Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have not do any health screening for quite sometimes...
I think my last was around 3 years ago...
Wow!!! since I am reaching 40 in next 2 years so I think health screening is necessary now...

My first choice was at BP Health but hey what to do since they are so so 'efficient'...
* not replying to online appointment through their website...duh!!!! what for to have such service but unable to do the replying job....sucks!
* call them at my choice of branch...Cheras the nearest but that lady who answer my call is like don't want business. She just say they are busy and no appointment slot for my choice of date. don't even want to give me alternative. WTH!!!!
* Such a great customer service you have there BP Health...

After long reasearching for other alternative and Health Screening Packages.... I choose Gleneagles HSC. It took me 1 month before to get an appointment with them.
One thing is they respond to their online appointment.

During the screening day...which is on 4th May 2013..
Chinggu drove me there as early as 7am.
Thank God his office nearby there...
So I don't need to drive...
I reached there at 7:30am
Hungry ....since need to fast 10 hours.
They open at 8am.
Then was told first come first serve.
After being push over by one 'kiasu' man and one Ajumma.... my number at no. 3 eventhough I am the first to reach in front of locked door as early as 7:30am.

The experience during the screening ....phewwwww... totally in a mess.
I am like everywhere and lots of waiting in a cold room....
Hungry somemore....

1st - take no.
2nd - fill in the form
3rd - wait and wait
4th - call my number after only 1 hour waiting
5th - weight me and then measure me and the took my blood
6th - wait for another 30 minutes
7th - x ray
8th - wait for another 30 minutes
9th - Doc called me for Q &A then in middle of session was called for ultrasound....
10th - wait again for another 30 minutes
11th - Doc called for completing the half way Q & A session. Without even looking at my birth date. She assume I am a student applying for Visa Medical. WTH!!! See properly la... I can be your older sister la...
12th - wait wait wait wait for almost one hour
13th - call me to make payment...yeah slap me with that RM1,364 bill-PAID
14th - wait wait wait wait...
15th - The Doc notice me waiting for quite sometimes
16th - went for audio test
17th - wait wait for 20 minutes
18th - went for chest test
19th - wait wait wait for 20 minutes
20th - treadmill then go back....

Called Chinggu for pick up.
Went for lunch...then trap in jam because many came back for election.
WTH!!!! so damn piss off with too many cars everywhere.....
I am so no going out this election weekend.

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