Saturday, February 11, 2012

Food Food Food

As usual every weekend my food good food.
My 5 working days healthy diet always spoil with my weekend over eat escapade.....
Temptation Oh! tempatation....

Breakfast with Dim Sum - Yam

Lunch with Sizziling Yee Mee for lunch

Tea time with Taiwan Oyster Mee Sua

Tea time with Crispy Fried Sweet Potato

Dinner with Mutton soup...

Roti Bommmmm!!!!


  1. Both of your tea time photos look delicious right now!

  2. hi cindyrina, what a great selection of food.. ha ha , like 5 meals a day, I guess twice a week is forgiven.. have a nice day..i feel like eating dominos, I like their thin crust pizza varieties and cinnamon bread

    1. Yeah Wan! twice a week...good guess...o wow!!!! dominos!!!! me love it too!!!

  3. Hi YummyChunklet! yup the tea time delicious.thank you :)


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