Friday, January 30, 2015

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

If you still write by hand...What exactly does your writing style say about you?
Now lets play....

My result???
I am Creative and Sporadic!!! ...hohohoho exactly who I am in real!

Free-Spirited, Creative-Minded, and genuinely talented, your handwriting is a direct reflection of your negligence to be tied down or stifled in any manner. The thought of yourself or others being restricted by another individual's beliefs or actions is physically sickening. Your writing is generally rounded, with some or all letters connecting to each other. A key component of your handwriting is the spacing - Wide gaps in between both lines and words indicates your free-spirited conscience. When writing, your hand is a fluttering-fury of large letters - your hand struggling to keep up with the constant flow of ideas. This habit of large lettering indicates a tendency to be overly concerned with what others think of you. Regardless, you make decisions with your gut - and are prone to impulsive and sometimes adventurous decisions!

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Big fan of BlackBerry phone?

We all use to slide and touch screen smartphone and do you remember the sexy blackberry back then?

Forget about the rehash of old tech. BlackBerry Classic recently introduce the upgraded version. The only thing kept is the keyboard, and reintroduced the navigation keys and trackpad.

BlackBerry Classic Specs

BlackBerry® OS 10.3.1
1.5 GHz Dual-core Processor
3.5 inch Display (720 x 720 pixels)
16GB Memory + 2GB RAM
8MP Rear Camera + 2MP Front Camera

This BlackBerry Classic are surrounded with familiar looking and very traditional BlackBerry body shell. If you are a big fan of BlackBerry Bold then you'll fall for the Classic. A four-line physical QWERTY keyboard sits below the screen and the two are separated by a strip of navigation keys.

BlackBerry Classic built for speedy navigation, the touchscreen, navigation keys and the trackpad are designed to work together. Many keyboards shortcuts have been built in, for example, you just need to press R to quickly reply.

For those who always have problems typing accurately on a touchscreen phone, then this BlackBerry boasts its keyboard has engineered for fast typist and its has four times more accuracy.

Back to old days, BlackBerry are always described as a business device and this has not run from it. 

Click on the 'Sexy BlackBerry Classic' below the above image to own one BlackBerry Classic as low as RM338/-


All of us if possible would love to preserve out youthful looking skin. Facing the fact all of us will eventually grow old and saggy looking skin soon. No matter what it is possible to slow down our ageing process with early routine care on our skin.

The Korean taught me the 10 steps of beauty regime which I find it too long. I always follow the 3 simple steps of taking care of my skin which is : CLEANSING , TONING , MOISTURIZING. That was when I was early 20s and mid 30s . When reached to late 30s and now eventually at the 40s, I increase my beauty regime from 3 steps to 5 steps.

I admitted that I am too 'lazy ass' and also a 'Scrooge' when it come to pay for my own 'facial' and beauty parlor which I think is freaking expensive and painful, so I do my best for my own home care.

Let me expose to you my 3 Steps Skin Care Routine.

Step 1 : Cleansing 

* I cleanse my skin with facial cleansing twice a day. One in the morning before shower and one at night before go to bed
* I will make sure my cleanser is gentle cleansing wash instead soup which will dry out my skin.
* I didn't use any cotton swab or anything. I just use my fingers and massage the cleanser onto my face lightly, gently and meticulously to get rid of oil and dirt.
* I never clean my face more than twice a day because I find it too much to do that and it will completely wipe our all the moisturize oil from my face.
* It's okay to have some oil on your face because it's needed to make skin maintain younger.

Step 2 : Toning
* I never skip this step because I need to enhance the cleanliness on my skin.
* Toning helps to close up pores to prevent infections to you skin
* Since I am the oily skin type so I use the non alcohol like toner
* I apply toner with my fingers like applying lotion. I never use cotton swab.

Step 3 : Moisturising
* Our face need moisturizer to restore the oil back after all the cleansing and toning because we will be staying under sun or bright  lighting.
* To maintain younger looking skin we need to moisturize which will prevent dryness, flakiness , acne and also wrinkles.
* Don't over moisturize skin because it can also clog up pores.

Like I said this is my routines until I was in mid 30s. Then I further enhance my routines to extra 2 regimes to slow down my skin aging process.

Step 4 : Exfoliating
* I exfoliate at least 2 times a week
* Exfoliating do a good job to scrub off the old and ugly looking dead skin cells and grow the new and slow down the ageing process.
* It also helps to slow down the process of wrinkles , age spot , acne and uneven skin appearance.
* Make sure avoid your eyes when you exfoliate and don't do it too hard on your skin .Just a gentle exfoliate for about 1 - 2 minutes before wash off.

