Saturday, July 14, 2012

Penang Food

This is from last week food craving session...
This week foodies...don't hope so much since my tooth teeh tooth make me on hunger strike to myself.... yup! I punish myself for no reason again...Yup! seriously mental.....
Aish!!! not about that it just...I can't bite so no appetite to even eat anything...water is my bestfriend the whole sad huh!
Anyway, I treat this as training myself for fasting month which is just in a week time.

The teeth tooth teeth ache still I still can eat this delicious 'Penang Char Koay Teow'...serious saucer licking good!

guess! guess what it this???

peek a boooooo!!!
Penang Fried Raddish Cake....
Olalalalalalala.... thats the taste sounds...hahahahaha...

Happy weekend everyone!!!!!


  1. OMGH! I have just lunch and am hungry again from looking at the photos


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