Thursday, March 14, 2013


Morning alarm clock singing

"Ah!!!! one more minute!!!"
"Three more minutes!!!"
"OMO!!! I wish today is Saturday!!!!"
"Oh!!! I feel so unwell today"

Trap in morning traffic jam

"Wei!!!! people wanna go to work you also wanna go to work ah????"
" Crazy ar!!!! over take to the left then to the right????? you think you the only one need to go office is it???"
" Oi!!!! why honking at me???? you motorbike only ma!!!! how much you pay roadtax??? cannot be more than mine right???"
"Woi!!! take LRT la!!!"
"wei!!!! faster la....still look in mirror ar???? you look thousand times also your face won't change one!!! still ugly!!!"
"Woi!!! shaving your beard ar???? why??? wake up late is it??? too many hair is it?"
" How I wish my apartment just on top of the office???"
"I am hungry!"
"What you eat???? share some la"
"My butt numb!!!! sit too long in the car"
"Ah! my feet cramp!!!"
"Wei!!!! kiasu!!! let people go first la!!!!"
"People accident you slow down for what???? wanna help just pull over at the side and let me pass thru le..."Kaypoh!!!!

Reach Office

" Eeiyyeeeee!!!! WTH give me so many jobs??? you think I am squid is it???? Got many hands to do this????"
"Why all I have to do one!!!!"

(Actualy ,I don't have much grumbling in office because I just do it ....why??? you grumble to much also you still need to do what!!!!! so just do your best le...... anyway this job make you why grumble???? hahahaha)

Time for lunch

" Ah!!!! what to eat???"
"Where to eat???"

After lunch

"Ah!!! too full la!!!"

Afternoon time

"Ah!!!! why suddenly hungry ar???"

Evening time

"Damn!!!! I stuck in jam again!!!! "

Here goes repeat the morning trap in jam whining.

Night time

" Do I have to sleep???"
"I don't feel like sleeping!!!!!"
"How? How???"

" Yeahhhh!!!! Thank you God!!!! for allowing me to survive another day...and thank you for taking care of me!!! "

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