Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Different side

Basket ball at seaside???? anyone???

Father  and Son evening strolling....

Lonely lighthouse.... the only thing in the sea left alone without a friend.... if you are lonely and feeling sad please thing about the lighthouse in middle of the sea....eheh..

Abandoned boat.... I love the lighting today....

one of my favourite photo for this evening

wide ocean

another favourite.... love to see the sunshine and that marvellouse reflection



fall in love ...calm effect

as the sunset.... the world will turn dark....

this kid is looking for one type of shell seafood

I love this calm feeling .... wrap up the evening with a great dinner!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are you the DADDY?

I was walking after my dessert hunting with my girlfriend one night.
We both separated after each bought 'GONG CHA' for second round dessert session.
She walked towards LRT station and I went down to the car park.

Well , that night I was wearing something more 'feminine like' dress with a 3 inches platform to compliment to that dress.... like my friend were saying I need to behave like a 'lady' tonight!

Shalalalalalalalala...taking the escalator down to car park with one hand one holding tight to my car key and another holding my 'GONG CHA'.
Still want to maintain feminine side of me by just holding the 'GONG CHA' when my heart is ripping out to sip it even once!
Ah!!!!!... maintain your composure...stay calm and you almost reach to your car and then get 'GET LOOSE' in there!!! I keep telling myself that.

Then I notice one man in front me...
Not bad looking...melted!
Good lean body built... he has good abs!
Tall... aha!!!! my type!!!
dress smart!
Then browsing to the bottom...
Ceh!!! he is holding the diapers...
One baby pramp in front of him.
One pregnant woman in front of him...
So you are the culprit who make that woman body bloated huh????
A DADDY...huh!!!
My heart were screaming...SO UNFAIR!!!!
without realise (excuse)...
I was sipping hard to my 'GONG CHA'
I don't cross leg to show off those beautifully covered with sexy black panty hose leg anymore... loosen up baby and everything back to my normal standing position... YEAH man!!! real me come out!!!
I don't wait until I reach to the car park, my 'GONG CHA' was like half way gone
Yeah!!!! I totally 'GET LOOSE' on that escalator down...
Not successful to be a proper lady today!
I just 'GET LOOSE' all the time!
I can never pretend even a minute to be a poise lady !!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Boss Coach

I am still searching for a dream girl.
When you are interviewing , more than 7 years working experience Personal Assistant with at least 5 years working with high level Bosses like CEO and so on.....
How to begin this entry???
mmmm a little lost now since I have too many things to write.
Mainly my experience interviewing all these 'so called' high level PA.

I am one of those interviewer who prefer my candidate to 'be themselves' during the interview but yet she need to know how to carry herself well.
You can get loosen up when you are interviewing with me....hhehehehe ...
how am I going to know who I am working with , if all those during the interview , just put up an act???

One of the candidate is 35 years old lady.
Very ambitious, talkative, not a good listener ( she have problem waiting for questions to finish and straight shooting the answer in the middle of the questions,OH Wow to her!)
she ia lazy...(mmm.... she never fill in the application form proper everything write down as 'refer to my resume')
Oh well filling up an application form maybe a duplication for some people but if you are 'facing' me ....
Everything I require you to do ,there is always a reason behind it.
Example :
* Filling up the application form - I will access you as lazy , not attentive, and sharp if you don't complete it.
* I advertise the recruitment ad as confidential - reason i need to know the initiative of potential candidate... if you call or do some reasearch before you come - good sign!

many more to elaborate further...

Here are some of the candid while interviewing...

Me : What will you do to ask for a decision from a Boss who don't even have time for you?
Lady : mmmmm.... I will start coaching and guide him. So he can make decision faster.
Me : Coaching ? guide? Can you please elaborate further?
Lady : I will make decision for him then!

Ahhhhh.... waste my time. Your resume and working experience may look impressive but you choose the wrong word...damn .... can you use the right wordssssss???

If my Boss find out I hire him a PA who end up coaching and guiding instead of supporting and advise him.... I will be a 'DEAD MEAT'!
ooooppppsss!!!! not meat... but boiled 'VILLAGE VEGETABLE' or end up 'DISSOLVE' to the air. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Long time didn't eat

This one is my Kitchen creation.... hehehe was hungry and lazy to go out to buy my own food.
BBQ sauce noodles with omelete and fried drummet..... I don't finish it...too much for me!!1

Sunday breakfast - half boiled eggs

with cup of coffee

Sunday tea time...sambal chee cheong fun

                                                            Herbal Tea and Jelly for soothing my throat
                                                                        Butter & Kaya Toast bread
Oh!!!! hhehehehe my favourite Nasi Lemak..

