Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I am not ashamed to admit my kpop craze even at this old age.
Gosh! I have been living listening to them and just can't get over it.

I started listening Big Bang for their hitz song 'Haru Haru' which mean 'Day by Day'.Another catchy hitz song from them is 'Blue' and 'Lie' I am their fan until now. Can't compare Big Bang with another Kpop group 2PM or 2AM since they are totally in different genre.

Plus point for Big Bang is they have Multi Talented Song writer with the most copyright song ,G Dragon in their group. They have talented rapper TOP, great vocalist Taeyang, funny variety show star Daesung and sleazy joker Seungri.

After 3 year absence they make a comeback with new album MADE SERIES.  Their new MV 'Loser and 'Bae gain so much interest from fan all over the world with more than 37 million and 27 million view respectively. DAEBAK!!!!

Both song showed talent by blended bad boy hip hop with emotional boy band melodies. They are becoming more matured now. Most of their fan is grown up adult now and most have experience up and down in live. Those two song basically show Big Bang members feeling in life. We saw them with glamorous fashion and most money but deep inside after all the attention on stage they are lonely in the inside.

If you have not watch their new MV Bae and Loser yet don't be surprise if you watch it with lots of sexual move in those video.

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Monday, June 29, 2015


I have been blogging for quite sometimes now and along the way I received some weird requests. When I say weird....really trust me its weird and totally mind blowing.


Most recent was this request from this 24 years old young lady who want me to publish her post to sell her virginity. WTH!

The message to me was written in French.

"salut Cindy je suis Harmony Mangbel une congolaise j'ai 23ans je cherche comment vendre ma virginite tu peux m'aider comment puis-je le publier? je serai a Bruxelles le 24juillet tu voudras bien qu'on fasse connaissance?"

Translated version : 

" Cindy hi I am Congolese Harmony Mangbel 23 years I am looking to sell my virginity how can you help me ho can I publish? I will be in Brussels on 24 July. Do you have knowledge?"

Get a life girl! You can sell your so called vagina else where!  My blog is not a whore site.

Shall I ask her how much is the price?

Anyway....SPAM you go!


There is another request from a plastic surgery clinic in South Korea. They want to give me a total transform surgery. All expenses paid from Indonesia to South Korea. Did you I typed it wrong?
NO! You read it right! From INDONESIA when I am totally in Malaysia. 

This request make me wonder....
AM I THAT UGLY to have that total transformation? Haih!!!

I will understand if they offer me to enhance my look or whatsoever. At least there is room to consider , right? I don't feel this bad. isk isk isk feel like an 'ugly angry bird' now!

I feel lot better and beautiful after sending your mail straight to SPAM box.


Last week, someone offer me USD300 for 15 days to put display ad of PORN site in my blog. isk isk isk...

To this point...I am feeling doubt about my blog posting throughout these years to attract such advertiser to my site. UWWAAAAAA...feeling sad and doubting my own writing style.

What have I done wrong through out this years to attract whore, beast and porn star to my site?????

I thought I am weird and here goes many others weirdo than me. mmmmm...does this make me feel  a lot better and normal ?

'Bloody SPAMMER'


Did I just cursed out? hehehehe...yeah!!! I did...hihihihih... wink wink

I can't believe to receive such request.

I am just sharing....

Anything weird you receive recently????

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


image credit to google search
Today we are celebrating the  'Let it Go' Day!!!
IMA was driving to work since 5:50am and the journey of one hour drive...IMA was overdosed with 'Let it Go' song by hitz.fm. IMA listen to every version in the world of same song from different  language...Hindi, French, Germany, Italian....for the whole one hour.
Like a brain wash kind of 'mantra'.

One car give no signal suddenly jump the line.
On normal day, IMa will be cursing left right centre.
But today...IMA just 'Let it Go'! 'Let it Go'!

When IMA trying to change lane...and the motorbikers don't let IMA go....
On normal day,IMA will retreat and continue the journey.
But today...IMA was praying hard while trying all out while singing...'Let me Go'! 'Let me Go'!

This morning IMA's head got knock out with car door while struggling to get out from the car.The heavy ass and clumsy woman normally curse and seek revenge by hitting back at the door.
But today...IMA just AWWWWW!!!! and 'Let it Go'! Let it Go'!

Anyway...the 'Let it Go' day is about put all sad, ugly and bad things behind. Move forward to live your life with peace of mind and head up!


