Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still at Bersih Rally

Morning traffic was horrible.
Road block everywhere and those people just sit there .
They don't bother to check on the drivers or what so ever.
I was driving and my mind keep wondering what is the whole objective for this road block during the peak hours. For fun?

I wish somebody could tell me their objective so I can eliminate this question marks in my head.

Look like I need to be prepared to be in horrible traffic everyday. huhuhuhuh

The good news is the 'Bersih' thingy will held in close stadium.
Thanks God!
Meaning I can book my Transformer 3 this Saturday?
Is it safe to come out from my 'nest' this weekend?
Can I not go shopping for groceries to stock up lots of food and live my life like normal rather than preparing myself to be at war?
Ah! seriously not sure what to do now?

These few days I don't even have time for myself and do what I like.
I end up back from work and jump on the bed because I am too exhausted.
I really miss my Min Ho this week.

One of the girl went MIA after the first month salary.
Here we go again another recruitment week next week.

I seriously don't understand the Gen Y nowadays, they just could not stand hardship at all.

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