Step 5 : Facial
* If you affordable just go for at least monthly facial at your favorite beauty center. But me too 'scrooge' so I did it at home and only visit such center like once or twice a year.
* Why you need to go for monthly facial?
- Steam is used to really open pores to extract out even more dead skin particles
- Facial also remove black heads , white heads and blemishes.

Since I don't visit facial center on monthly basis so I just add in some extra care to my skin.

I will make sure I spray on soothing gel mist to keep my dry skin moisturize through out the day. Recently, I have been using Always21 Aloe Vera Soothing Gel from Korea. This gel mist can be spray onto all over part of your body so you are top to toe moisturize. I love the refreshing effects after spraying this mist onto my skin.

Visit Always21 Official Facebook :

I love applying mask sheet when going to sleep. I make sure to use this at least twice a week.There are many types of mask sheet nowadays so you just need to have fun and buy the one you love and applicable the most. 

Some of my mask sheet favorites :

Hydraluron Moisture booting mask by Indeed Laboratories which contains next 3D hyaluronic acid. It hydrate skin from beneath the surface for 24 hours of long lasting moisture retention. 

The effect after using this mask?

* skin feels softer, smoother, plumped and glowing.

Made in Japan by Indeed Laboratories. One pack has 4 mask sheets.

Official Website :

Since I am a that ageing I need something that can at least reduce my fine lines. So this b.Live by Cellnique Fine Line Stopage Original Japan Silk Mask do some goodness for me. Accordingly, it helps to do some youth preserving, fine line preventing, firming and brightening.

This super versatile mask freezes creases in their tracks, frost collagen in right place and lends a radiant au naturel glow which we can't get enough of!

Made in Singapore by Cellnique for

I love Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet. It contains snail secretion filtrate and its refreshing texture soothes distressed skin gently, embracing the surface of the face , moisturizing skin from inside out.

Official site :

We done with our facial time for our hair. Hair is also a beauty to all of us. I don't really loyal to any particular hair shampoo . Recently, I have a chance to try out Matrix Biolage Colorlast Shampoo. This brand is very new to me. But after using it for one month now. I find this shampoo helps to provide me healthy and sleek looking hair.

Color-treated hair can fade and lose it's luster over time. Inspired by nature's fade-defying orchid,  Biolage COLORLAST Shampoo helps maintain the color depth, tone and shine for vivid color-treated hair. Give her hair salon-vibrant color for up to 9 weeks.

- When using the system of COLORLAST Shampoo and Conditioner vs. a non-conditioning shampoo.
- Low pH shampoo for color-treated hair helps prolong color vibrancy
- Gently cleanses to prevent unnecessary stripping of color
- Paraben-free formula is suitable for color-treated hair

Matrix Biolage have many other hair products range. You can visit their official website to find out more.

Don't know how long I can maintain this youthful looking look? 
I wish could slow down the process a bit longer with all my efforts.

The only regret is my dark circle which worst than panda looking eyes since I am unable to have a good sleep these days. I am on my way to stop my morning coffee to try out whether is this the cause of my sleepless night. With all my effort mentioned but without a goodnight sleep...all my effort end up down to to the drain, right????

 isk isk isk isk....

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Last year, 2014 I wrote my review  GlamGlow Super Mud Mask. This year, Butterfly Malaysia presented me with GlamGlow Thirsty Hydrating Treatment mask.

This Thirsty Mud mask is slightly different from the original mud mask which is more on exfoliate. This one is however , I could say on the thin and light side texture. Just like in photo shown, it look like a BB Cream. It provide treatment for thirsty skin and it treatment provide extreme hydration.

So what's is the ingredient of this GlamGlow Thirsty Mud mask?

- TEAOXI technology which delivers natural Linoleic Acid, which is a moisturizing fatty acid to maintain moisture.
- Olive leaf is carefully ground and micronized for deep absorption into the skin. Olive leaf contains hydroxytrysol to help hydrate, Oleuropein to help add moisture and Tyrosol to restore and repair.
- Short Term Hydration : It  contains a powerful group of other ingredients  - Orange Blossom, Coconut Oil and Ginger root.
- Medium Term Hydration : mircro hydraclay and other ingredients , oat beta glucan, Natural Malic and Hyroxy Acids.
- Long Term Hydration : powerful blend of hydration acids, Hyaluronic and Citric Acids which gives you real repair and hydration benefits.

