Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seoul - Street Snacks

So here come some of the photos , I manage to re size.
So hate hate to do this re size job.
Many more snacks photos but I am singing lazy this is what we get.....

This is not really a street snack but I love this traditional corn bread which I bought from one of the bakery near to place I stay.

I found this snacks while walking towards Cheonggyecheon Stream which is located about 10 minutes walk from place I stay.
It soft and have that red bean paste filling.
I like!!!!

This one selling by the same Ajjumma ...look like a flat bread. Well...something like that ..this one hollow in the inside with caramel filling. Taste??? OK la... I am not fan of sweet thing.

I ate this fish bread everyday...everyday...
I like... I bought this from one and only Ajjumma...because her fish bread nice ..the red bean filling not that sweet like others.

I saw this hotdogs...but can't try this one because this is meat.

I saw this Jaws Food ..this stall is selling 'Odeng' the famous fish stick that Goo Jun Pyo aka Lee Min Ho ate in Boys Over Flower!
I didn't try this but I tried their Takoyaki though...
Their Takoyaki is sticky...full of flour..not like the Japanese lots of cabbage.

This potatoes and Fish cakes stick...I got it near Namiseon Island ferry terminal.
Serious ...that potatoes ar.... very 'syiok' and delicious to eat.Especially in cold weather like this.
Damn it...I finished it all...
That fish cake stick...spicy and oily.
I like the spicy part but the oily one...mmmmmmmm like oil is free.

This squid vendor was like near the place I stay.
I tried the squid...serious...hard munch and munch and munch until teeth also wanna fall out.
So the next day I just bought their crispy squid crackers, which I love it so much!
Ajjumma also know me very well because I am her loyal customer...she always gave me free free chestnut and more crackers...Saranghae Ajjumma!!!!

On top is another sweet pancake with red bean filling...too sweet though.
Below is my semi crushed crispy squid crackers...yummy!

While towards visiting palaces one morning...I saw this steamed bun...ours here ' PAU' la.
Didn't try this one because got meat inside.

All this photos are their street food.
Price the same.
Product also same.
Ajjumma and Ajjussi different..muahahaha...

Uwaaaaa.... suddenly saw long line of people waiting to buy this cakes.
Aissshhhh... me don't want to miss it.... not my style ok...but I changed for the sake of exploring the Seoul...
Can't beat them..join them...
I also join them ...wait and wait and get this fried cake...cheeeehhhh.... taste like fried doughnut with sweet peanut only.
Love this candy...not that sweet but just hard for my second hand tooth like me....muahahaha... try to act cute and adorable biting this candy and enjoying the nightlife at Myeong Dong!!!!
Next post will the adorable squirrel I met at Namiseon.
'Squirrel Nami Style'!
Serious...cute...but see la... if I am not lazy to resize the photo...muahahahaha...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seoul - Foodies

I will slowly update my journey to Seoul last 2 weeks.
All photos need to be resize to suit this size.
So hate!!!!
Can't you increase it for me for free????? huh huh...
OK...check out my feast during my journey to Seoul.

My bless plane food.
I was given seafood meal..special request!
Even my late night snack came with smoke salmon salad ..OMO!!!

This squid meal set is totally bless.
My first time communicating with Ajumma....
I went to one restaurant..they just open because early in the morning.
I saw they have photos and words in English.
I then decided to try their spicy squid meal but don't know how to tell in Korean.
I walked in to the restaurant.
They greeted me ...Annyeong ha saeyo!!!!
Me reply the same and smile....
One Ajumma at kimbap counter.
Rolling rolling rolling...yeah..that kimbab look like sushi.
One Ajumma serving me...
She gave me the menu..
I go...OMO! all in photo no am I going to point out my squid????
I look at her with a smile ...then scratch my not itchy head!
Headache!!! then I got one idea.
Me : Ajumma!!! na...(my hand pointing at myself) Korean an daeo (I am think this mean Korean cannot)
Ajumma : oooooooo.....(then show me the menu)
Me : Ajumma... lai lai (I quickly went out from the restaurant and gesture her to follow me out. Best part I mixed mandarin to my language...WTH)
Ajumma understood and follow me out.
There I pointed out to the photo display on the banner...then she said ok and nodded her head.
Inside the shop I still need to ensure to her no pork in my meal.
So I go,......
Me : Ajumma!!!! Dweji ...annaeyo! (with my both hand show the big 'X' sign)
Me : Haemul!!!! ne (with thumbs up)
What I am trying say pork but seafood ok!!!!
Muahahahahaha.... with big laughter the ajumma seems to understand me.
They are nice and treat me with Tteuk (their rice cake for snacking after meal)
Whoa!!! me sweating eat my first korean meal...which I odered !!!

