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Friday, May 15, 2015


Last Saturday, for the first time I have time to explore Solaris. Whoaaaaa!!!
I feel like I am in Korea. I discover bigger version of Kim's Mart.
I go crazy to shop for my favourite 'Korean side dishes'.

Finally, that happy face emerge again after sobbing hard during that painful mammogram ordeal in the same day morning.

From top : Spicy cockles
Bottom left : sweet ground peanuts
Bottom right : spicy anchovies with peanut

From top : Vinegar laver
Bottom right : Perilla leaves kimchi
Bottom left : spicy cabbage kimchi

How I eat this Korean side dishes?
I will cook brown rice , add all those dishes in the bowl and mixed it with fried egg just like a bibimbap. Sometimes I just boiled noodles,then add in sesame oil and mixed it with sauteed side dishes.

Some coffee and 2 types of korean herbal tonic to energize myself.

Next time, I am going to explore G-Market at Solaris which I think its bigger and better choices of 'banchan '.

My food fix is well taken care off fridge is officially well stock up with food. Happy!!!!

Last Saturday was like sorrow and joyful day for me. I am glad that day ends with joy.I am not going to live my day worrying for something that never happen yet!

Not worth to do that!

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