Thursday, October 2, 2014


As we move through life, it is hard for us to avoid things that cause regret and disappointment. 
We may lack the strength to change this ....but what we can change is the attitude with which we approach all these setbacks.

Since it is impossible to avoid regrets in our lives, the attitude we adopt towards these regret is extremely important. A different attitude can result in a completely different quality of life.

There are many things in our lives that are not as we would wish. Sometimes they are neither rational nor fair! We may lack of strength to change them, but we can change our feelings and attitude. Looking at things in this way, we can say that people see whatever is in their heart!

If as a person we cannot accept these regrets, what kind of consequences will lead to in future????
I wonder...

If a person's inner heart is free from worries, indecision and fear, they will naturally have fewer complaints about the world around them and their ability to hold on to happiness will also increase.
Increasing our ability to hold on to happiness is the greatest thing we can learn.

You know in life if we need to face regret and  suffering with a tranquil mind....

Today I am in the mood of writing my thoughts...yesterday cannot sleep a wink.
Its not that I regret just feel I have so much energy and I did some readings...until 5am this morning and today still energetic like a cyborg!!!!

Inner peace seems not passing my way last night..isk isk isk 

Inner peace!!!! where are you????

Not So Wise Madam Rina in the house...yo!

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