Monday, January 9, 2012

After 38 years

Happy Monday morning!!!!
Today wake up early in the morning just to beat the jam.
Yeah!!! all because that road block I heard over the news last night!
Damn!!! so yawning wide like a crocodile right now!
Need coffee this morning!!1

Owhh!!! this will be the most boring post in year 2012 hahahaha...
For others telling their age is no no no...
No big deal!!!! Age is just numbers and most important how you live your life...
Gosh!!! I still act and pose this way at this age????
Damn!!!! throw up blood if I still act this way when I reach 50 years..hahahahaha...
When I can act more like my real age? impossible!!!!!
I don't know... I express myself bluntly until I forgotten who am I and how I need to behave ...totally be myself...


  1. hi cindyrina, you know something, if you are this way, then you will still be this way at 50 or even more... i cant go wrong..
    its great to feel happy and cheerful always, like in your photos here.--awet muda laaa.
    have a nice day

  2. Hi YummyChunklet! my birthday on Oct hehehehe but this year will be that 'old!'

  3. hahaha..your still normal Rina don't worry I always do .. keep smiling ;)


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