It contains NO parabens , sulfates and phthalates.

Reading at the ingredients it look like GlamGlow Thirsty Mud is a very hydrating product since it promises to give extreme hydration for short, medium and long term result. It sounds brilliant, right????

I love the turquoise colour packaging.

How to use this GlamGlow Thirsty Mud Mask?

I just spread it across face and let it sink in. Then you can just wipe away the excess with tissue or cotton swab after 15 - 20 minutes. 

My verdict???

It has a yummy coconut smells. I don't like the feeling of hydration and I can feel like my facial skin is sweating underneath those mask layer. My skin felt lovely and glowing after removing all the excess. Just don't like that sweating feeling while having that layer of mask on.

Where to get GlamGlow Thirsty Mud Mask?

You can visit the nearest Sephora outlet and grab on jar of this.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


What's happening today???

Lazada is having Chinese New Year Red Hot Sales. Great bargains for all of you bargain hunter.
I have been shopping with Lazada many times and so far they never disappoint me. The delivery is Super fast and prompt and item is good quality too. 

Just click below image and you will enjoy great bargain for your CNY shopping spree!

Lazada Malaysia

Take advantage to shop during this RED HOT SALE and enjoy...

* 25RM OFF with RM150 min spend. Click on my Lazada Affiliates image link above and use voucher codes :CNY25AFF upon check out.
* 10% OFF storewide for all Maybank Cardholders
* 40RM OFF on Redmi Note 4G for CIMB bank customers
You also have chance to win great prizes if you join Lazada CNY Social Media Contest, visit

Stand a chance to win: 
*  1 x RM888 Voucher
* 5 x RM188 Vouchers

Happy CNY Shopping all and don't miss a chance to enjoy great bargain at the best online Shopping website!

pssssttt! make sure you shop use my affiliates link ya!!!

Monday, January 26, 2015


Kuala Lumpur - Jan 23, 2015 - Popular Korean Drama " He Who Came From the Star created a fad for Korean Fried Chicken. The famous KyoChon Fried Chicken  from Seoul with over 1,000 outlets globally, announced the opening of their 3rd branch in Malaysia after the one in 1Utama and Menara Hap Seng. The new branch in Pavillion Kuala Lumpur will be their biggest outlet in the world.

Started in 1991, KyoChon has over 1,000 stores in its native South Korea. It's fried chicken has been repetitively acknowledged by South Koreans as the best fried chicken brand as evidenced by multiple awards under its mantle , including Most Favourite Chicken Brand in South Korea for 13 years consecutively. The brand has since expanded its presence on world map, opening branches in China, Thailand , Indonesia, America, Philipines and Malaysia with Hong Kong branch to follow soon. 

Hongkeesssss....wait up..KyoChon is on the way to your home country!

How KyoChon started?

KyoChon founder Mr Kwon Won-Kang started KyoChon some 23 years ago in a small town called Gu-mi in South Korea. The name "KyoChon" is a combination of Korean word " Kyo " means "PURE" and "Chon" means "VILLAGE", and its represents the philosophy of the brand , that is insisting on nothing but the most natural ingredients and healthy way to produce their food. Mr Kwon also pioneered the double-frying technique which generally acknowledged by fans of Korean styled fried chicken, for longer lasting crispiness and less greasy fried chicken versus traditional and western styled cooking methods. Inspired by traditional Korean dishes and sauces , Mr Kwon was also the first to apply sauces directly onto fried chicken after cooking, developing the famous KyoChon Soy Garlic sauce which is loved by thousands worldwide.

I love the set up for KyoChon biggest outlet grand launching. So lovely setting with fresh flowers and candle. It look so grand and yet classy for a Fried Chicken Restaurant.

Lee Min Ho , Dongsaeng greeted me with his cutest 'duck smile' WTH! This Noona can't help it...happy to the max. I am flying outer space.Weeeeeeeeiiiiiii!!!! We were served with snacks and drink which I chose Yuza soda tea.

The event was hosted by Royce the talented DJ from MyFm Radio Station. Huh! I missed to take selfie with him.

Top Right : Welcome Speech by Chairman Malaysia Dato' Steven Chin
Second Right : Welcome Speech by Chairman Korea Mr Kwon Won Kang who gave out his speech in Korean Language and....that tall Oppa on White Shirt translate in his fluent English.

Ah! I feel like watching Korean drama here...fall in love with that white shirt Oppa. Gosh!!! this brownie Ajumma always like tall and fair guy.

