Monday, May 14, 2012

Vending machine and me

Happy Monday everyone!
Have a good week ahead!
Moral of the story today... we start with moral before the stroy started. eheh
I learnt this last weekend .....  Don't Talk to non living thing!

I was paying the parking ticket at the ticket vending machine.
While paying , I was talking to the vending machine....don't ask me why...I don't understand this either!

Me :  I pay you now!
The machine - accept my cash and pop out receipt?
Me : mmmm... give me back my balance!
The machine - return back my balance
Me : Oh!!!! hello! I thought I ask for receipt???? (impatient manner)
The machine - took awhile and then give me the receipt
Me : hehehe..thank you dear!!!!

I turn my back and see people are lining up behind me and was giving me that weirdo stare look...
Can't blame them though!!!!

I went inside the car and was like huawahahahahaha when realise the whole situation...mmmm I am offically a weirdo!!! damn!!!

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