Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Every single year, I always have this headache to find good gifts for my friends. 

If you have been reading my blog...I am very bad in wrapping present too...well thats not big problem anymore. I can just go DAISO for nice boxes and dump everything in. hihihihihihi...problem solved!

It is super easy to find beautiful and good gift for a female friends. Biggest problem is for male friends. 

If you give them wrong gift it may send a wrong signal. WTH! and one may end up got tease for life. Double WTH!

Recently, I got to know this new site call They deliver fresh baked cookies jar as gifts to your friends.

Aiks? To your friends only? You also wanna to taste the cookies?

Aiyaaaa!!!! if you want to eat yourself just order and deliver it to you address la. If you 'thick skin' ask you friend order from to deliver to your address la..hahahaha another problem solved!

So far their specialty is Dark Angel cookies and Sunrise Butter Cookies.

If my terrible eye bags and wrinkles distract you...please try imagine the taste of this cookies that I want to describe. hehehehehe..I have been neglecting my beauty care recently. Too busy with my dreamland project! WTH!

Left : Sunrise Butter Cookies 
It really a good combination of great ingredients. It has good buttery flavor, tenderness make it melt in you mouth with the crispiness of sunflower seed and burst of chocolate chips when you bites.

Right : Dark Angel Cookies
It name as Dark Angel because it look so naughty with fat for diet conscious people but get the goodness out of this cookies. It chocolaty in taste with reduce sugar in it. So you can indulge your favourite cookies without guilt. Did I mentioned it full of crunchy nuts too?

Gosh! do you think I exaggerating....NAY!!!!! I prefer this cookies from Noerel's than famous brand you can get at shopping complex. At least I know this is really baked from passionate home baker.

Currently, they are having Christmas and Year End  delivery promo for LOVELY JARS , RM28.90/- only.  You or your friends will receive :

* Sunrise Butter Cookies Jar - 200gm
* Dark Angel Cookies Jar - 200gm
* New Year greetings message - you can customize you own message not more than 15 words. If you don't they will send random new year message.

Order close on 13th December 2015

This year...I will grab this LOVELY JARS PROMO FROM NOEREL.COM.

Friday, November 20, 2015


For those who congratulated me early this!
I am not Dr Rina. I am not crazy enough to pursue that Doctorate. To me , earned Master Degree is enough. Don't want that 'Permanent Head Damage' title!


I was in Penang attending my last Sis's convocation. She graduated with Doctorate in Geophysic. Gosh! what was she thinking when she study that thing???

Out of many courses she chose 'Geophysic' and  I still don't get it until now.

night skyline

I went as a Chauffeur to my parent and my sis. I was there sent her off 8 years ago when she first enrolled for matriculation, so I decided to bring her back as a closure. WTH! So sentimental, isn't?

bouquet of flowers

I even made the flower bouquet for her. WTH! Who ever knows me well ...will sure know my gift wrapping skills,sucks!

girl with bouquet of flowers

I made it! Of course after one hour cracking head with mum and dad help. WTH!
Mum help me wrapping while Dad busy searching online and compare our design with others online. Sort of family team work kind of night before all of us off to Penang to meet my last sis.
Mum and Dad was so excited to make this with me. All of us super proud when my sis thought we bought it instead of handmade. WTH!

She thought we bought it elsewhere because her bouquet was unique and different from everyone else. Others bought from vendors nearby around campus area.

It was so expensive to buy one. Very few flowers but generous wrapping paper? I totally against to spend my precious money for that. That is why I chose to make one! Furthermore the effort and sense of achievement is something can last forever.

Sis hate pink. I chose pink because it stand out among all. WTH! Overall she love it. That count!

crowd of people

Back to my post title...while waiting for my parent and sis ceremony ending, I sat outside patiently waiting for them. Only two person can enter the auditorium. So that will be my parent. Me as a chauffeur waited and sometimes wandering around for some window shopping and then settle down at one corner with chair to read my book.

The drama started here...
One Auntie sat down opposite me and started talking loudly.

Auntie : My child just graduated. Degree in Engineering!

I can sense the proud feeling in her. At the same time was wondering too. I thought my sis told me today convocation only for Doctorate. No Degree except for Medical. Basically today graduation all for the Dr.s. Turn out she is one of the vendor selling there in campus. Her child graduation was like earlier this month.

Me : Oh congratulation! you must be very proud and happy.

Trying to be polite. 

Auntie : hahahaha... yeah! here the photo

Shove out her phone to show me the photo. I saw 3 people in the photo one girl 2 boys.

Me : Your beautiful.

Auntie : No son. That one his friend. hahahaha

Me : oh! sorry...kekekeke

Try to continue my reading and was contemplating to walk and sit else where.