Then both Chairman exchange gifts. 

Both Chairman writing wishes and hang onto the Cherry Blossom tree. You can visit KyoChon Pavillion and write your wish too. You may stand a chance to win personal autograph calendar from Lee Min Ho.

Then the grand opening ceremony started with a blast of Lion Dance performance.

Group photo of all the top management of KyoChon. See that guy on that maroon blazer??? One look I thought he is my friend , Dom from Beijing and another look I thought he is a famous celeb. He is one of KyoChon Malaysia's Director ,Mr Aaron Chin.

Congratulation KyoChon for your grand launching!!!! I wish KyoChon continues to conquer the world of best fried chicken.


Everybody is waiting to sample KyoChon best fried Chicken. IMA! grab the opportunity to write wish and hang it on the cherry blossom tree. IMA hand writing is freaking ugly that day because so hungry and didn't grab any food for breakfast. So IMA's hand a bit shaky and forgot how to spell the word 'conquer ' too. WTH! 

After writing my sincere wish for KyoChon, IMA rushing to the next meeting without even have chance to enjoy KyoChon fried chicken buffet. isk isk isk ...Anyway, since IMA is a fan of KyoChon fried chicken. Check out IMA's review on KyoChon earlier.

For those who are living around GOLDEN TRIANGLE are lucky to have KyoChon Fried Chicken Delivery service to these few building listed. You feel hungry??? Order KyoChon Fried Chicken like in Korean drama.... Call KyoChon at 1700 81 8787 for you KyoChon Fried Chicken delivery.

* Menara Hap Seng
* Menara Hap Seng 2
* Menara Taipan
* Wisma The Weld
* St Mary's Residences Condo
* E&O Residences
* Menara Ambank
* Menara Public Bank
* Wisma MPL
* Wisma Lim Foo Yoong
* Wisma Boustead
* Wisma Goldhill
* Wisma MIDF

..more delivery areas coming other wait up!!!  KyoChon will come to you too :)

 What to order at KyoChon?

KyoChon offer 4 popular menu choices :

1. The original Soy (a bit salty)
2. The Red ( spicy)
3. The Honey ( sweet)
4. The Salsal (crunchy)

The menu can be ordered with rice , fresh salad, chicken broth and refreshing Yuza or Plum soda tea for as low as RM16.90. KyoChon serves other menu options such as flame grilled chicken thigh steaks that take 48 hours to prepare and special kimchi fried rice for customers looking for more variety than fried chicken.

KyoChon Popular Choices?

KyoChon Original series
- Crispy , tasty original fried chicken, perfect to go with any preferred sauces

KyoChon Red Series
- A specially-made spicy sauce made from Korean green red pepper, best choice for spicy food lovers!

KyoChon Honey Series
- Covered in sweet honey sauce, maintaining the crispiness, without the greasy feel

KyoChon Sal Sal Series
- Boneless chicken fillet with crispy outer skin, comes with 3 sauce choices:extra hot chilli, honey mustard and jambalaya aka BBQ.

Traditionally, fried chicken is linked to fast food or junk food and KyoChon is determined to change this perception. At KyoChon , you won't find chicken wings waiting in a heated cabinet to be served over the counter. Here at KyoChon, everything is made fresh and waiters take your orders after showing customers their seats. The restaurant  uses only ANTIBIOTIC AND GROWTH HORMONE FREE CHICKENS , eschewing frozen chicken wings and drumsticks for chilled chickens delivered daily. The restaurant is also MSG FREE and cooks exclusively in healthy Canola Oil. 

KyoChon aim is simple : to provide great tasting fried chicken which also healthier upholding their 3 promises which is :

* To never , ever serve fast food
* To only use 100% natural ingredients
* To use only fresh and healthy chickens

Exciting facts - In year 2014, the brand ambassador for KyoChon is Super Junior and when the contract expired in March 2014. My Dongsaeng  for more than 6 years, Lee Min Ho is KyoChon's new spokeperson.

Ppppsssssssssttttt!!!!!! Lee Min Ho's fan!!!!! I have good news for you......KyoChon is in talking to bring Lee Min Ho to Malaysia this year 2015 for a special fan meeting event.

Do you think KyoChon Malaysia will invite me to meet my more than 6 years DongSaeng , Lee Min Ho????? Low chance for this Ajumma to compete against all those Agasshi!

