Monday, October 15, 2012

Eve Birthday Bash Dinner - Ben's KLCC

Its Monday!!! Wet Monday...
When I woke up this morning with rain sound...OMO!!!
The first thing came to my mind.....
Why today is not Sunday or Saturday???
Aissshhh!!! force myself out from my bed.
Orange blanket....I miss you warmness!!!
Red blanket!!!! I wish I can bring you to my office...ok ok ok..DRAMA Queen!!! stop it!
With lazy ass...dragged myself to shower room...uwaaaaa cold!!! bbbrrr...
Talk about the wet Monday monring traffic jam???
The jamness???? urgghhhh!!!
enough to right feet numb driving to work....OMO!!!
Ok ok enough with my blabbering....
11 Oct 2012 at Ben's KLCC with 2 colleagues for my birthday eve dinner

My colleagues both ordered this fresh orange and water melon with lychee drink
I don't really order drink when I eat out!
I don't really like sweet drink.
Prefer plain water!

Onion ring that make all three of us complaining on Monday morning...
See see see my face...isk isk isk...
cherries popping on our face... 

three of us shared this shepperd pie (lazy to check spelling) 

we shared this grilled seafood spagetti
My colleague blaming me for complaining to the waiteress because our food was late reach to our table...
Yeah!!!! the result for my complaint????
The super spicy spagetti on our table!
I am trying to be positive and tell them I didn't complaint...I just inquiring....and the spagetti recipe is spicy one.... look pale but three of us tearing eating this spagetti!

we end our night with apple crumble...not a big fan of dessert but my chinggu pei ling is a big fan of sweet thing just have a bite of this.
End of story my Eve Birthday bash dinner!

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