Auntie : Good if got 5 children all graduate in Degree then work and give each RM1,000 or RM2,000 to mum. So happy become parent need to work anymore if got children.Can get rich by receiving their money every month!!!! I can relax  and no more working.

Me : huh? lucky good.

I think I need to go away from here. Feeling sad for her. Hopefully she don't end up with disappointment. I understand where she come from....haih..

There was another girl nearby...she overheard that Auntie too. We both exchange glance. Her expression was disbelief by that Auntie statement too. Gosh!
What if her Son and Daughter don't even give a dime after working?

I quickly pretend busy with my phone as if receive messages. Close my book and give my signal and excuse myself. I walk away from her.

While walking away...I can't help thinking about her statement. Is all parent think the same way too when they bring children to this world? Expect something in return? Don't you bring another life into this world and wish them to have a good life and be good people rather than full hope for them to give you full service in return? Seriously?

How many parent in this world got rich because of their kids earn their Degree and give monthly allowances? I heard many stories parent goes broke because of their children. Hardly hear any story about parent get rich this way. Old parent , life getting convenient...maybe!

I do contribute to my parent as their child and try my best to care for them. This is my own will! But for that Auntie....I pity her. I am so afraid for her to end up with a huge disappointment too.Maybe she was too proud of her son achievement to earn a Degree.

I can still hear her repeating the same statement to other people who sat nearby. Good luck Auntie!

I share my story to my parent and sis...all of us really pity her for having that kind of thought.


Having fun selfies with my sis's robe and 'harry porter's hat'.

Hurt my back driving too long!

Blessed weekend everyone!

Friday, November 13, 2015


I was doing some cleaning up from my desktop and try my best to re arrange my travel photos.
When it came to my Seoul Trip on Nov 2012, photos...ah...can't help share this fabulous photos at Secret Garden, Changdeokgung Palace, South Korea.

How to go to Changdeokgung Palace?

Jongno 3(sam)-ga (Subway Line 1, 3 or 5), Exit 6 then you just walk straight along Donhwamun-ro Street for 10 minutes.

I stayed near Jongno 3 (sam) ga just walk and walk and walk until my leg cramped...kekekeke.
When you go traveling, all you need..... is the needs of curiosity and exploration attitude!

red leaves on a tree by a river

This is the rear garden near Changdeokgung Palace and was constructed by King Taejong and this is the place for resting place of the royal family members. Damn! this remind me of that Drama, Faith and Rooftop Prince and many more Goryeo , historical dramas.

This garden was formerly called 'Bukwon' and 'Geumwon but then was renamed as 'Biwon' after the King Kojong came into power. 
This garden was kept natural as possible and was touched by human hands only when it is absolutely necessary. There are many pavillions , ponds , fountains in this beautiful garden.
The best thing ,I was there during the most beautiful time....isn't this awesome!!!!

girls in traditional Korean costume

Opppsss!!!! you can't enter this Secret Garden alone or by yourself .
It must be through guided tour. 
The stubborn side of me , don't wait for foreigners tour. I joined the Korean speaking tour. 
The result????
I feel so smart...enter this garden with those student wearing Hanbok and I got this awesome feel in historical drama with beautiful background. The weather was perfect too!

pssssttt! I join the Korean language guided tour by accident. I was too mesmerized with all those beautiful colors of 'Hanbok'! By the time I realize I was at the wrong timing tour...there was no turning back! WTH!

My eyes went twinkling like 'cupid' in love watching all those 'Hanbok girls'. I am a girl too...imagine if I am a man. WTH! Guys! what will you do if you were me? Turn back or follow along?

I cannot simply wondering around this place because one may get lost. The tour guide also very strict. So no escape!

Tour guide went on &%$#@!*&^*$#$^&* . Me? 'Otteoke???? hahahaha..I don't know what she told those people. Must be the significant story about this place. My wild guest! Me read and read and enjoy the view. Lucky got some brochure in my hand. At least I read the history before I came too. 

For the person who loves history so much....
Serious, the feeling was so....really can't describe this in words!!!!
Every step every breathe like bringing back the history to real.
chewwwwaaahhh! I am so sentimental mode now. So emo! looking at all these again.

Enjoy this beautiful view all....I hope if I manage to survive until 60 years old and browse through my blog again....I can awesome of me to experience this view with my own eyes and was there physically.

Check out my other post for Seoul Trip in Year 2012.

girls in traditional Korean costume

Korean building

river, trees and building


trees outside a bulding

trees by a roof

trees and building

trees and building

girls in traditional Korean costume

girls in traditional Korean costume

girl in traditional Korean costume

She look like a Korean mixed beauty! 