This grilled fish with spicy soft tofu seafood soup meal...not so difficult to order.
Just pointed out to the menu and they have English menu...

This is 'HORROR' for the year!
It was late for dinner and its raining day.
I was so tired.
Walk walk walk walk the whole day...
But I am hungry.
Saw the octopus picture outside the restaurant.
Ordered by pointed out the photo again...
They served me the banchan(all those little plates of pickles and vegies you saw on all my meals photos)
Then they heat up the stove in front of me.
They put one plate full of vegies season with chilli flakes.
They put one covered container at the side.
I don't bother what is in that container.
My mind keep wondering ....I thought I ordered octopus...where is it???
This is fried vegies only.
Then ...aaarrrr... one ajumma came....
open the mystery container lid.
To my horror.... the live octopus is inside that container!!!!
That Ajumma... lifted up the octopus high and grab a scissor...that octopus was alive....bloody hell!!!!!
That ajumma....without any mercy....start torturing the octopus slowly....cutting that poor fella onto the hot plate of veggies...
OMMMMMAAAAA!!!!!!! me scream in silence.... Ottoke??? (how can???)
You can see the live octopus feet trying to run again...wiggle wiggle woggle on that hot plate.
What kind of meal did I just ordered????
Can I reject thisssss??????
I looked away and waited patiently for the horror and torturous moment pass.
My heart keep praying for the soul of that poor octopus.
I ate all...but hurriedly walk to my hotel room and flush all down to toilet bowl.
Octopus dishes ??????
I against all cruelty.... if I follow my heart...I always wanted to be a vegetarian.
But my body too weak to eat just that.
So for now....I go less meat
This meal I label as Horror Meal!!!

This one ...quite easy because just pointed out from the menu.
After finish eating then only I realise I just ate PUFFER FISH.
I thought it just a fish!!!!
But to my amaze I just ate that puffer know that bloated with thorn fish.
Cute and adorable round fish
Thats why la...
Since I use pointed techniques when I order so.......nobody to blame but me.
fish is still fish ...I should at least find out what kind of fish...
my mistake...damage have been done...what an experience.
Like fish lo.... no big deal lo...just a fish lo.... hahahaha thats the comment...

I was very pleased with this simple vegetarian bibimbap I ate during my DMZ tour.
Food was delicious!
Kimchi is superb!!!!
I love this one!

I love this one too.
One of my favourite.
Cabbage kimchi
Radish kimchi
Handmade noodles with clam soup
Green Union Leaf Pajeon (pancake)
The dipping sauce was superb!!!!

This one another pointing finger meal.
I just pointed to the table next to me and I get this squid meal.
This one was so good!
Taste like our Sotong sambal here in Malaysia.

My final night dinner in Seoul.
I went for good treat for myself.
The banchan was superb generous and all so super delicious.
Driect pollock soup
If not salty can add that preserved shrimp (look like our cencaluk here but without that smelly smell)
Add the rice inside the soup and eat it like that (in the photo)
Then have some seafood pajeon....
It was raining heavily hot meal...really give me a happy night!!!!
Totally love this final dinner in Seoul.
I will be back Seoul!
Next I will update on my street food and snack in keep visiting me...K!
Tips for those who are travelling to other country which don't really speak English.
Just be yourself and do a lot of smiling when inquiring something from them. Be humble!!!!
They will help you.
Ohhhhhh... me bring with me lots of Aego!!!! to melt their heart!!!! muahahahaha

Monday, November 26, 2012

So Long farewell - Dom

Last Saturday, I have appointment with Jamie and Dom at Pavillion around 12:30noon.
I was very the 'kiasu' afraid of traffic jam...yeay me to avoid stress... I came out very early at 9:00am in the morning. I reached there around 10:15am.Freaking traffic jam ok... like going to work on Monday....Ahhh!!!! so many free people like me...muahahahaha
So early???
What should I do here....??? mmmmmm......
Evil side of me...start suggesting something to use more just came back from Seoul last week wor!!!! still got money left to spend meh???
At the end... I end up.....

