Thursday, July 7, 2011

You drunk I drunk

I was working late again last night.
By the time driving out from car park my mind and whole body was very tired.
My stomach was singing rock and roll and I realize I don't have dinner.
Ah! sorry my dear stomach I am so tired to feed you.

I was driving on the 4 lanes highway back home.
Then I noticed this black car in front of me was swaying to the left to the right and then to the left and then to the right. Yeah! I mean swaying to the next and next lane.

I thought I am too sleepy and my eyes didn't see it right... I blink my eyes 3 times and the car went to the left to the left then to the right to the right... aikkkkk????

I need to over take this drunk man.
I dare not honk him.
God know who is that man behind that steering in front of me.
If I honk him then he got angry and take out his gun and shoot me???
I died without even have chance to say Saranghae to Lee Min Ho.
Noooo!!!! I can't let this happen.

Since no other car behind him except for me the lonely woman.
So I start my aiming..... ok to the left to the left and then to the right to the right and right again.... yeahhhhh!!!! I speed up my car and over take while he is at to the right and right and right...

Yeahaaaa! baby.....
At glance this guy actually have his two hands on the steering and surprisingly the car still swaying..... whatever and God bless his journey.
Thank God! I got over him.

May be he thought he is at arcade playing that F1 car race thingy!

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