Thursday, February 26, 2015


I was told by my driver there is dedicated hospital for stroke patient at Bukit Tinggi. Why?
Bukit Tinggi people love to eat food with lots of coconut milk and rich with fats.

When you enter a restaurant, the waiters will served you with lots of dishes like in photo below. You can choose what you like to eat and put aside the one not to your liking. I almost deduct all of them when Mum end up commented what left to eat then....eheh!!! sorry!!!!

I don't really fancy Padang food. Not my preference at all. I may spoil with too many choices but it really not to my liking since it was cold dishes and most cook with coconut milk.

I did requested them to reheat the grilled fish with thought I could at least eat that. To my disappointment, it was slight warm which nearly cold. huh? My first day lunch I end up eat rice with just green chillies. isk isk isk

Top left : Grilled Prawn
Top right : Fried Cumi aka Squid
Bottom : Soup Kepiting aka Crabs

Seafood at Padang beach is quite edible and cheap for us. My Dad said this is the most delicious meal through out our trip. I guess this is because it was made to order.

Top left : Fried Tempe with delicious sauce (My family and I love this one and we end up ordered 2 plates of this at one sitting)
Top right : Grilled Cumi aka Squid
Bottom left : Fried Cumi aka Squid
Bottom right : Mixed Vege Stir Fried

This one was during our dinner. I requested driver to bring us to place which made to order. At least we can eat it hot. Not bad! I end up requested him to bring us here again on our final day lunch.

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