I adore you from far Min Ho, ya!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015


Happy Friday all!
Oh I love Friday...zillion times...gosh! I am so freak when it come to weekend.
Today is 23rd Jan 2015 and every HOT BLOGGERS in town are busy preparing for PARTY OF THE CENTURY this evening at Empire City. The PARTY is so freaking 'DAEBAK' until all bloggers in town were talking about their dress and make up preparation like so many weeks before. The theme is 1920s. The party is so 'HOT' until almost all freaking insta and fb going to explode with massive shout out about it. So many HOT celebs is coming.I am talking about....PARIS HILTON, KPOP BAND 2AM, TABOO OF BLACK EYE PEAS and many more...and basically tonight EMPIRE CITY will be freaking explode with HOT people!

Oh well for WARM BLOGGER like me..... just settle to attend calm, relaxing, media invite in the morning. I will diligently bring my SONY CYBER SHOT Cam. Then snap snap snap...then chat chat chat then listen listen listen then sample sample sample...then ?????
Go for afternoon meeting and then back home. So kuai kuai hor this woman?

OK.. OK...let us get in track...

Title is about Steamed Banana Walnut cakes and I was babbling out topic about Paris Hilton and Party and hot bloggers and cold blogger....kakakaka...what to do suddenly feel a bit hype about Friday, 23rd Jan 2015.

I am now totally into steaming bread and cakes on Sunday.
This is my other experiment last Sunday.

Steamed Banana Walnut Cakes - egg less and sugarless and with all other!

Not like my oatmeal steamed bread the other day, this one really rise, moist and fluffy. It kind of like cakes texture. But the taste...Oh! how I wish I add some sugar or honey in it or add more mashed banana into the recipe. Lucky I put some cranberries topping onto it. If not this fluffy steamed cakes is totally tasteless. Never mind....there is room for improvement in the future.I will continue steam delicious cakes and bread soon.  Keep reminding myself I am just an amateur in steaming cakes and bread.

I put this in fridge and eat it for breakfast and it still soft , moist and fluffy the next day without even have to steam it again. Oh ! am I a genius or what??? 'Slap me! 'Oh! I am so hateful...kekekeke

How I made this fella ?

I mix mashed banana, nestum , wholemeal flour, baking powder, walnuts, cranberries, fresh milk, olive oil and pinch of salt. Mixed it all together and steamed it for 15 minutes. Make sure add in some sugar to your taste.Mine was so bland without sugar.

This steamed cake is delicious to enjoy with warm french rose tea.

Forget it!!! don't ask the measurement....I don't even measure. All I know I use flour less possible and the batter just for 4 cups of cakes. I throw in what ever I want to throw in just to make this fella. no SOP one huh?  Just enough for me and me alone to enjoy it! Healthy breakfast full of fiber and protein too. Next time I will add in Chia Seed.

Ah....I can't believe that I achieve this much in the kitchen at my ripe age. Big pat to my back....pandainyeeeee dia ni.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Our body is like machine. You need to grease and flush out all the rusty and toxin in it.
We ate so many things and the amount of toxin in our body is building up. If we don't flush out the toxin it may lead to other disease and sickness. One way to do it to do some detoxification.

I started with lemon water detox early this week.
Don't confused with lemonade , a sweetened beverage or delicious honey lemon.
This lemon water detox is just lemon juice and warm water.

Lemon Water
1 whole lemon
3/4 liter cold water
1/4 liter hot water

Squeeze lemon into a large glass jar and the chop lemon remains into cube. Adding all that into the jar with water. Soak it for 10 minutes. Lemon water uses warm water will soften the lemon and allow natural juices and oil to be released.

Just remember, as soon as you add sweetener like honey, sugar or anything to sweeten the drink then it not longer lemon detox. As for me I just maintain lemon and warm water.

I drink this every morning before breakfast.

What health benefits from lemon detox?

1. Improved digestive function

2. Ensure balanced pH level in the body

3. Promotes fresher breath

4. Strengthened immune system

5. Promotes skin repair

6. Detoxifies the liver

7. Cleanses and revitalizes the urinary tract

8. Promotes faster healing and regeneration

9. Effectively curbs appetite

10. Improve overall health and well-being

Happy trying for better health all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


We are still at the first month of the new year.
It is not too late for us to clear old bad habits and replace with good one.

I have been working for more than 18 years now and I found that four working habits that will prevent me as working lady to prevent worry and fatique.

1st Habit - Clear desk with all papers except those relating to the immediate problem in hand.

2nd Habit - Do things in order to their importance. In short, you need to prioritize you work.

