Valued Voice

Valued Voice
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Friday, February 24, 2012


4Aishhh.... now I know what RINA means....
mmmm... how could my parent name me as 'Green Vegetables' ...
ah!!! ' Village' too???
at least got one 'Song of Joy'!
Ah! a 'Man' too????
Ohhhh!!! I am suppose to be 'melted' too???
'Dissolved' too???
mmmmm.... mummy I am speechless I found out this meaning...
Could you tell me what were you thinking when you name me when I am your baby???
I will carry the name till I die...
Anyway.... after all this whining when I found the truth...
I am still proud of my name...ahhh.... 'Green from Village'????
Thank you my parent!


  1. hahaha..Rina you are such a jolly person..ok what's the meaning of my name wahhhhhhhh..passing by ;)

    1. Sie!!!! kekekekeke laughter is the best medicine!!!Happy life lead to healthy life too...your name mmmmm... don't want to surprise you...thanks for dropping by!

  2. hi rina, what kind of village would you choose.. kangkung or kacang ? ha ha.. at least ita not the name of an animal..
    have a nice weekend and happy friday

    1. Oh Wan!!! I love 'kangkung and kacang" too...not bad also if my parent name me Nor Kacang or Siti Kangkung...kekekeke Happy Friday!!!


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