Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I was strolling near Changdeokgung Palace...trying my best to find way to enter Secret Garden.
Seriously...I almost lost my way to the GPS!!!1

To enter this Secret Garden need to be guided by designated tour guide.
There are English and Korean version.
2pm Korean version and 3pm English version.
I was lining up like the rest to enter because I thought it was 3pm.
Blurrrrrrrr meeeeee.... my watch at Malaysian time when I am in Seoul....aissshhhhh...
I was fascinated with this Hanbok girlsssssss.... so I end up following the group.
The tour guide started &#@!*&%$#...
Damn! I don't even understand korean...and guess what????
I am the only foreigner who join the tour.
Lucky I have brochure in English...if not I don't even know why I am wondering in the woods there...

Enjoy the Korean Beauty everybody!!!!
Seriously...the real scene is beautiful because of this girlssss wearing their traditional costume....
Sorry ar!!! this time no Oppa!!!!

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