3rd Habit - When face problem, Solve it then and there if necessary to make decision then do it! Don't keep delaying decisions. In short , solve problem one at the time and decide!

4th Habit - Learn to Organize , Deputize and Supervise.

Do you know that heart trouble caused by tension and worries?
So you think you are too young to die?

Flip through the obituary section in newspaper and you know what I mean by death don't discriminate. So live you life to the fullest with no regrets!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


There is no one else on earth like you...

What do you think about this statement?

I read this some where before and I think it really something I remember by heart until now.

It goes like this...

If you can't be a pine on top of the hill,

Be a scrub in the valley-but be 
The best little scrub by the side of the rill;

Be a bush, if you can't be a tree.

If you can't be a bush, be a bit of the grass,

And some highway happier make;
If you can't be a muskie then just be a bass
But the liveliest bass in the lake!

We can't all be a captains, we've got to be crew,
There's something for all of us here.
There's big work to do and there's lesser work to do
And the task we must do is the near.

If you can't be a highway, then just be a trail,

If you can't be the sun, be a star;

It isn't by size that you win or you fail...

Just be the best of whatever you are!!!!

Let us live our lives not imitate others...just find ourselves and be ourselves.

You are YOU!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Who love to watch Korean Drama????
Me! Me! Me!
Call me Korean Drama freak...but I really love to watch it and I am happy!!!
Where to watch Korean Drama streaming for free?
Haisshhhh! many website out there. You don't need to buy DVD.
I name few favourite websites here random order for your convenient.

You can also download your favourite show or drama for free from this website too.

Hope this helps all those Korean Drama and Show freak like me. They have Taiwanese, HK drama too.

Have a good working day ahead all!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I always love the beautiful blossom of sakura and wishes to do that para para sakura dance under the blooming pinkish sakura. My dreams come true when my ex Boss brought me to Hanzhou during the early blossom season. Thank you ex Boss!

I didn't dance under the sakura tree but with the back ground of beautiful bloom.

Look at my awkward not even dance position....its more like flying...kekekeke...this is from year 2010 photo.

Do you know that sakura not just beautiful but also has many uses ?
I tried sakura tea at Hoh Chi Minh City once....hehehehe not so nice to be honest but I would love to try the ice cream since many said it is delicious ice cream. No matter what...I always love the refreshing sweet smells of Sakura. 

I was so happy when L'Oreal Ganier last minute decision to sponsor the Sakura product range for Butterfly Beauty Box. I always wanted to try this product not just because its look prettiest shade of pink but also because of the name of sakura. My dreams came true. 

Sakura has many benefit for skin too. Why? It can give you radiant skin witg a rosy sheen, as if the sakura flowers are blooming on our cheeks!

I tried this product for more than 20 days now and really love the effect of this product to my skin.The Garnier Sakura White range is a 4 step regime :

* Cleasing foam for cleansing
* Softening lotion for softening
* Day Cream for moisturizing
* Radiance mask for treatment

Garnier Sakura selling point :

* This range are infuse with Sakura Extract from South Japan

I was given full sized The Sakura White Cleansing foam and Moisturising Cream for testing.

When I have chance to finally try out the Garnier Sakura White Cleansing foam, I was SUPER EXCITED !!!! The gel came out pretty pink from its tube and totally love the refreshing smells of this product onto my skin!

I gently cleanses my skin thoroughly and it leaves a clean effect to my skin. Well , I am that person who always have problem sleeping and too long exposure under sun, so my skin have been very dull and uneven tone.

I really wish I could achieve the translucent and dewy with sweet pink flush on the cheeks if I continue use this product.

After my skin toning session....

I then use this day cream. Since this is name as day cream so I don't use this cream during night time.

I love the creamy texture but non greasy, oily and sticky effect to my skin. It feels like applying yogurt to skin. I love it so much and really don't hesitate to apply more of this..hahahaha greedy me.

Despite my over drying skin, the cream is very strong to hydrate my skin and really helps to continue moisturise my skin whole day long. in love!

This cream also has SPF21/PA+ and it helps to protect my skin under its really helps to slow down my skin aging process.

Did I mention to you its smells super lovely sweet refreshing smells????
Oh! not to forget the cream came with a lovely baby pink too!

The Garnier Sakura White range also contains other great key ingredients :

* Vitamin CG -  protect skin from free radicals , oxidative stress and damage which often present in pollution.

* Vitamin B3 - provides shield and protects skin against environment hazards by keeping skin's moisture level balanced.

