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Valued Voice
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Friday, October 19, 2012


Yeah... title is enough to tell everything...shall I continue writing or stop just right here???
Still asking this stupid question to myself... so self conflict!
This few days, starting with my pinky finger on my left hand then the swollen travel all the way to my knee then to my shoulder then there and there and here and there...MY GOD!!!!
Hurt to even drive to work and carry thing...
So hurt like wanna break all my bone. drama queen huh!
But finger swollen... I thought I allergy but then I realise this so called self claimed 'Sailormoon' , 'Power puff auntie' and 'Wonder Auntie'...OMO...almost left out another title...'SUPER Auntie'... forgot to re stock the Glucosamine supplement.
Didn't have this for few months and the result is.....jeng jeng jeng almost become that 'rock auntie'....stiff here and there...pain here and here.
This week every morning woke up totally like auntie 60 years old.
Put down my feet...ouch!
Sit down on toilet bowl...OMO! so painful to get up!
Can I just sit here????
Isk isk isk ....thought wanna ageing in style...
Now where got style????
Far from style!
Not even a style!
So..lunch time quickly grab two bottles for my 2 months stock.
I am not that old wor....but I ate this 50 years old supplement.
Tomorrow need to go for my implant checking.
Damn! this teeth giving me problem.
Aishhhh... .think about this why my body got so many problem one!!!!
I think .... time to visit Korea for 'overhaul' heh heh heh (evil style!)
mmmmm.... wait wait until I can live 'Gangnam Style' then I go for 'overhaul' big time!
But by the time I have that 'Gangnam Style' then the inlation come together....where got enough huh???
mmmmm ...then that time maybe I 60 years old...wanna 'overhaul' also the doctor will say 'you go home wait for him to call  and don't forget to pray more'....OMO!!!! toink toink...
Useless plan huh???
OK...I will think for another plan soon...I need plan B and C and D too....yeah because I know for sure I can't go for plan A.
mmmmmm.... there my spirit kill my own plan before I even started....not so wise old woman. 


  1. hi rina, my mom and few friends got severe far doctor said no cure.. but one lady age 71 took extra vit C- helps a bit. she also went to london berubat..
    another person takes 2 tbsp olive oil everyday--used to solat duduk, then after daily olive oil , she became ok, cam walk and even babysit 5 kids.
    best take olive oil before meal and wait 45 mins, then eat . take care dear

  2. u ada arthritis ke sis..i tak tau sgt psl penyakit ni..yg i tau sendi2 kita sakit..kena pantang makan..dulu adalah org yg i kenal ada penyakit seriously knowledge i tak byk psl penyakit ni..

    apapun, i doakan u sembuh sis..kalau tak 100% pun, i harap beban penyakit u strong sis..luv u :)


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