Monday, November 5, 2012

Dental Check up

Yuhuuuu... last Saturday I went for Dental check up again...
Doc wanna check whether the implant healing well...
So far so good..
Since I am lazy to drive out all the way to using my 'panda eyes' request a driver from 'chinggu'.
Thank God! somebody not 'busy bee' on that I don't have to drive!
Before my dentist appointment....breakfast time!!!!!
Old Town Damansara...

Old town white coffee

choice for me ...nasi lemak...yup! need this since I am going away from Malaysia this Thursday...

That 'chinggu' go western...

me with my 'selca'
Top from favourite online store

shaking my leg ..waiting for my turn at dentist...kekekekeke

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  1. hi rina. have a great holiday. bring back lots pf pics and funny news. ha ha. have a nice day


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