Monday, October 17, 2011

Korean dinner

Last Friday night , I am trying my best to avoid the horrible traffic out from office. Divert myself to KLCC instead.hehehehe.... I bought Dukboki, a korean dish. I always watched this in my favourite Korean Drama but never try this even once. And Tonight is the night me and my dukboki kekekeke....
What is Dukboki? 
Well it is cylindrical rice cakes (duk) covered in a thick ,spicy sauce. They also add in one hard boiled egg and fish cakes (oden,-o mook).
This is a popular street snack food in Korean.
I even found this snack in Beijing
Do I like this???
Yes! I like it.... suit my taste

Yeah! eat my dukbokki with kimchi... I always stock some kimchi in my fridge.... love it!

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