Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I wish its TRUE

Last Wednesday ....love is in the air again.
I  always have this few minutes crush wohohoho...BAD GIRL attitude huh!
Anyway this BAD GIRL .... is an angel muawahahahaha...
She cause no pain to anybody but herself ...

OK... let me tell you what I mean...

I slept very late last Tuesday night  - 2am I guess...due to.... mmmmm can't remember  why...
Same night I was at my dentist again.
Yeah!!!! I am bless with very sensitive tooth.
Visiting Dentist is like a must on every two weeks once.
Spending my money there is like shopping at PRADA or GUCCI.
Never been to those boutiques and I am imagining that...O Whatever!

How on EARTH from Bad Girl, Crush come to dentist and how this relate...O well I don't know too.
I am writing this entry base on what is in my mind right now.
Yeah..my mind sure is hair wire right now.
Everything seems so hell break loose huh!
Well this is my diary.... I am free to write anything I want...even if it doesn't make sense.

I was late to work on Wednesday ...why???
My first alarm went on tut tut tut tut (yeah that annoying sound in the morning) at 5:50am.
Ah!!!! I need 10 minutes more....
Then CN Blue start singing Black Flower to my ear....SNOOZE IT!!!!
Oh...well it sounds so good...

All I remember the whole time...I was with Lee Min Ho.
We were talking about life, laughing happily to our jokes then give each other advice.
We are about to fall in love....
Bloody hell that 'Not Afraid' song from 'Eminem'.
I was like....TINK!!!!!
O WHAT????
Lee Min Ho!!!!!! help me ...I am late to work!!!!!!
No Lee Min Ho to help me...I am back to this world facing the reality of life...I am back alone!
No more crush to Min Ho and some other time please...I need to battle with traffic!

Moral of the story to myself...always focus to the reality and please stop dreaming!!! Sweet dream ain't real!!!! You are on your own GIRL!!! kuwaaaaahuhuhuh

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