* Sakura extracts - anti inflamatory action which helps to soothe and recovers skin from damage.

Do you know that this Garneir Sakura White range are very affordable in term of pricing????

* Garnier Sakura Pinkish Radinace Gentle Cleansing Foam cost you only RM12.90

* Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturising Cream SPF21 cost RM29.90

Drop by to for more information and on this product.

Thank you The Butterfly Project Malaysia and Garnier Malaysia

Monday, January 12, 2015


I am craving to eat warm steamed bread. I don't think I can buy it anywhere warm. So I decided to search the recipe from internet and found a Japanese style steamed bread. I adjust the recipe to my liking and the result turn out to be good.

Not bad for first timer like me huh?
Yeah you see the bread doesn't rise up?
Well...I put a pinch soda and less flour that's it.

As usual me Princess of Kitchen Disaster end up hurt 2 fingers due to heat of steamed, Yup! steamed my fingers too. Bloody hurt and even bleeding too and almost lose my nail too. Damn it! That is way I prefer to eat out! clumsiness always limit me to do things I like because if I did..end up hurting myself more. I even burn my own finger when trying to toast a bread. Goshhhhh!!! This woman...isk isk isk...

How I made this bread?

Mix one cup of oatmeal , half cup soya bean milk powder, 1 spoon of honey, 4 strawberries, 2 cups of fresh milk and blend all ingredients in blender like smoothies. If you like it sweeter please add sugar or honey for liking.

Then pour all in the bowl and mix in 1/2 cup of wholemeal flour, pinch of salt , pinch of soda and 1 cup of dried cranberries. Mix all ingredients. You can change cranberries to raisins or any other dried fruit to your liking and same goes to strawberries which you can change to blueberries.

I add in drop of olive oil in each cup before pour in the batter.

Then steamed all bread for 15 minutes. Let it cool of in well lidded container to maintain it chewer and moist. You can store in freezer and warm it up in microwave or steam it again for 2 minutes.I got 16 cups for this batch. I ate some for dinner and save the rest for breakfast and tea time tomorrow.

This steamed bread full with nutrients and fibers.

Happy trying and try to be creative.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Just like that...year 2014 has come to an end. Here we are a fresh start in the New Year 2015 and wish to try out something new. Even my blog now become white and clean. Yeay! my darkness ERA has pass. I am starting my Year clean possible.What do you think with this new look? Better? Cleaner?

Anyway today I am going to do some babbling on our new 2015 color. Yeay! they said Marsala is the new color for year 2015.

When think about Marsala, we will be thinking about berry shade or red wine delicious looking color. For those who are thinking 'Marsala' is one type of curry dish from 'Mamak / Indian Restaurant, you are not wrong. kekekekeke...keep on your creative mind working and have fun with you imagination. This is all about individual creative visualisation. WTH!

Again when we think about 'Marsala, it can be a dark colors for some of us. However, Marsala is wearable with rose tinted nude to a deep pomegranate shade. I am not sure how are we going to blend that Marsala with more warmer looks but I believe the beauty experts out there will find out how to to do that!

Since I am not an expert to create Marsala look so for this year 2015 as a starter and beginner in make up, I wanna to try out nude face with pink lips and black eye liner rather than Pantone- Marsala....'face palm'. I know...I know..I should at least try it on...but....

I am not a fashionista. Not at all! Totally not going to be one! However, I love to share my latest discovery here.Discovery? Hello!!!! Well

When it come to beauty, the year 2014, we saw a rainbow of hair colors , bleached eye brows , baby bangs and wacky nail art. Oh! not to forget that no make up selfies.

So what do you think will be in trend make up in year 2015?

I don't care how others going to create their look for year 2015 . I was thinking for flawless, even skin and defined eyes. Its all about natural. I wish the trend setter will be thinking about pink in year 2015. least best if we could see lots of bright and super pink lips with nude face. I am not sure either since I am not a fashionista myself. 'Face Palm'! WTH! hehehehe....

Anyway...just enjoy my new look for year 2015.

Check out how I transform from this to that beauty on your right! kekekekeke 'beauty la sangat kan????' I am digging hole to the ground to hide my face now. Gosh! this shame at all!

Get flawless year 2015 look in 3 simple steps.

1. Spread my favourite moist foundation KILL COVER from CLIO on face evenly. Then dab it with loose powder. There you nude face.

2. For eyes - I used the white eyeshadow with greyish glitters instead of gold dash ( coz I don't have gold shimmer at home). Then I enhance with super black Dolly Wink Eye Liner. Don't forget to enhance your beautiful eye lashes with mascara too. But I didn't use any mascara in this make up! So lazy!

