Saturday, April 28, 2012

Woman side of me

I bought this magazine every month without fail to keep myself updated on fashion, health tip, and many more about women's life.
Recently, I visited their website and I found out.....

I will not be their target audience anymore after next year....mmmm guess need to start scouting for another magazine to suit for my age soon.
Same goes to fashion... I can't be having the same chic style and be 'kawaii' anymore.
The mature side of me need to come out soon... haiissshhh!!!! problem...
.... because it takes time to come out..!!
The 'girl' side of me always there and never give change for the 'woman' side of me to come out...
I am waiting 'woman'!!!!
I am one of those who never goes by age the time I realise I always behind time..
Whatever it is... I just want to live well and die well....Thats my wish!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!! Rest and Relax!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mind your manners Auntie

My dentist appointment last Saturday will be ending after another 2 weeks for 2 treament to go.
Oh! What the heck!
Left side top - need root treatment
Left side bottom - stubborn extra tooth need to be taken out (unwanted tooth)
Right side top - re filled
Look like I have a huge maintenance for my tooth.
Yeah... people may said thats why .... you never take care properly and bla bla bla bla...
Oiiiii.... what are you saying???
I brush my teeth everytime and take care of them too!
Anyway.... seeing a dentist always not a pleasant experience for me... I think not just me..most of us!

After the dentist ,I went to times bookstore and end up shopping for books.
Well I was at this section for travel books and there , one auntie was me shopping for travel book.
I was looking for korea and Japan travel guide and i only saw many of Japan but no korea...suddenly...

eeerrrrkkkkkkk... errkkkkkkk.... so loud ..
and the Auntie left the travel section with the foul smell of her burping... ewwwwww!!!!
Auntie!!!! bad auntie!!! bad auntie!!!1
Where is your manners????
Huh! I quickly ran out from that travel section and go ahead to language section to look for mandarin conversation book.

So...learn to mind your manners when you in public area.
Please care for others around you....
I am still suffer from that foul smell that auntie left me ...bad auntie!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Who is Haslinda???

Last Thursday, while I am in the traffic Jam...

Mobile phone ringing with SNSD - The Boys Song
Me : Hi! Rina speaking...
Caller 1 : Sis Linda!!!!
Me : huh? Linda??? Sorry! wrong number...
Caller 1 : Sorry sorry

1 minute later, my phone ring again...
Caller 1 : (same person ok..) Sis Linda!!! This is Min....
Me : Sorry... you wrong number again...
Caller 1 : oppsss..sorry..

Phone ring again after 5 minutes...
Caller 2 : Haslinda???
Me : Noooooo.!!!!! no Haslinda..

Caller 2 abruptly put down the phone...

I reached home after 2 hours horrible journey...
While struggling punching the password to disarm the alarm to enter my ringing again..

Caller 3 : Norhaslinda ? This is me...
Me : Which me???
Caller 3 : Me.. Lee. When are you coming?
Me : Give me 5 minutes. I will reach there.
Caller 3 : huh? tonight?
Me : Yeah! why not? You ask me when I am coming right???
Caller 3 : But I am now at home...
Me : You ask me when I am coming then I told you and now you said you are home??? What is this? Do you thing this is a joke???
Caller 3 : Sorry Linda...
Me : By the way ..I am not Norhaslinda. you got the wrong number...and you are the 3rd one today. Thank you for your time. Bye

I put down the phone... whoa!!! I am totally mental now!!!!

Friday around 2:15pm , when I am in the office..
Phone ringing...

Me : Hello..
Caller 4 : Norhaslinda, I am calling for University.......
Me : Where do you get my phone number?
Caller 4 : From your ad.
Me : Aaaaaa... guess that person advertise my number instead. By the way you got the wrong number and the wrong person... Bye
Caller 4 : Sorry Miss!
Me : no probs!

OMG!!!! Who the heck is this Haslinda????
Totally piss off with her...kaw kaw...
Morale of this story... please advertise your correct number. Such a waste of your advertisement money and loosing out for the opportunity.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Phuket Trip - Sun Tanning Session and Finale

Second last day ...picnic at Kata beach...