pampering myself at Thai Odyssey at Farenheit....muahahahahaha... this WOMAN good in spending money huh?
But still .... I am also consider a lil smart in earning money......???? hehehehe...surviving ler....
So long never get massage...
since I don't like aromatherapy massage...I big fan of thai traditional massage in another word I like to be pressed!!!! muahahahaha...
That thai woman ar.....OMO!!! tearing eyes and nose painful!!!!!
That woman ar...pressed me ar ... like she holding grudged at me ...for so long wor!!!!
Did I stole her boyfriend or something...I slap her before meh!!!! hurt...I paid people to get this pain???
So sadistic huh!!!!
mmmmm truth is...I am very hurt before I came... I fall down before and my body is full or air blockage...that is why it is so touch a lil ...I will go owh owh owh....awwwww...aigoooo...this sensitive ar???

Trying to look good... I change my clothes to meet Dom and Jamie.
Blouse and handbag from
OMO! my BB Cream overdosed la.... now I look like rat came out from bowl of flour...aigoooooo...
I blame on Starhill toilet mirror then...muahhahahahaha...

Its 12:30noon and Dom message me he will be late because he still at work.
Ya lor ...I understand since he is serving his last day and moving to Beijing for good.
Wow! Dom....better stay in Beijing for long ar...Jamie and me is coming over bunking at your place next year.
Since Dom going to be late.... I don't eat anything told him me going to eat something light first.
Ordered myself caramel latte and pumpkin soup....OMO!!! my latte came with 'hello kitty'...Aigoooo!!!! 

Jamie came around 10 minutes later...
both Jamie and me decided to have our lunch first....while waiting for our VIP for the Dom who make the entrance only around 2:30pm.
Dom ar????
Anyway...what to is work..we bloody understand you..muahahahaha...
me suddenly become o bloody o bladda....whatever!!!
Dom ar...
You are leaving Jamie and me here???
OMO! next year only me and Jamie???
mmmmm...Jamie...start saving...we both flying to Beijing next year.
Oh!!!! save more money ar Jamie!!!!!

Christmas gift cum my birthday gift
Dom gave me - Dom's new brand...from olive oil.
I love this one.... use the facial cleanser....totally in love...somemore this product is organic product.
Jamie gave me Elizabeth Arden Green Tea set
and also lot of mask and hand lotion...

Guess what?????
After so long never meet Jamie...out of many places...met her in Seoul.
She was with her colleague for a company trip.
Small world after world!!!!

God Bless both my friends with good career growth, mint health and receive lots of love always!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pei Ling Chinggu's Birthday Dinner @ Chakri Palace

Finally, I found ways to maintain this blog...huhuhuhuhu relieve!
I was so not use to that too.
So my readers...I am not changing. I will stick to this blog so stay tune....

Last Friday...went for dinner with colleague at Chakri Palace , KLCC.
Celebrate Pei ling Chinggu's birthday in advance...weeeeeeeeee!!!!
Her actual birthday is on 30th Nov ...since I will be freaking busy next week and she will be away to Lego Land to fight with all kiddos there...hehehehe..

Here goes our night feast....

look at Fad....she is busy updating her instagaram...mmmm young people

Happy face waiting for food...yum yum

Seafood platter
Chicken feet salad
Seafood Tom Yam Khung
Glutton colleague......muahahahahaha my face cannot be included...

Since that Chinggu so demanding wanna haagen daaz ice cream cake....
enough lo... you can't finish it la and plus so bloody expensive cake and all of us have to eat it fast as we can until headache and toothache.
Nahhhhhh...... new zealand ice cream treat from me...muahahahaha

Happy Birthday, Chinggu ya!!!!!
Saranghaeyou...... enjoy your lego land trip k!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seoul Trip 8 - 17 Nov 2012

