Saturday, December 17, 2011

I love to eat

I Love Japanese Food

I love Orange Juice

I love to see pretty dessert but I don't really enjoy eating sweet thing

Sarawak Laksa.... not many people can get the taste right! sigh!!!!

My old time favourite Butter Toast with Milk mmmmmmm....

Coffee + Tea = Cham

My friend love to eat Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken but I love fish
I tried this last weekend

It turn out just a normal taste

My first time drinking the famous cool blog pearl tea...... and I don't like it!


  1. Love those flavored fries!

  2. Hello! yeah the fries is ok for snacking...hehe

  3. hi cindyrina, when you show off those food, i feel hungry.. go to go have my breakfast.. and about that drink in the last pic..they dont attractive either- i go eat nasi lemak with orange juice. have a nice day

  4. Wan! nasi lemak and orange juice good choice!
    That cool blog not cool at all hahaha


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