Pay 100 baht and you get to sit on this lazy chair whole day by the beach

I don't think..I need anymore sun tanning session... under the umbrella whole day...dare not jump into the sea under this hot sun.
Ooopppsss!!! I did for 30 minutes when I decided to ride the jet ski for 1500baht...Whoa!!!! Princess totally full of activities this time....

At night...came back to the beach for grilled seafood dinner...

while everybody with their own partner and whoever.... me enjoying my cam whore session while waiting my food to be served.... kekekekeke

Cute grilled prawns

spicy thai sauce.... like it!!!

cute grilled crab

plate of grilled squid...

2 pieces of grilled prawns

plate of grilled octopus

Princess ...whack all the food by herself.... wakakakakaka... the feeling....just like a final meal!!!

still have room for a final dessert

i need a pancake


The thing I brought back home from Phuket... and thats it!!!! Princess don't feel like shopping at all... just need to eat and eat and eat...

cup of illy coffee at Phuket airport

cam whore while boarding....10:25am departure time

some of them experience delayed since as early as 5:00am due to tsunami alarm!!!

My next adventure is something I look forward to...
I have no idea!!!!
Just wait and see....

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tooth Hurts

Today is Friday I am suppose to be singing sha lalalalalala
But me end up uwaaaa uwaaa uwaaaa isk isk isk
Uwaaaaa... my tooth very hurts since last night....
My dentist appointment only on Saturday 1:30pm.
Have to wait this long...and I can't sleep... I can't eat...
Bad tooth!!!! bad bad bad
I am so suffer.... isk isk isk!!
This week is all about pain.... isk isk isk

All photos credit to google don't blame me if I use it here ...huhuhuhuhu

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Phuket Trip - Enjoy the Sunset View

Sunset view from my room

Below sunset view at Kata beach...
Beautiful and peaceful view.... love much!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I hate that Doctor

I woke up in the morning with a stupid headache and pain to my neck.
As if somebody hang my neck.
Ah! I can't drive to work with my eyes allmost shut due to this headache too...
Call for sick leave...
When my headache feel a bit better , I went to my usual doctor.
Guess what???
The doctor only be back for another 3 hours.
OMO! my head feel like spinning.
Need to go to the nearest doctor.

Doctor : Where is your pain?
in my heart - OMO! where is my pain????
Me : My head feel like somebody just knock my head to the wall. My neck feel like somebody strangle it. My waist .... I can't sit for too long...hurt!!!!]
Doctor : mmmmm... you have no specific reason.... are you stress???
Me : No!!! I am fine....
Doctor : You are 38 years old still single .... you just got dumped???
In my heart - Doctor you want me to smack your face?????
Me : No no... I am happy to be single...never come to mymind to get married or even have a boyfriend or companion...
Doctor : Just let it out!!!! I know sometimes at this age you will envy people out with boyfriend have family and this will stress you out!!!! Talk to me...
In my heart - Wei!!!! you want to die is it?????? Give me the damn MC and pain killer!!!! Not stab to my wound!!!! What the heck!!!!!
Me : Doctor! I am find being single and I am happy with my life... my work may be stress me and bla bla bla bla...
Doctor : Do you have facebook???
In my heart - serious this fella want to die in my hand today on Tuesday!!!!
Me : No time for small kid games...please write your prescription and one day MC so I can rest for today.
Doctor : Such a waste you don't have facebook .... OK see you soon

Serious, I feel like slapping his face and kick his ass.... I hate I hate that doctor!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Phuket Trip - Day 4

Today is my 4th day here...
So what is up for today activities???
Karon View Point
Big Buddha view point
Cashew Nut factory
Wat Chalong Temple
Nai Harn Beach
Sunset at Phrom Thep Cape

Where is the sunset?
I think I better wait for this in my room...
Too hot too hot....need to cool down in my room....
I covered Phuket yeayyyyy!!!!!