Monday, June 15, 2015


Clinelle Caviar Gold Review

My dark circle and eye bag is there since then and now... 
When many go for injection options to reduce it...IMA always in searching for eye gel or eye cream or eye serum to at least make IMA's eyes look better.

Many product claim this and that.... but when IMA tried it the dark circle , crow feet and eye bag seems to be there and there and there .... like so forever  and eternity without any sign of improvement.

Recently, IMA found Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum.
IMA tried this serum because its says can get FIRMER and LIFTED EYES in JUST 5 DAYS!!!!
Say what???

Are you kidding me? You wanna proof its another over rated advertisement and over claimed products.

IMA did tried this for 5 days....and the result???

The left photo was before using the Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum and the Right photo is after 5 days...TADAHHHHH!!!!!

If you see the Right photo it really reduce the eye bag and dark circle. Totally beyond IMA expectation and feel so sorry for under estimate this product too early!

Guess....using too many and don't get the expected result...face palm!

Gosh!!! with this Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum, even the fine lines on forehead and the wrinkles on side of eye lid reduce drastically.


IMA follow 1,2,3 Eyerobic- Inspired by Ella Chen, for younger looking eyes which is IMA's learned from Clinelle website.
This photo is on my first time applying the Clinelle Firming Eye Serum. Look at that puffy and ugly looking eyes...ish ish ish and that eye bag look like going to fall to my knee. isk isk isk
Step 1
* Pump 1 drop of Clinelle Firming Eye Serum onto middle and ring finger.
* Pat gently with light pressure rhythmically around eyes area with middle and ring finger
* Repeat 3 times....huhuhuhuh IMA so extreme to do this 6 times every morning and night

uwaaaaa!!!! people misunderstood. IMA said 6 times means 6 times in circling motion not 6 times in a day. isk isk isk...IMA so busy to do it 6 times la...and that so excessive, right? IMA apply this only twice a day....
My explanation damn sucks, huh?

* Smoothen using circular motion from inner corner of eyes. Repeat 3 times
* IMA did it 6 times

* Gently press six points along the edge of eye socket ( the bony bits around eye ball)
* This routine helps to relax tension of orbital muscle and promote circulation
*  Repeat 3 times.... again IMA did it 6 times every morning and night

This lightweight and transforming eye serum helps :

* Firm and lift Eyelids
* Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
* Banish dark circle
* Nourish and hydrate eye contours

Special ingredients which helps your eye zone to smooth , hydrate and reawaken...

* Caviar Extract - slows down aging process
* 24k Nano Gold - reduce wrinkles and firm up eye contours
* Phyto Gold Extract - helps whiten and promotes skin regeneration for younger skin.

* You going to love this...non greasy and easy absorption to your skin.

Price ?
IMA got it from Clinelle online store at RM91.53.
Retail price around RM101.70.
I think this bottle can last me for 2 months at least. Oh! for those who ever wanna know more details please visit Clinelle website and I believe the also have the Question and Answer section. Asked the expert if you are hunger for curiosity.

Clinelle Caviar Gold Review

IMA really happy with the result especially the eye bag part and wrinkles has reduce a lot. If you can spend more than 30 minutes dolling up your face with all those make up to look pretty...why not spend at least less than 5 minutes to care for your eyes.

I review based on my experience. I don't believe on any product which works like magic because to me magical???? is totally impossible.
However, I believe in product which able to reduce and minimise my problems and concerns...like this one! It helps to reduce my eye bag and minimise my fine lines too.

Love love love this Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum. This is the first eye serum give me positive result in just 5 days! Just look at my eyes...do I need to say more???

You may want to see our Clinelle Ee Cream review as well!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


When I was invited to do a selfigram review for Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, I was SUPER EXCITED! IMA not require to do a blogpost but feel ashamed for not sharing it in details to others. Why? IMA fall in love with this foundation.

I walked for 45 minutes ('lazy to drive punya pasal") all the way from my office to KLCC to get the item picked suit to my skin color tone and have mini makeover by Estee Lauder Beauty Consultant.

I bought  Estee Lauder lipstick before and love them so much. IMA heard a lot about Estee Lauder Double Wear but never personally try! Since IMA was introduce to BB Cream and then CC Cream , later DD Cream amd most recently EE Cream...IMA  totally ditched Foundation. But one thing about all those BB,CC,DD and EE Cream does not give a smooth and good coverage to IMA uneven skin tone.

