Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Who love to eat Nasi Lemak????
Me! Me! Me!
Who like Seafood Curry Laksa???
Me! Me! Me!

Regret to inform all my like consist of high calories and fat!
One plate of nasi lemak itself is 644 calories  which is also equivalent to three bowls of plain white rice. Then if added the fried chicken? Please add another 290 calories to that 644 calories. Please do your own math to it! isk isk isk isk ...and more sad story...if you add teh tarik to go along with your nasi lemak ayam? Please add another 83 calories to it.

After eat, an OL aka Office Lady like me...will stick my big fat ass to the chair to do my work. Only lift it up when there is urge to go to the bathroom. When busy or rushing for something....just hold the urge because the work comes first! Imagine how long the time spend at work from 9:00am to at least 7:00pm. This is the minimum hours!

The result to the calories and the constantly sitting.....

There you go...the 3 - 6 tiers easily build in on that waist line. The bulky belly instead of 6 pack...I have that 6 fats to my abs. Can I even see or say this is my abs? All I see is big belly...and body get heavier. DAMN!!! this so one ugly looking pancakes stack!

Seriously, to add that thousand calories into my body??? I just need one sitting and eat good delicious food. While eating it...I feel like I wanna live forever enjoy this feast! lose just 300 calories????
Seriously, I feel like dying...don't talk about 1 hour running on the treadmill.  After that 10 - 15 minutes running, I already out of breathe. 'Rasa nak mampus!!!' I feel like wanna give up.

Not easy!!!
I need stronger determination to complete this...

I need at least 45 minutes to run on treadmills to lose that stubborn300 calories.Do you think its enough after burning that 300 calories when you happily added in thousands cal per day to your innocent body????

Well....I don't think I need to answer that. 

If you don't have treadmill, you can jog around. 

What is calorie ????
A calorie is a unit of energy that body uses to perform bodily functions and physical activity.
So if you were to burn 300 calories in one of an hour, all you need is to perform intense aerobic exercise. Repeat again INTENSE!
There are 3,500 calories in 1 pound of fat. If you burn 300 calories it will help you lose 1/10 of a pound fat.

How to burn out that 300 calories?

- I usually run on my  elevate treadmill for one hour. If don't have treadmill, you can always walk up and down stairs at home.
- Then I will perform a simple Pilates mix Yoga for 20 minutes.
- Do you think this is easy task??? Try it for yourself then you tell me....the thought of running for 1 hour is so easy if we are just talk about it. Well....try to walk the talk...then you know that feeling!

How to keep you determination strong?

- I normally turn on my favorite drama or Korean variety show while running on treadmill. This help for time to pass easily and distract me from looking at the time.
- While performing pilates and yoga, I will on loud music. Sorry cannot accept those soothing music for yoga or I fall asleep immediately. I am that kind of person who listen to rock music during Pilates and yoga. long as it boost up my spirit and keeps me happy and I continue what I am doing...why not?

What you need to avoid?

- Sad to say the food you need to avoid is the most favorite by everybody....regret to inform, you need to skip cakes, fried foods, soda and juices.
What you need to eat?

- More fruits , vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and low fat diary.
- make sure you have well-balanced diet.

Ah! exercise....really need strong determination.
Same goes when you are on strict healthy diet! Aisshhh...
When I was young , it is easy to lose that pounds. But I am old...half of pounds is like ages to reduce.. haissshhhhhhh...I guess I really need to face tge reality I am going to grow old looking saggy with big belly old woman if God give me long live. I pray for that old woman grow okd healthily and die peacefully when she is sleeping. 

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