Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jogja - Kali Putih - Mount Merapi Lava

I was suppose to visit Dieng Plateu to see those colorful well and also small temple near this place. However, due to the sulphur is so strong and not safe to visit, my driver suggest me to visit Kali Putih to see the lava. 
What I heard from the local - the cold lava was at 11 meters high and the sounds of erruption can be heard although this place is like 25km away from Mount Merapi.
My driver offer to move futher to Kali Adem which is much more nearer to Mount Merapi..... hahahaha too tired and afraid Mount Merapi suddenly got angry and I have no way to run... so I said ...too tired want to go back celebrate Christmas...since this is during Christmas day.... yeah yeah ... I chicken out!

There mount merapi but not that clear 

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