The Hype about this Estee Lauder Wear is it stay in place, transfer free which means no smudge or stain to your clothes (don't worry wardrobe shopping free and try as many clothes possible),  oil free and leaves your skin flawless for 15 hours.

IMA tried it on.... really love the flawless coverage by this foundation. It texture easy to absorb and even out through out your skin. Just press a lil bit of loose powder to outer line ....thats it..ready to go places without even worry about not getting flawless skin. The result??? You go UUUUUU...AAAAAA and AWWWWW!!! IMA love the magic effect of this double wear foundation.

Staying Power?
Left photo after walking under sun for 45 minutes...see? Still flawless right?

Right photo, while IMA in car stuck in traffic jam and the coverage still stay strong...but the smudge eyes???? Don't even look at it! Thats the mistake of not using the smudge proof eye liner. WTH!

Friday, June 5, 2015


Last Saturday, I was invited to join Cleo and ZA Beauty Workshop at Connexion Nexus Bangsar South. It was a good event indeed!

 The itinerary was as follows :

1:30pm - Registration

2:00pm - Introduction speech

2:05pm - Skincare Session

3:00pm - Breaktime

3:05pm - Makeup session

4:15pm - Refreshment and End the workshop
I enjoyed the tips by Beauty Guru from Japan. Megumi Mitsui San is Za's Global Trainer. She share tips on day to day skincare routine and also some in trend make up techniques using ZA LAB products. For your information, she was recognised with Excellent Beauty Consultants Award when she participated in the Global Beauty Consultant Contest in year 2004 and to date , she has total 16 years experience in beauty industry. Currently , she is a Global Trainer based in Shiseido Headquaters in Tokyo , Japan. 

She so beautiful and bubbly up closed!

All of us have fun applying the beauty techniques from Megumi San using ZA products. Last use ZA was like 10 years ago? Love their white series skin care which gives a smooth effect to skin. I will do a full review on some of ZA product soon. I am still in the midst of trying out. It always my rules to try out at least 2 weeks before share my product review.

Left : Bare face before applying any coverage and make up and Right : After applied ZA skin care and cosmetics

Jeng...jeng... surprise gift for all stuck underneath each participant chair. Thank you ZA!
I walked away with goodies bag too. I am feeling so blessed last week.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Who hate Thai Food?
Put you hands up!
lol...you put your hands up????
Gosh! you miss a good thing girl!!
Relatively, Thai cuisine fits many Malaysian taste. Many claimed they have tried Thai cuisine. Little that many know the Thai food they eaten is not authentic taste of Thai's.

How to describe Thai food taste?
Sour, Spicy and full of herbs....

I was invited to try out authentic Thai's food at Cafe 9 at Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Seriously, when I was told the cafe's name is Cafe 9...the first come into my mind is Latte, Pastries , Cakes and anything that suit a Cafe food and drink.

Then when Stella from Foodink told this is Thai food...I was like...mmmmm...beyond my expectation!

Cafe 9 and the '9' is a symbol of 'Eternity' and 'Forever' in Chinese. The owner use the number for customer easily remember when they want to eat good authentic Thai Cuisine.

Tom Yam Soup 
You can choose either the RED or CLEAR soup and can opt for just prawn or seafood.
Price : 
RM25.90 (2 - 4 pax)
RM45.90 (5-8 pax)

I love thick and spicy taste and this tom yam soup is full of good herbs and totally authentic Thai Style. One can taste the galangal , lemon grass and other herbs.  I will come again to eat this if Chingu can take spicy food.
We were serve with seafood tom yam.

Green Curry Chicken
Price : RM18.90
Taste ?
Chicken and mix vegetables such as brinjal, long bean cook in thick green with coconut gravy. 
You Thai food mission is not complete without trying the Green Curry. You need more explanation for taste...go and try it yourself.
Stir Fried Triangle Bean with Prawn
Price : N/A (ima forgot duh!)
I love the combination of garlic, chilli padi, triangle bean and prawn.  Spicy? Its not Thai food if not spicy. One minus point is they top the dish with ready made fried shallots which I hate the most. Other than that, I would order again if I visit them again.

Prawn Cakes
Price : RM18.90
This is Cafe 9 Thai signature dishes. It look like doughnut or bagel shape but once you take a bit.... you can taste the crispiness from the outside and the softness of sweet fresh prawn taste in the inside. If you are ordering this prawn cake for your next visit to Cafe 9 Thai...be prepared to wait since this special prawn cakes is made to order. How long? Not that long but worth to wait....

