Friday, February 10, 2012

Foolish side of me

Last night, just to avoid the heavy traffic ,I end up at KLCC.
I was browsing through the groceries section at Isetan Food market (pssss... this is my most favorite section eventhough I don't really cook), then I saw this tall man from the back.....
He was holding clams... I walked beside him hehehehe just for fun.
Wow!!!!! he look like Lee Min Ho...mmmmm yeayyyyy!!!!
I went to get my basket and start doing this foolish thing kekekeke...

I started to fill up my basket with all those items which I don't really need just to pretend I am also shopping like him.
He smile at me....whoa!!!!! Ah! melting!!!!! feeling hot in here!!!!
But I don't smile back.....I don't want to be so obvious.
Instead of smiling I glared at him. Aissshhhh... shouldn't do that!

At the end we depart because I lost my interest on him and also when I realise of my basket with clams,basil,kimchi, salmon head and leek.
Damn it!
I can't put this back!!!
Isetan Cashier counter happily accepted my payment of RM49.80.
Gosh!!!! all because of that Guy!!!!
Reached home almost 9pm and give me no choice but to boil clams soup and have my dinner at almost 10pm.(I still need to check for recipe from internet though!!!! )

There you go..... I did the wrong thing.... I should smile back instead of glare....BIG REGRET!!!!

I end up with clam soup and tonight hope can spend time for bake salmon fish head for dinner!

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