Friday, February 24, 2012


4Aishhh.... now I know what RINA means....
mmmm... how could my parent name me as 'Green Vegetables' ...
ah!!! ' Village' too???
at least got one 'Song of Joy'!
Ah! a 'Man' too????
Ohhhh!!! I am suppose to be 'melted' too???
'Dissolved' too???
mmmmm.... mummy I am speechless I found out this meaning...
Could you tell me what were you thinking when you name me when I am your baby???
I will carry the name till I die...
Anyway.... after all this whining when I found the truth...
I am still proud of my name...ahhh.... 'Green from Village'????
Thank you my parent!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dream PA Search

 Starting this week...

search for Personal Assistant
Criteria :
* Shoulder long hair
* long leg
* at least more than 5ft 5inches
* good body figure
ahhhhhhh..... cut it short...
I am looking for supermodel who can work as PA...

This is me... even if my Boss have his own PA 

 PA will just sit there looking pretty!!!!

yeah.... me... an ANGEL hehehehe

Bitter Sweet in life.... I am survivor and I can do anything as long as I have mood to survive...
I will play dead if I have no reason to live anymore...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sexy Lady for Baby

I saw this scene on the way to my yoga class.
This baby innocently peeping out his/her little head out to see the world.

Weird... moving thing and I am floating..
bright and shine light...
mmmmm fresh air....oh not really fresh...polluted air..
Where mummy wanna bring me????
my 1st immunation jab?
maybe this is in his/her mind

Well... baby this is new life...we are responsible to bring this new life to the world.
Huge mould this new life to be a better person...

The other day I was doing some window shopping and while I was walking I notice this little boy in the baby pramp. I guess he is around 2 years old.
Parent was occupied browsing around for new stuff.
I saw this baby was happily watching .....
watching.... Oh my my my my......

obviously not a dancing frog....

 not teletubbies??? no more???

but...oh OMO OMO....SNSD??? skimpy long leg dancing queen?????

what happen with all that A B C???? where? where???

I wonder????

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I don't eat much last week and this week so no food photos to upload.
But I drink cappucino and latte every morning though ,to boost up my day!

I manage to install WhatsApp to my smartphone mid of this week.
Since I change to this smartphone one year ago...this consider my achievement.
Oh! by the way I lost all my contacts from my previous phone.... don't ask me why???
I just don't know how to get it out from there... anyway that phone totally dead now!!!
No WAY I can retrieve all my contacts!
What the heck!!!

You know when we install this WhatsApps all those people who have your number and using this same application will be able to see you online.
All I see is their number and I don't know who they are..... Ohhh What the heck again!!!

Well... I receive messages on those people who knows me but all I see is their number and they start chatting with me and I don't know who they are at all...

I feel rude to ask them who they are.... and up to now I have been chatting with all those numbers who claimed they know me but I don't even know who they are... and my finger too polite because can't even type this sentence ,

"mmmmm... excuse me..sorry! I lost all my contacts because my previous phone is dead...may i know who are you???"

Aissshhhh.... can't bring myself to ask them that!!!!
I don't want to hurt people feeling...
Who knows the other party is so sensitive fella.... well you never know.... so let them feel happy that I still 'know' them...mmmmmmm totally in dilemma!!!

Some of them even want to have lunch with me and I am trying my best to avoid them because I am too embarase to tell them I don't know who they are....Damn!!!!

Later this evening I have my dentist appointment...this totally hotline dentist...damn difficult to get an appointment....they put me at 7pm???? Who see dentist at 7pm????
Oh! hell!!!! me! me! me!
No choice... i need to get it fix by hook or by crook and definately not hook or crook.. i prefer my dentist to fix it for me ...eheh..

Have a good Saturday and Sunday WWW

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cucumber Kimchi Friday

Last night I choose cucumber kimchi since I have no appetite to eat... it has been 4 days unable to eat properly

I have a problem with my apetite lately.
mmmm.... don't feel like eating at all.
Last night back home with no energy to even lift up my finger to type sms on the mobile phone.
Lying down on bed while thinking what if God call me up suddenly... mmmm wait!!!
I still don't write my will yet.
I need to seek forgiven from my parent at least I know they forgive .... oooo if i did anything to hurt them without I realise.
I still don't clean my room yet.
My rubbish in the other room...not clean yet.
My bank accounts need to tell my parent so they claim it.
My car???? I need to tell them where I put my car grant...

