Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bitter Sweet Chapter : Driving License

I am the happiest when my dad agreed to send me for driving course!
I still remember , I was just finished my high school,17 years old and was waiting for result and  free for more than 3 months.

 I was so angry when my driving instructor was an old man who introduce me with all the function and then asked me to drive. Well ... that old man was sleeping throughout the whole lesson. Damn old man!
I should just drove the car down to the drain and leave him there.
Being a good student I dillegently drive through out the lesson with only 1st and 2nd gear.... hahaha I tried that 3rd gear and it seems difficult !
Thats explained why I only drive auto car until today hahaha...
Then when testing time come.....
Mum keep reminding me to check all the rear mirror, gear and this and that and this and that.... yeah Mum checked!!!!
Drive out like normal people did .... so good girl !!!!hihihihihih
Then when almost reaching to the finished line.... yeah yeay sound like in the race huh...
The car in front of me...damn bloody slow....
Wah!!!! I am so hate to change gear because I find it so difficult..... jeng jeng... my temper rising higher and higher..... BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!
I overtook that car !!!!!
hush hush... apparently that car in front of me just is also undergoing testing just like me....

Reached the destination,I have a quick glance to my tester note and I saw.....

Well serve me right!!!
Hot temper Princess!!!
Not only received that big 'X'.
I was labeled as a DANGEROUS DRIVER!!!!!
Add to that.... I was not wearing my seat belt throughout that testing time!
I went back home..huhuhuhuhuhuhuh to my mum... add more to my sorrow... parent scolded me left right center because of that Dangerous Driver remark!!!!
Duhhh!!! like I wanted that!!!!
It just happened!!!! (spoilt brat reason hehehehe)

 I was given a second and last chance by my Dad with condition I control my impatient and temper.... hehehehe finally I pass...hip hip hooray!!!!!

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