Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bunion and Me

I am like other women... love high heels so much!
High heels make me feel taller,beautiful,sexy and confident.
mmmm... sounds pathetic?
Well! don't be hypocrite!!!
We all does feel good when we wear those high heels!!!!

See! this high cut boot???
I dream to wear those!!!!

Since 6 years ago... I am one of those bunion sufferer..my big toe base swollen like a big union.
Yeah! sounds horrifying right!!!
Well! not only look ugly and can't wear those beautiful shoes anymore....it also hurt and painful at night when you sleep sometimes I can't sleep too!!!! huhuhuhu

What fear me the most .... if my big toe become like this.....Oh!!!! hope could slow down the process and avoid those expensive and long time healing process surgery!

At night ...I will bind my both feet big toe with this Night Splinter.... serious no joke...this really stinky hurt at night!!!!
The next morning I know my splinter was at the corner across the room far from my bed....whoa!!!1 I must really piss off during the night due to pain and quickly took off without realise and throw it over there...

 normally during at home I will wear this comfy 5 finger sock to separate out my feet finger
I will wear this toe separator in my shoes.... it hurt too if I do too much walking!!!!

I sadly need to kiss all my high heels bye bye and just wear only this type of shoes!!!!! uwwwaaaaaaa!!!! so sad!!!
But God!!!! I accept the fate with my open heart.... nothing is perfect in life and at least  I am consider bless!!!!
I will live my life happily and leave this world without regret!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Min Zhie and Me

Among all my photos during my trip to Jogja, this is the best.
That person who took this photo for me so good.
Whoever you are.... THANK YOU!!!!
This photo look so natural especially that PANDA EYES of mine!!!!
The way I hold Min Zhie make one agree that I don't have that motherhood instinct at all in me.
Owwwhhhh!!! pity Min Zhie almost dying because I hold her tightly and hide her in my handbag recklessly throughout all our travelling together.

One of my friend's note to me :

" Cindy! I think you should continue sleeping and only wake up when your PANDA EYES gone! then you will look better!"

Owh!!!! my friend...I born with it!!!! sleeping???
Huh! I only sleep 5 hours a day and not more or less.
I think this is enough for me!

Happy working everyone!!!
This week I will be freaking busy!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Old Time Food

What is weekend without sampling all those good food???
Since I was travelling north last long weekend, so manage to catch up all those favourite all time food.

Hot Ginger Milk Tea


Chicken Fried Rice - my beloved friend have this one!

I opt for this brownish color noodles called 'Fried Mee Mamak'

Remember those days 'lay parking' after tuition with some dessert...

Bo Bo Cha Cha
Shaved Ice top with Coconut milk and palm sugar
below the shaved ice is Sago, Sweet Potato and Red Beans

White Sugar
Basically shaved ice, sweet corn,sweet milk,ground nut

I was driving back home as early as 5am and this is my early morning breakfast at Tapah R&R
Soya Sauce Noodles with Fish Balls - first time tried this and the verdict ...not spicy so not my style
My beloved friend had this koay teow soup...mmmmmm so simple 

Before we depart my beloved friend and I decided to try this place at uptown call 'Hayaki'. Thought is Japanese and hell no!!!
Total local food

My beloved friend choice is call 'Nasi Kerabu'
White rice... oh well sometimes the give you blue rice... oohhhh!!! no joke!!! the rice is really blue
like i said this meal is Rice top with some curry gravy,minced vegies,salted egg,fried fish,fish crackers,fried grated coconut and with some chilies

My choice called 'Nasi Dagang'
Brown rice mix white rice eat with Tuna curry, pickles and hard boiled egg
Old time snacks 'Ding Dang'

Thank you God for blessing me with all those good food!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Time to Toss your Yee Sang

Yee Sang or Prosperity Toss is one of the significant must do during Chinese New Year.
Oh! Yee Sang also known as Loh Hei in Cantonese.
It usually consists of raw fish eg. salmon and also shredded mix vegies with variety sauces.
Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore serve this dished for celebration and it normally serve as appetizer due to its symbolism of good luck for new year!

How to toss your Yee Sang?
All at the table stand up and toss the shredded ingredient  into the air using chopsticks while saying various " auspicious wishes" out loud!

It is believed that the height of the toss reflect the height of the diner's growth in fortunes, thus diners are expected to toss enthusiastically

One nasty joke I played when I was young girl...Bad girl!!!

During one of our office Yee Sang day!

Miss A : (whispering) Cindy! do you think this tossing will really bring us luck????
Me : (whispering back to her) mmmm.... last year I did said all the positive words but it goes opposite ways. so this year decided to say something negative and pray things will go opposite way.hihihih
So time to toss 1, 2 , 3.....
I heard Miss A were saying this while tossing the yee sang...
Miss A : (whispering) don't give me money, no luck, no rich,no handsome boyfriend,  i don't want i don't want....no money please...

In my heart... Oh! what the heck!!!!
She really believe me?
I feel bad for her.
The next day, cost me RM8 to pay for another toss of mini Yee Sang and this time I insist her to say good thing out loud.

God Bless her!!!!! She is now happily married with kids and doing quite well!!!

I had 2 plates of mini Yee Sang in a week!!!! God Bless!!!!
Other side dishes Salmon Skin

Tamago with Cod Roe

Prawn Tempura rice for New Year Dinner.... yup!!! I go Japanese instead of Chinese huhuhuhuh

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maxwell Hills

My first time visit to Maxwell Hill.
Just because I heard they have tulips up there.
Half an hour journey climbing up the hill with Jeep.
I spent 2 hours searching for tulips.
After almost 2 hours then finally asked the driver who are waiting to drive us down later.
Oh! what the heck!!!!
He told us no more tulips since 4 years ago....OMO!!!
That long?????

when people called me a Thai Girl even in a place I grew up... oh!!! what the heck!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!
Happy Chinese New Year to all!
Enjoy your festive goodies well!!!

Chinese New Year not complete without Lion Dance

Beautiful oriental deco

Beautiful Traditional Chinese music

Chinese Orchestra!!!