Friday, February 14, 2014


Last weekend, I was like craving for red velvet cakes.
When it come to cakes...I am very picky.
I don't eat just any matter how delicious it is.
I have certain cakes that will suit to my classy or so attitude problem huh?
That is why...when it come to birthday...friends around will have problem with my birthday cakes...and I prefer with no cakes.

Oh well...the story for this post was about my craving...
I found this cafe opposite Merchato, Pavillion.
Newly open call Chapter Two.
Just a humble small cafe.
They serve fresh red velvet cakes.
I seriously give this Red Velvet Cake at Chapter Two Pavillion....5 stars!
So generous with my Stars!!!!
This Red Velvet Cakes seriously bake with love and passion.
The cake texture...really moist and solid. Not dry and crumble type and not too spongy.
If that passionate baker could add in more cocoa powder in the will be more KICK!
Its not sweet and you need to eat it with delicious cream cheese.
Cream cheese has that clean taste and refreshing.
Not the normal cream cheese that give you that yucky feeling after one bite.
I enjoy every moment of this red velvet cake at Chapter Two, Pavillion.
Thank God! Chinggu stop me...if not this greedy fella sure go order another slice of this red velvet cake....muahahahaha...

Chapter Two @ Pavillion
Delicious Slice of Red Velvet Cake ...bake with passion and love
Refreshing Cappucino with love art...
What else you need???
Lovely tea time... 5 stars!!!


Same day...just like less than hour after my first slice of Red Velvet cake at Chapter Two , Pavillion.
I went to ParkaMaya @ Fahrenheit 88 and found this Coffee Stain Cafe.
They serve Red Velvet Cake.
I decided to try theirs.
mmmmm... my verdict for Coffee Stain Cafe , Red Velvet Cake.
Cake to dry and crumble...and taste as if lack of some ingredients.
Cream Cheese...too thick taste and sweet...the feeling like you don't want to have another bite.
Just not my taste!!!
I give 2.5 stars!

There you go.... 2 slices of red velvet cakes....does this fulfill my craving????

Chapter Two, Pavillion...I will visit you again for more....

Have a good weekend all!!!! live surrounding with lots of loves  always...

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