opera Album.... wow!!!! I must be crazy!!!

Here goes photos of my weekends food from previous one too!

Crispy spring roll .. ...mmmm yummy!!!1

Sunday tea time @ Dave Deli

Owwhhh!!! this is my favourite Haven Chocolate Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream @ Waffle House

Boiled Cockles @ Gear Box Restaurant near to Bangi (taste sucks though)

I love this Penang style Fried mee & koay teow noodles @ Food Republic

I wnet to try out the famous sekinchan ikan bakar last weekend

Here are their menu... you choose you own seafood & they will grilled it for you. Well they count by grams.

Whatever seafood you choose they will grilled with their special sauce. So please expect the same taste for all your seafood ahahahaha but not bad taste though! full of spice and good taste.

Yesterday while trying to go to mid valley and see the line was damn long to enter the parking I went straight to old klang road. Hope to find some unique food. My first time to pearl point. This shopping place is so dead! but manage to find one restaurant call ' Little Jakarta'. By the name you will expect they serve mainly Indonesian food. Then explore other place of old klang road , there are many place to eat and explore.Wow! next time will come here again...

Spicy Sambal Squid with rice. the chillies was not bad taste and not that good

Nasi Uduk! They serve herb yellow rice with grilled chicken and special sambal and tempe

While waiting for my seminar to start at 7pm yesterday, I entertain myself with one chocolate muffin, caramel latte and enjoy my book @ Cititel Hotel Coffee Bean

There goes my Saturday, lending my ears to Milan Doshi talk about How to be rich with property. Not much effect to me. The power of influence not that powerful so they can't really convince me. I be millionaire with my own way!!!! That is all in my mind now!

My Sunday brunch @ Noodle Station

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hell Week over

Ahahahahaha.... yes! that is how I celebrate my weekday is over and my weekend is coming.
wuhhuhuhuh.... this week my working day is like hell!
Yeah! temper over the top!

I am glad manage to survive this week.

I learned many things this week.
Honesty is good but it can be dangerous.
The thing about me is I am too truthful .
Ah! not to my advantage at all this week.

I was caught in meeting with one Japanese man, a China man and Myanmar man in the afternoon just now. All of them kil klu kli klu in fron of me.
Earlier morning with one Malay man and one Chinese man. Ah! meeting meeting meeting I am fully tired and keep swallowing my yawn. People bli bla bli bla in front of me and I am nodding my head and my face is trying to show my interest but I failed though hahaha .... I just look too tired.

Tomorrow going to meet friends for breakie early morning again and then off for my property seminar. Well I don't hope to be a millionaire but enough to support my golden years. You know since the inflation is terrible these days. You barely can survive on day to day and now you are talking about golden years saving??? Well to be honest again I am far from my dream to live my golden year without working. Meaning , retirement will be in my dream.
Guess no choice but to work until my last breathe. Wow! It is hard to survive and to die not easy too. No matter what you choose.... work to the end!

My Jang Keun Suk coming to KLCC for CRI show tomorrow... huhuhuh U Kiss performing at Pavillion entrance this month too. Ah! I wish I could spend cash just to get them perform exclusively for me. Ehehehe may be in my sweetest dreams.mmmmmm...

Sun rise tomorrow!!!!! Happy happy day......I love weekend... Well all of us love weekend...Happy weekend WWW!!!!!!!!!! Daebak!!!