Stop Stop...

Many rubbish came through my mind as I laid down with one hand on my stomache due to bad gastric.
I want to drink at least plain warm water but could not lift up my body to kitchen and boil one.

8:30pm... mmm i still awake and feel weak

10:00pm... eyes wide open and my mind feel hurt

11:30pm... ahhhhh... so tired but my mind keep thinking rubbish thing

1:30am.... woi!!!! what the heck???? I need to wake up at 5:30am and I already awake now???

I went to work with empty stomache since  I unable to bring myself to eat anything the day before and also I am a zombie who was counting all sheep in the world and still counting but my eyes still wide open...but mind tired.
I think too much again!
I am glad I am not a Prime Minister... if not I died as soon as I won the seat at White House!

Today will be busy the whole day eventhough its Friday... I can't sing its Friday as usual today...mmmm but I am glad weekend starting tomorrow.

Have a great weekend tomorrow everybody!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

O My Valentines!

Early in the morning trapped in horrible traffic!
Everything seems to be not at right!
I thought I left home at 6:30am this morning... huh???
Why did I feel office is like 3 hours more to reach...
Hey people...why you follow me to drive to work?????
(my heart screamed)
Ahhh.... when I think back the rest of other people will be thinking the same like me... huh?
What the heck again!!!

Reached office very late and I don't even have chance to grab my morning latte or even a piece of bread at least.... huhuhuhu poor my stomache...empty again...
One by one problem came and need me to solve...oooohhhhh damn it!!!
Can't you all settle this yourself...
Oh!!! by the way, below my office building, there is a florist....
Of course full of bouquet of roses and adorable teddies.... Ahhhhh!!!! I need to hide up here again until it time to go home.
Avoid shopping malls and restaurants.... at least give those happy couples a place to appreciate each other.
Single like me just go back and sleep...orrrrr... should I roaming along and who know..... jeng jeng...
I feel awkward.... at this age still walk alone...
Sad and lonely too!!! reverse reverse...not that sad and lonely...but I just not in the mood today..

People busy spreading their love on this date and I am busy firing people up here..... hate doing this...
When people will fire me huh?
fire me fire me... or I disappear soon...

Ohhhhh... God show me the mercy today ... when I don't need to open mouth and people make my job easier... give me that letter.....hohohoho at least my heart not that sick and guilty!!!Thank you God!!!! You have been very kind to me in another way!

Maybe I don't have love in this life but I know at least God love me...Thank you and I feel your blessing!

Back home...again horrible jam again.... I thought you people busy dating at the restaurant, movies or at least shopping.... aissshhhhh look like everybody hurrying back home to spread their love?????...aissshhhhh....

Here me go again..... trapped here among all those lovers....huh!!!!
Anybody rushing home????
Ah! me too....
What should I do???
Can't go anywhere ....move forward and its rain heavily too.... Ouuuccchhh!!!!

Continue my journey back home... at least I have a place call home..Thank you God!

Reached home... realise I didn't eat at all....mmmmmm... what should I do with myself nowadays????
Refuse to eat.... and not feeling hungry at all....
I have a feeling my body is shutting down soon...
Sore throat coming... drying inside... fault... I don't drink much this days too...mmmm...
Fever since last Saturday night.... make my body feel tired in the inside.
Heart getting weak and worst....Feel like wanna sleeping and don't need to wake up!!!

I smile from the the outside and end up torturing myself in another way... that is why I still believe I should let it out!!!!
Look like my depression this time use another channel.... hope to come back again with a happy me :(

mmmm.....hope my sore throat don't get worst because I still need my sweet voice...eheh :)

There goes my valentines.... life is extreme and it is no joke at all!!!!

We still be bless in another way...when time to live we live our life happily... when time to go we go with no regrets!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Longan and Red Dates Tea

I love to drink this tea during cold time.
Very easy to boil this tea.

Ingredients :
* Red Dates (separate the seed)
* goji berries
* winter melon
* dried longan
* water
* haw par slice (this is optional because I like sweet sour taste)

Boiled everything together except for longan which you add in at last part.
I don't put sugar because winter melon is sweet enough and other ingredients will add a good flavor.