Korean building

traditional Korean building


girls in traditional Korean costume as seen from gate

trees and building

trees and sky

trees and Korean architecture

trees and Korean architecture

trees and Korean architecture

trees and Korean architecture

trees and Korean architecture

girls in traditional Korean costume

leafless trees

trees and Korean architecture

trees and Korean architecture

flora and fauna

little girl

trees and stairs

Tell me...tell you feel after browsing through these photos?
Like watching K drama scene?
Are you buying the ticket to Seoul now???

Ngeeeeeee.....can't blame you! Me too...feel like flying there now!
I am so missing this place...isk isk isk

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


My life at 20s and 30s was full of work and work and work. I left home before sunrise and back home when the sun down and it dark. My weekends was another work and work. When I did my MBA course while working like mad dog...even my stress level came out to my cheek. I don't even care much about my skin care or whatsoever at that time. All I know is work and work and study.

so small and young face at age of 30s. miss this look... aishhhh look at that love dovey at the back...IMA so damn jealous!

You see that brown polka dot size of five sen on my cheek???? Which woman wanna live their life with that kind of trademark to their cheek? isk isk isk...

I opt for laser. That was 6 years ago. I did it for 3 times with interval of 2 - 3 weeks each treatment at one of the clinic near Uptown. Every time after laser , I can see the redness due to bruises and look so ugly with scar before it dry up and fall and disappear. Healing process also took a bit of time and while healing it made me look so ugly. I still need to go to work though and many people were asking what happen to my face. So hateful!

The flawless face only after 2 months of treatment.Before that I suffer ugly bruises face.

I enjoy flawless skin only for 2 years when the pigmentation back up. This time come back like flower on my cheek. Instead of one full dot, I have one flower ring on my face. isk isk isk...

So now...explain??? I always pose my head that way to cover that flower on my skin. isk isk isk...its troublesome and heart sick when my skin not even flawless and always need to put extra coverage to one particular spot.

What causes Age Spots?

* Our skin has its owns mechanism to combat harmful UV rays from the sun, and produces melanin to protect itself. So when this melanin produced is focused in a group of small spots, this leads to the development of grey ,brown or black spot across the skin. 

Quick production of melanin may also result in larger patches of concentrated melanin on the skin and this known as HYPERPIGMENTATION! 

Mine was that brown spot. WTH! So damn ugly!

I was approached by Premier Aesthetic Clinic to experience their q- Switch Nd: YAG Laser treatment to at least lighten up my hyperpigmentation. 

My worries for this treatment on how to continue my day to day life after doing the laser. From my previous treatment it will make my skin ugly with redness while healing. I was reassure by the consultant Kay Tan on my worry. I decide to give it a go!

Procedures : 

1st - face cleanse

2nd - cover face with numb cream

3rd - The q-Switch Nd:YAG laser was done onto my skin where the doctor use the laser emits high energy light towards the affected area destroying unwanted skin cells which then allows skin to generate new cells to replace the old ones. 

The laser is able to penetrate deeply without injuring the top layer of skin and also trigger the production of collagen and vital proteins which are essential for healthy and youthful skin.

How I feel during the procedure?

* painless and quick procedures

Is this treatment suitable to any skin type?

* YES! It suitable for all type of skin. In fact, it helps lighten up the uneven skin tones and also improve its complexion which will result to fairer  and smoother skin.

How safe is q-Switch Nd:YAG laser?

This treatment is APPROVED by the FDA to treat a variety skin disorders.

This treatment may not suitable if :

* you have been prescribed roacutane in the last 6 months
* treatment area is infected or has dermatitis
* pregnant
* you have experienced abnormal wound healing or keloid scarring 
* you are using light sensitizing medication
* prone to seizures triggered by light

Post treatment : 

* no downtime is required for this treatment.
* unlike my previous treatment, I don't even experience any swelling, scarring or bruising nor any major side effects from this session. 

Thank God! no need to hide my face. I just need to hideaway from direct sunlight!

Post - treatment care:

* avoid direct sunlight for at least 2 weeks. 
* apply lots of sunblock
* don't use any skin care which have acidic ingredients
* apply vitamin A, C and A. I only apply Vitamin E
* Apply mask for skin hydration. I applied at least once everyday.
* Avoid using any whitening skin care products


Well, you unable to see the major results by just one treatment. For my skin conditions, I was adviced to at least go through 6 treatments. 

Flower ring on my cheek still visible but lighten up a bit. I need to go thought another 5 treatment to make it disappear.

I was attended by a petite Dr Elaine Chong. Serious I was so jealous of her size. I look like a giant standing next to her. WTH!

Dr Elaine Chong graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree from Malacca Manipal Medical University. 

She did her Certificate and later on her Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).

Dr Elaine Chong is a life member of Society of Anti Ageing , Aesthetic and Regenrative Medicine (AAAM) and Malaysia Medical Association (MMA). She is also a member of the Malaysia Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM)

If you interested to know more about beauty treatment, you can follow Dr Elaine ‘s blog here.

