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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Remember those days after school this used to be my lunch.
Mum was out to work only leave me money to settle my own lunch. 
If I so 'jelak' with all these...I would fried my own 'yellow noodles' or cook instant noodles.
Those days...when I was a growing up teenager, I would 'tapau' 'assam laksa', 'ice kacang aka ABC' and 'fruit rojak' for my lunch and tea time....and I gotten all these with only RM1.50.

Look at how the inflation effect to our daily life??? Now it cost you freaking RM30.50 for all these...huh????

Hey!!! Like what Chingu told me make sense too...
You wanna eat...better eat now!
You never know whether your earn money could compete with this inflation...and you will never even get to smell all these food. isk isk isk ...Life is getting so competitive!!!! Our earns money is getting smaller each day!!!

Teochew Chendol is serving food I miss when I grow up!
When I found this place at Sunway Pyramid...I really don't even wanna give a miss!!!!
Who knows when else I can come to eat????
hehehehe... like I live oversea huh?
I love the atmosphere in this place..just like in the Chinese Kopitiam feel.
The place always pack with people!
I thing many miss childhood food like me too.

If foreigners who comes to Malaysia...these are the must try food in Malaysia.

Assam Laksa
 Rice noodles in Sour Fishy Tangy gravy served with Cucumber, Onion, Chillies and Salad 

Ice Kacang aka ABC
Shaved ice serves with lots of condiments like red beans , ground nuts,attap chee, sago, sweet corns, grass jellies and top with brown and red syrup, coconut milk or evaporated milk.

Fruit Rojak
Mixed fruits - pineapples, young mango,cucumber, sengkuang, young papaya served with sweet sauce and sprinkle of ground nuts

Teochew Chendol
The Chendol is the green color 'worms look', red beans served with shaved ice and coconut and palm sugar syrup

Teochew Kuang Jiang aka fried turnip rolls

Seriously...I love this Kuang Jiang.
I can finished all those by myself...and here I am talking about going on diet forever!!!! isk isk isk and the fried food is like Tomorrow Never Die!!!!!
Chingu said this is normal food for him and get anywhere.
Yeah yeah this is your community the city woman who don't frequent wet market or Chinese Kopitiam...this food???? Something special!!!!
I love Kuan Jiang! I love Kuan Jiang!!!
I told Chingu I want another plate of this and its all...MINE! MINE! (with greedy face)

Oh damn!!! my crow feet getting overly visible...oh!!! i should stop smiling!

Do you want to walk down to memory lane of growing up all times food????

Visit Teochew Chendol outlet.
You can locate their outlet and get more info at their official facebook page here,


  1. Replies
    1. i like cendol but nyonya cendol in Malacca....I never miss that whenever visited to Malacca until the'nyonya' also recognise me...hehehe

    2. that's y, i also wonder why you recommend cendol in sunway pyramid, you should recommend melaka cendol

    3. beauce this Teochew Chendol...and Nyonya Cendol in Malacca different. Each unique taste.

  2. ya ya.. i have to learn how to make my own rojak sauce here.. very kesian

    1. ya lor so far away in foreign land. Good luck! I am sure you good at this too...roti pun pandai buat...kekekeke

  3. Aiyorr..the ABC and Assam Laksa is really calling out to me. Haa..siapa "TAK MAU CHILI"? Lol.. saw it on the receipt.

    1. haiissshhh!!! my friend like that one la...if me order sure extra chillies one!!!! Hi Sharon nice to mee you here!

    2. Nice to meet you too. I stumbled across your blog from G+ 😁

  4. Kuang Jiang, famous Teo Chew food, but not my type.

  5. never tried before, and definitely gonna try soon! Thanks for sharing. But sometimes I prefer to go to stall type in Penang. You should go Penang road's chendol if got chance! :D

    1. I tried long time 30 years

  6. I love Chendol, but I didn't know there're different versions. Lol!


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