I just came back from my Seoul Trip last Sunday morning.
Yup! reached home around 1:00am. I came back with melted flue. wahahaha..disgusting huh?
I was accchhooooo...all the way ..unable to sleep and until now the body feel very heaty and so not comfortable.
Temperature over there in Seoul???
Wind chill and as low as 1 nose and cheek frozen!
My trip is 97% leisure and 3% work...hehehehe sounds great...until yeah...I don't feel like coming back here to Malaysia.
I want to stay in Seoul!
I went there with limited Korean I end up have a mind of Japanese in foreign country.
I communicate in English and BM and they will reply to me in Korean...and yet we still understand each other.
They are very nice to me too...
Especially the Ajumma and helpful too.
Lonely traveller like me love this kind of hospitality.
Most of the time I walked using my tab gps...
I took subway and walk and walk and walk...
I only took one day tour for DMZ/3rd Tunnel/Paju from USO.
Please expect Seoul episode in my blog entry for the next few it until you throw up!!! hehehe...
I will write it with my style of thinking....WTH!
As usual like one of the person I met... I am one annoying adorable woman he ever met!
As long as I am happy!!!!
What is your problem???

Using my platinum card privellage....boarding at KLIA lounge...wuhhuhuhuhuh...

Latte at KLIA lounge ...DAEBAK!!!!
Wanna bring home that guy who make this delicious latte...muahahahaha

special seafood meal for me Korean Air...
Economy seat KLIA-INCHEON
and guess what?????
Lady luck in my side again.....
came back INCHEON - KLIA
with Prestige seat...WTH!!!!

look at my eye bag....can't really sleep in Seoul because that place with everywhere coffee coffee i drank coffee coffee coffee coffee all the time...and i keep counting sheep mmbbeekk mmbeekk....but still can't sleep..
Mind was tired but my eyes wide open...
All because of my uncontrollable desire towards I need hot drink most of the time.

spacious seat...
I feel so rich!!!!

too rich!!!!
until my eyes became like that!!!

so happy...because my dream came true again...
Thank you God!!!

my seafood meal

my seafood late night snack!!!!

since I have the thinking that I am rich...
muahahahaha... I sky shop too!!!!

The damage from having that rich feeling????
I spent my USD I kept for almost 2 years in Korean Air Sky Shop!!!!
Back harder for me to spend more money next year to please myself...
I really travel my style!!!
Princess style!!!!
You don't need wealthy man to enjoy this...
You just need to spend you own hardship money to feel this satisfaction...
Seoul is my style!!!!
Next episode will be food I ate in Seoul!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Good Bye Malaysia

Bye Bye Malaysia
Tonight I overnight in plane :)
I am flying to Seoul...
Taking Korean Air 11:45pm
I will reach Seoul at 6:05am on 9th Nov 2012

I will be exploring Seoul from 9th Nov 2012 6:05am until 16th Nov 2012

Happy Together

Min Zhi soooo happy when I told her both of us going for vacation finally...
We both pack up our luggage last night...
Ready!!! set goooooooo.... to fly tonight!!!
Good bye Malaysia...
Both Min Zhi and me off to feel  and get freeze with the 'siberian cold air' together...
Watched latest episode of Running Man and notice the weather was freaking cold there.
The actors and actresses was wearing that 'ninja turtle' jacket like the one I saw at Uniqlo.
I didn't buy any since to me it look ugly and I regret this.huhuhuhuh...
Since yesterday, my cheek is hot and swollen a bit.
Fever doctor said....mmmmm...when I am about to explore Seoul in this kind of cold weather???
Ahhhh..fever ...why come now????

Anyeonghasaeyo Goryeo and Kraze Burger!!!!
We both going to eat kimchi tomorrow and get the feel of 'Goryeo and Joseon era!

Stay tune and don't forget to subscribe to my blog to receive latest update on my journey in Seoul soon.

Wish me luck with my lack of preparation...this time.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More Butt

My diary entry for this one its all about view from my eyesight and my thoughts...

Wanna real tattto...there there contact that advertisement for this fella..

Who know this fella???

How about my 'Astro Boy'??? kawaii!!!

shaking leg at 'Ochado' near Tokyo Street.... my eyes wondering around for people's butt!!!! what to do.... I have 'wild eyes' for a lady! hehehehehe...I keep telling 'chinggu' this...
That one round butt... that one long leg and that one flat butt that one sexy butt...that one butt...that one short leg...owwhhh that leg...owhh this one 'crab leg...
and 'chinggu' goes...
your eyes naughtier than man eyes....kekekeke ya lor... that my answer for him..

Dead buffalo!!!

more butt in naughty huh???