Thursday, October 30, 2014


12th October 2014, Sunday

You were born to this earth years ago and still survive and alive until now.BIG PAT on my back!!! Congratulations!!!! I am officially an old woman with young at heart!!!!

I wake with full of energy to achieve something today...

Birthday speech????
Thank you God for keeping me alive, healthy and well.

Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday to me...yeahh yeahhh sounds so like pathetic woman singing happy birthday alone at foreign country huh?

How come don't feel like weird or pathetic at all???? kekekekeke...

As long as I am happy and well...whatever you wanna interpret my happiness...its my life!!!!

Today I am going to climb up the Geumjeong Mountain Fotress.
Yup! you read it right...I climb!!!!
I did it too!!!!
Although it takes a bit longer than others...hehehehe I am one Ajumma who don't climb for years and did it alone at others country! Thank God no leeches or scary slimy creatures on the way up and down!

Anyway since I took my sweet time...early morning before head to Beumeosa Station. I stop at Bujeon Market.I need ENERGY BOOSTER!!!!!

So lovely and lively to visit market early morning and feel very happy to see fresh food and meet friendly Ajumma selling their items.
My energy and positive spirit charge up just by looking at all these fresh vegies and fruits.
My mum must have been visiting too much of markets when she pregnant to me huh????
I don't know why out of all places in the world visiting groceries stores and hypermarket is best place to visit for me. I just love here!!!! 
Now I kind of agree if you think I am weird. I think I am weird too!!!

Found this fish cake shop.

I bought some for my picnic at the peak.
So delicious to eat it when feeling tired and hungry after long climbed.
I bought the one with scallops, octopus and prawns!
That fatty fella said delicious...thats why it like dragged into that shop.kekekeke...and IMA become so greedy after walked in.

I look so glowing happy ajumma enjoying her travel in Busan so much ! kekekeke...

Ajumma!!!! palli palli....serve my red bean porridge!!!!

My first meal after officially turned to that big number is this hot salty red bean porridge with rice ball in it. How it taste???
When you hungry and cold.....whatever served in front you just eat it. No complaint!
Eating porridge also got side dishes served!
Raddish kimchi and seaweed soup.
hehehehe...perfect for my birthday breakfast huh?
Isn't Korean drink seaweed soup for birthday????
hahahaha...I drink this soup and I celebrate it Korean style..WTH!

Before continue my long journey, I bought some doughnuts to top up to picnic box.

Look at those cakes ,bread, fresh beancurd and seaweeds and lavers and garlics...aaaaahhhh!!!1 I wanna to stay here.

The fresh side dishes prepared traditionally and those fresh rolled kimbab. That big korean apples...OMAIGADDDDD!!!!!
I am going to turn into GREEDY RINA again!!!!! I can't carry too many up right??? isk isk isk ...need to forgo all those...

I still need to move on my journey or days getting dark. I just afraid it rain. Thats all!!!
I am lucky the weather was good that day!

How to reach this Bujeon Market????

- Take subway line 1 - orange colour
- Stop at Bujeon-dong Station take exit 1 and walk follow all ajumma who are walking towards the market kekekekekeke....actually discover this place by accident because I wanna buy some food for my picnic.

Tomorrow I will continue my Geumjeongsan Mountain climbing story!

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