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Although the poverty rate in Myanmar is unquestionable...yet they can afford to build huge Pagoda with Gold.
When I first visited Shwedegon Pagoda in Yangon, in late year 2011, I was mesmerised by Myanmar people richness.phewwwww!!!! with all those gems and gold....bloody rich!!!!
Then in Bagan they have almost similar one but this one more like a Shrine than Pagoda to me.
Golden....golden and this is bigger than in Yangon and this one calledShwezigon Pagoda.
Built in A.D 1076 by famous and founder of Bagan , King Anawrahta.
This place is the centre of prayer and reflection
The long walkway towards Shwezigon Pagoda

Aissshhh... saw this lady selling that sour fruits...ouch!!! look delicious but dare not try...need to take care of my stomach since I am alone at this foreign country

see see...told ya...Gold

and more gold

and more gold....hohoho... i am rich!!!!

this Buddha pose means....
sort of preaching pose...

this is statue of famous merchant.
he is famous and successful in business.
Most of business people come here offer cash to the status for blessing to their business.

This is the re enactment of Buddha story....
When he went out for meditation in the jungle....
The Genie (there there the one riding on the elephant and look evil) came out and trying to kill Buddha.
Budha then touch his hand to the ground and here comes one of the fairy (there there the one long hair beside budha).
The fairy then use her hair to hit the ground and the water came out from the ground.
Flood everywhere and the evil all died...
THE END hehehe this is my version of story and credit to Kyaw Swe who are good tour guide to me.


young monk meditate under the hot sun...
serious the hot sun can melt one brain you know.
Guess what???
me have to walk bare foot under the hot sun.
I go one step ouch two step ouch...then i ran ouch ouch ouch ouch...
phew!!!! good reflexology...I can feel my blood circulate well...

this younger monk is curious on my camera....he follow me around too...hahahaha adorable huh?
Next post I will write on my vegetarian food in bagan, beautiful view near Ayeyarwaddy River and my last minute journey to mount popa. Stay tune!!!!


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