Benefit :
- purifying the blood and improve blood circulation
- calming the nerves and promoting restful sleep.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I understand English

I understand your English!
" Office Sand"
" No have "
" sand products "
" we check one more "

Monday, February 13, 2012

High Unemployment Rate

Read in newspaper on the high unemployment rate in this country and also 'attitude problem' among our graduates.
Being a recruiters myself , I find all these problems can't be cured in a short term basis.
The damage have been done and it will take a while to change this scenario.
Main reason on why our graduates behaving this way - simple!
Most of our lecturer in Uni are not experience in working world and the real world outside there.
They taught our kids base on books and theory.
The lecturer himself / herself are just a graduate students who never experience in real working life.
Most of their teaching are structured and not practical.
It is sad to say our kids think the working life is so beautiful and fantastic.
Therefore many afraid to face the difficulties or unable to cop with the hardship in real life.

Conclusion - ensure our lecturer have an experience in real working life before they are qualified to teach our kids!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Food Food Food

As usual every weekend my food good food.
My 5 working days healthy diet always spoil with my weekend over eat escapade.....
Temptation Oh! tempatation....

Breakfast with Dim Sum - Yam

Lunch with Sizziling Yee Mee for lunch

Tea time with Taiwan Oyster Mee Sua

Tea time with Crispy Fried Sweet Potato

Dinner with Mutton soup...

Roti Bommmmm!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Foolish side of me

Last night, just to avoid the heavy traffic ,I end up at KLCC.
I was browsing through the groceries section at Isetan Food market (pssss... this is my most favorite section eventhough I don't really cook), then I saw this tall man from the back.....
He was holding clams... I walked beside him hehehehe just for fun.
Wow!!!!! he look like Lee Min Ho...mmmmm yeayyyyy!!!!
I went to get my basket and start doing this foolish thing kekekeke...

I started to fill up my basket with all those items which I don't really need just to pretend I am also shopping like him.
He smile at me....whoa!!!!! Ah! melting!!!!! feeling hot in here!!!!
But I don't smile back.....I don't want to be so obvious.
Instead of smiling I glared at him. Aissshhhh... shouldn't do that!

At the end we depart because I lost my interest on him and also when I realise of my basket with clams,basil,kimchi, salmon head and leek.
Damn it!
I can't put this back!!!
Isetan Cashier counter happily accepted my payment of RM49.80.
Gosh!!!! all because of that Guy!!!!
Reached home almost 9pm and give me no choice but to boil clams soup and have my dinner at almost 10pm.(I still need to check for recipe from internet though!!!! )

There you go..... I did the wrong thing.... I should smile back instead of glare....BIG REGRET!!!!

I end up with clam soup and tonight hope can spend time for bake salmon fish head for dinner!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Evening in Putrajaya

Decided to go around Putrajaya last week evening

My camera lens gone wild.... eheh

Satisfy our thirst with colorful ice....brrrrrr...

Cold and hot treat with next favorite latte

Spicy Dry Tom Yam noodles for dinner

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Healthy Diet

I am sharing this healthy diet plan because many of women out there is killing themselves to look good. Many tends to take diet pills and many funny thing and end up getting the side effect out of this. If you want to look good, just do it in the right way and the most important is your determination and consistent.

- Breakfast is important and need to be taken within half an hour from moment of waking up to stabilizes blood sugar level and reduce sugar cravings.
- If breakfast is taken more than 2 hours after waking up. metabolic rate will drop at least 5%

Proposed Breakfast meal
* Yogurt + Kiwi + Red Apple
* 2 whole meal bread + peanut butter
* 2 eggs + plain milo

- Interval between meals must be 5 hours but not more than 6 hours
- If meal interval more than 6 hours snack should be taken in between

Proposed lunch
* 1/2 bowl of rice
* one bowl of vegies
* beancurd / eggs
* Chicken / Fish
(all these dishes please steam / boiled / stir fry / grill /bake only

- dinner must be taken in between 5:30 - 6:30pm where digestion is still good
- After 7pm no carbohydrate should be taken

Proposed Dinner
* 1/4 bowl of rice
* one bowl of vegies

* beancurd / eggs
* Chicken / Fish
(all these dishes please steam / boiled / stir fry / grill /bake only)

- snacks can be taken 3 hours after main meal if the next main meal is more than 6 hours

Suggested meal
* 1 apple
* 2 digestive biscuits
plain milo
or yogurt

ABSOPTION TIME (resting time) 8pm - 4am
- after 8pm , no solid food should be taken , only liquid food like milo,milk etc can be taken if you hungry
- no more drinking after 10pm.
- body will restore the water which will result - bloating,edema,puff eye bags the next morning

Me??? don't eat anything after 8pm.
I can't help it but to drink even after 10pm.
This explain to my puff eyes!!!! isk isk

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slimming Centre not working!

credit to google image search 'Yuri SNSD hot abs'
I am one of those women who is obsess to loose weight using easy way but not to the extend to visit the slimming centre. Yeah! don't feel like wasting money for those craps!
I always believe there is no easy path for me to gain something..... and if there is... then there is a catch behind I have to beware!
I blame my weakness to all those good food.... for my up and down weight gain and loss...hehehe...