2. For lip - I just glide on the Maybelline Electro Pop - Pink Shock. There you pinkish lip without any lipstick on.

3. Enhance my lip with Hotlights Lip Gloss to volume up you sexy lip.

So? For all trendsetter and fashionista what do you think of my nude face with pink lips look? Pretty???? Awesome for the beginner????
There you go the Narcissism syndrome come to live again. kekekeke...'face palm'! ish ish...

I would love to try out 'marsala' make up too but my make up collection don't have such color to blend. Do you think I will look so fierce woman in that make up style? I imagine with my make up skill....I am going to look like horror Princess!

Instead of 'marsala' make up, I will go for 'marsala' when it come to wardrobe collection. Why???? 'Marsala is the color for the year 2015!!!!!
Whatever it is ...I think year 2015 going to be an awesome year for beauty.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I really hate mosquitoes.
Who love mosquitoes??? Hands up please!!!!
Gosh!!!! you like mosquitoes???? WEIRDO!!!!!

Recently, I get invited to Candle Pi Stop.
I have opportunity to mix own aromatherapy candle.

When other bloggers opt to mix something for sleeping and more refreshing smells, IMA created formula to chase away the most annoying companion in the world during sleeping apart from loud snoring, MOSQUITOES!

I need to chase away that NGENG... NGENG... NGENG to my ears from that annoying mosquitoes.

This is IMA's humble creation called, MANGO PUNCH.
That tiny wax bitz may look like delicious omelet but it PUNCH AWAY the mosquitoes in a very delicate and sweet way.
MANGO PUNCH = Citronella and Mango

You've probably heard of the citronella plant. Its function famous as mosquito repellent plant. It has that strong spicy and citrusy scent and can be a bit strong smells which one may hate as aromatherapy.

IMA cure that strong smells by mixing this sweet mango wax bitz into the citronella. The result is super fabulous. I love the delicious smells. IMA burn MANGO PUNCH wax bitz which created sweet smells and that night IMA sleep like a baby without any disturbance noise from mosquitoes at all. WTH!
Powerful sweet MANGO PUNCH chase away the mosquitoes!
ASSSAAAAA!!!! success!

Do you want to create own formula like I did?

You can personalize own aromatherapy at Candle Pit Stop. There are 10 base colours and scents for you to choose.

What is unique about aromatherapy candle at Candle Pit Stop?
- It came in form of tiny granules natural vegetables wax bitz
- made without paraffin
- these wax bitz are flexible in nature because its can be poured into any container (as long as not the plastic which can melt away and burn your house...WTH!) 
- the wax bitz can be used again and again and again without losing its scents.

Starter pack 100g RM12.50
Economy pack 200g RM23.50
Regular pack 300g RM34.50
Super Pack 400g RM45.50
Saver pack 500g RM49.50

You think this is expensive for aromatherapy candles ? 
Remember you can use your own creativity to mix and match own scents like a cocktail. I could say cheap candles aplenty, but what you're burning into the air and you're breathing in are something you need to concern.

Candle Pit Stop  provide the wick made from 100% cotton to ensure that no soot is released into the air when the candle is lit.

Aromatherapy candles are popular and came into the market in block form and it leave no rooms for individual to create own scents since its pretty much fixed block. Well...with this tiny granules wax bitz from Candle Pit Stop, ones could experience more exciting time and creatively mix and match own scents.

 Candle Pit Stop is very interactive with customers, where they encourage customers to create their own mixed scents and come out with creative name. They have monthly prizes to giveaway too.

Did you see that cards collection in the picture. You can collect it too.Just head to Candle Pit Stop and find out how you get your hands on those cards.

Do you know Candle Pit Stop is Malaysian born?
The person who responsible to present aromatherapy candles in unique and  creative way to Malaysian is that young lady on my left. Her name is Julia Jules Wan. Very entrepreneurial lady!

Candle Pit Stop may look like an American style Ice Cream push cart by just one glance. Who could imagine it sells tiny wax bitz aromatherapy candles waiting to mix as cocktail for your liking.

Where to find one and only Candle Pit Stop?

Lot G27, GF, IPC Shopping Centre
Mutiara Damansara PJ, Selangor Malaysia

Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @CandlePitStop

Wanna have some MANGO PUNCH???  Drop by to Candle Pit Stop!

I hope to see more of Candle Pit Stop carts in other malls too!