Chicken Curry
Price : N/A (forgotten)
Its another thick coconut with curry powder gravy. I can eat this elsewhere.

Massamam Curry Chicken
Price : RM18.90
This is my all time favourite. I even thought of 'tapau' the left over gravy to eat with bread. Its spicy and love the spices taste of this thick coconut gravy. You taste once and I know you fall in love with it just like me. I love the way they top this curry with cashew nuts which gives to 'die for' aroma. Looking at this photo while writing this post is enough to make me wanna eat this again.

Thai Style Chicken Wings
Price : RM16.90
Taste ?
Boneless chicken wings stuff with glass noodles and veggies. Not very appealing to me but if love something different than normal fried chicken you can order this one.Eat it piping hot!

Black Pepper Beef Stir Fry
Price : RM22.90
Taste ?
You will wake up with this dishes. The black pepper taste will linger in your mouth even after you done with this dishes. I love this dishes. It look simple and less complicated to prepare but yet so good to eat with hot thai fragrance rice.
Stir Fry Squid Sam Rod served in Thai Sweet and Spicy Sauce
Price : RM23.90
Flour coated squid deep fried and stir fry with sweet and spicy sauce which I think most ladies will love this taste. I will order this again...

Hor Mok or Thai Otak Otak
Price : RM23.90
I love otak otak and this one is to 'die for'. It full of fresh seafood combo and mix well with young coconut flesh. Try this and you will know what I mean....

Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables
Price : RM14.90
Taste ?
Just a normal mixed vegetables stir fry and thats all. Nothing special about this dishes.

Pla Nueng Manow
Price :
RM45.90 for small size
RM49.90 for bigger size
Cafe 9 Thai only use bigger sizes fish to promote family dining.
Steam Seabass in sour lime and spicy sauce. One of my favourite to eat hot with Thai Fragrance rice.

Oxtail Soup
Price : RM20.90
Taste ?
I highlighted to the owner that he need to cook it with more Malaysian taste because I find the taste is too light and something that I don't feel so satisfying.

Dancing Fish
Price :
RM44.90 (small)
RM49.90 (bigger)
Its not the dancing fish shape like the one I ate in Vietnam or Indonesia. This deep fried fish meat was cut into bite size and top it with sweet and spicy sauce on it.
Kind of unique taste and something worth to order as a highlight to your meal.

Overall , I love the food serve here because it really shows the owner sincerity to brings  authentic Thai Food to Malaysian. Although the owner told us many times that they have adjusted the spiciness to suit to Malaysian taste and I bet all of you walk out sweating hot which most would remember the taste forever....lol
I love the taste because it really feel like eating the real Thailand food here.

Cafe 9 Thai pledge Quality and Quantity for each food serve to their customer. The quality of every dish before serve to customer and the portions are relatively big and fresh.
Cafe 9 Thai Address :
No. 27, Jalan 17/45 46400 Petaling Jaya Selangor
Business Hours : Wed - Sun (11:00am - 10:00pm) Closed every Tuesday
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Cafe9Thai
More details : https://www.foodink.com.my/listing/Cafe9

Monday, June 1, 2015


This happened last week when I was meeting with insurance agent and another colleague of mine. Both insurance agent and my colleague are guys.

Insurance Agent : If you want me to quote you please let me know you full name, DOB, height and weight...

Me : Ok. I can write my full name and DOB here....but my height and weight, I will email you personally later. 

Insurance Agent : Give it here la...

Colleague : Ya lor...what so secret? only three of us here what!!!

Me : Hello!!! I am going to see you every day...duh! a bit embarrassing la if you know my full specs... hihihihih

Insurance Agent and colleague, look at each other and laugh at me. WTH!

A few hours later after the insurance agent went off from our office....

Colleague : hahahahaha....so what is the secret now???

Me : Why ? Why?

Colleague : You email the guy your height and weight then cc to me??? 

Me : Ommmmaaaa!!! Damn!!! What have I done!!!!

image: credit to google search on 'crying manga'

Colleague : hahahahaha...you should have just told us earlier! this is so worst ,right???

Me : Uwaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I am so stupid to even give you all the black and white proof on my specs....Uwaaaaaaaaaa....why? why? why??? isk isk isk...

So not cool of me...to do this to myself ,right??? no turning back!