Monday, December 5, 2011

When I am Tired

When I am tired.... I did silly things :

- I tried to open my house grill door with my office door access card
- I raised out my mobile phone instead of my smart tag when I am passing through the toll gate
- I used my smart tag to open the gate at the guard house
- I drove all the way to KLCC parking when I am suppose to make a 'U' turn back to go back home
- I used my facial cleanser as moisturizer to my face
- I used the tooth paste to wash my face
- I tried to open other people's  car , when my car is only next to it
- I replied message with alien language
- I reached home open the door and straight jump to my bed and doz off... till my alarm goes off and I kept it silence..... at the end I was late to work!!!

This is all true story and I had done it before...... which mean I am freaking tired!!!!

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