Premier Clinic Address :
TTDI Branch
31 , Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Operation Hours : Tuesday - Saturday : 10:00am - 7:00pm
Closed : Sunday / Monday / Public Holiday

Bangsar Branch
40, Jalan Telawi , Bangsar Baru 59100 WP Kuala Lumpur

Operation Hours :  Monday 2 – 7pm
Tuesday - Saturday : 10:00am - 7:00pm

Closed : Sunday / Public Holiday

Official Website :
Official Facebook : http:

Treatment price : Start from RM900 per session and the price for other treatment please refer this link.

Monday, November 9, 2015


* I was overdosed with my own Japan travel post. So I decided to re-post local travel which bring me back to memory lane. This trip to Sabah was my first trip and I enjoy exploring this place so much. I went there back in year 2013 before princesscindyrina have its own domain name. 

Lovely Saturday started with old steam train ride journey of rediscovery into heart of Borneo.
The British 'Vulcan ' Steam locomotive itself is unique and great experience.
The engine is designed for wood burning...yes this costly yet more environmental form of steam.

North Borneo railway

At station waiting to board this unique antique train.
Feeling super excited!


I met friendly and awesome people here! I feel welcomed.

train engine room

I'm not sure about you but to me this kind of opportunity is lifetime opportunity. 

dining setting in train

Cozy interior using natural woods of Sabah and great seating and dining facilities.

menu, sugar and tea

Selfie while I can before others board the train. This group mainly Japanese and Westener. I am the only local.kekkekekeke...  WTH!

That pose was before the train move. I even put my leg up to the metal bar just to have that pose. Look at that train attendance back there....she must be amaze to see this woman pose that way. Ahakkkkks!!!! stupid pose when the only thing I can capture is just my waist up! WTH! with all that leg up to the bar?

croissants, jam, coffee

The journey started with English Croissant, danish served with butter and jam and great Sabah coffee to finish off. Isn't this awesome feeling! Enjoying the view with all this. WTH! I feel so lucky!

Enjoying all these while the steam train stride off to next destination which the first stop is Putatan.
Then follow with small town of Kinarut and going through a place call Kawang where rich of forest reserves and along the route will be able to bask in many interesting scenes...the beautiful mangrove jungles,paddy fields and many other natures.

Last stop at Papar where the train stop for almost 30 minutes and allow the passenger to explore the town while the train head getting turn for us to head back to our starting point Tanjung Aru Train Station.

scenic view of nature

Long time never enjoy this kind of view.

cars on the street

Reached this small town. Can choose to join the temple tour or walk down to the local market. I chose to visit local market.

bananas and market

Didn't get anything here. But remind me of 'Pasar Tani' back at my hometown in Taiping.

buildings and nature

I met mother and daughter traveller from South Korea - in the photo. They just came from KL after attending local cooking class there.

They bought some 'belacan' or shrimp paste from the local market. They thought that was 'tamarind paste'. They show me and asked whether they bought it right.
WTH!!! I end up taste the raw shrimp paste for them. Ewwwww!!!! being the only local on board can be burdensome too. local market stop, I end up went to the market with them as interpreter and assist them to purchase some curry powder, tamarind paste, cinnamon stick and many other spices.

Very adorable mother and daughter....they even arguing with each other because the mother wanted to buy some basmathi rice but the daughter was concern on the exceed luggage.

hahahahaha...I have a good time chatting with the mother since the mother more look my age...yeahhhh not too young and not too old kind of talk!The mother name Helen and the daughter name Carol.

Helen even called me all the way from Korea right after she landed from KL.She keep insisting me to bunk over her house for my next trip to Korea.

I told her I am saving for Busan and Jeju but not so soon.Since she live in Seoul, she told me to tell her when I am in Busan. Which I chose not too. I am a lonesome person so having a company in my trip will spoil all my plan. I don't like it. hehehehe ...selfish fella! *face palm*

Anyway for this trip , I am glad to meet new people and gain new friends in this trip!

lush greenery

rural area

train passes by forest

rural areas

Ngeeeeee...i bought some beautiful souvenier while on board. Fridge magnet and unique train keychain.


lunch in tiffin box

While heading back they served tiffin lunch....owwwww!!!! so oldies!!!
What can I say?????
Seafood briyani!
Awesome wicked!!!!
boat by the shore

swordfish structure

I finish off my Sabah trip by exploring the Kota Kinabalu City by myself.
Many interesting places I visited...Wisma Merdeka,Suria Mall,Philipines Market, Jessleton Waterfront to view the beautiful sunset.

God Bless!!!! and Thank you God for this sweet opportunity!!!!

You want to know the cost?
Visit my other post here.