I met this old friend of mine just now, I notice she gain a lot of weight since I last met her 3 years ago. She told me she tried many ways to loose weight which includes her losess of more than RM10,000 to slimming beauty centre.
Owwww!!!! and the result is totally you still round like this and look like 'pumpkin'?
That pumpkin word came out from my mouth as a response to her RM10,000 losess... she knows me well... my typical response to thing like this!
She still laugh heartily with my pumpkin response.

I interviewed her like those reporter will to dig out her experience.

She told me its all started when she bought one voucher through online for slimming package trial.
So she thought by using this trial she could just experience the treatment without signing.
She went there and end up signing up package RM3,998 even before she does the trial.... her tips to all who want to try out those trial voucher....

'Please go there with your strong mindset and not easy to get influence from those hardcore sales people'

Sum up the story...
she went for treatment every week and every week that salesperson manage to sell at least RM500 - RM1,000 more package to her. Yeah! she told me she regretted and she blamed it to her weakness. From RM3,998 her package worth RM10,986 within 2 months. Wow!!!! thanks to the convenient credit card installment babe!!!! Damage to the monthly pay check!

Her Treatment  :
* Hot Blanket
* cold wrap
* pinching machine ( she said she don't know what the machine called but it feels like pinching)
* sucking machine (again base on her feel during the treatment)
* then many other machine she can't remember....
* massage machine and many more...

She told me even the therapist who attended to her told these machinese doesn't even work if one person doesn't follow their diet.

Oh! their typical diet menu :
* No coffee,no tea,no soft drink only warm plain water
* eat only bean curd, chicken breast,egg and fish (no salt ,no soya sauce and to summarise this no falvour at all and no frying)

she told by just following this diet she lost 3 kg in 2 days and when she start eating as normal her weight back to original...
She said she can't resist the temptation and end up eat as normal 3 meals!

For all those women who thinking about the 'short cut' way to loose weight...NO SUCH THING!

That Yuri -SNSD get that fabulous abs through hardwork.
She eat only Steam breast Chicken everyday and workout for at least more than 5 hours a day!

Eat healthily and try to exercise to maintain your health!

To my friend... sorry to hear that and wish to see you stay healthy!

I will write on healthy diet share by my friend in my next post!
hahahaha... not many can really follow that diet including me...kekekeke

Monday, February 6, 2012

What is in that woman handbag?

photo credit to google  image search
I can say that I am one of those women who can't leave the house without carrying my at least 5kg weight  handbag along with me.
Oh! Big WOW!!!!!
I am not surprise if other woman is carrying something heavier than mine!
Oh! I blame on gadget kekekeke...

Typical content of my handbag...
* Pouch fill with Lip Balm, Lip gloss,lipstick,50ml favourite perfume,25g hand cream,eye drop,mascara,compact powder,eye shadow.
* Wet Tissue ,
* Feminine Hygiene tissue
* Tissue
* Small bottle of sanitizer
* Pen
* Small notepad
* 500ml water bottle
* 1TB external harddrive
* Handphone
* camera
* 2 bottles of supplement
* mints
* Bunion splinter
* Wrist watch
* Wallet
* Coin bag
* Bunch of Keys
* Hair brush
* Sometimes junk food hehehehe...

I am not surprise if my handbag strap can't bear that heavy bearing content. I end up only purchase the less expensive handbag because I expect to change it at least 2 months once! Yeah!!!!

Sometimes I wonder why I can't help myself to reduce the contents????
Oh! I just can't.... I feel unsecure and the needs to bring all is necessary.....

Research were saying the problem with carrying a heavy bag is that while it may not cause you an injury at that time, it has a cummulative effect!

Yeah! so true! I have that severe effect..... shoulder and back pain!!!!

Damn! I could have avoid this....but I still carry that burden with me everywhere I go.... Oh!!!!! I am just a normal woman!!!!