Friday, April 24, 2015


Last month I bought L'OREAL Paris Youth Code Rejuvenating Eye Essence with ambitious thought to lighten up my 'dark circle' and improve my 'eye bag' which is coming to look like that creature from Lord of The Rings...well..Gollum!

I paid this essence for more than RM70 after reading the box said inspired by 10 years of skin gene research. It says "break the code to younger looking eyes" and " instant efficacy dramatic results".

That box has this written on it :

* Smooth Fine Lines around Eye Contour
* Lighten Dark Circles
* Reduce Eyelid Puffiness
* Firm Eye Contour
* Hydrate Eye Contour

One drop
 * Fine line are smoothed out.
* Eye contour is more luminous.
* Skin moisturised

One Week :

* Dark Circles & eye bags are visibly reduced
* Eye features look rested

One Month :

* Eye contours look younger

Do you think this thing works on IMA?

Eye bag??? Did you see that double under eye???
Dark Circle???? That circle still there and IMA have to tap more coverage for it.
Fine lines??? Gosh!!! IMA dare not laugh too much...its too obvious ugly to show !

Only thing I love about this L'OREAL YouthCode Rejuvenating Essence is IMA's eyes feel healthy and moist.

The Power of Copywriting gotten me to buy this....**face palm**

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