Monday, May 30, 2016


My main reason to visit Hualien last April is experience and witness this best little secret of Taiwan, Mukumugi Valley. This little valley is extra ordinary natural beauty place and part of my bucket list before I leave this world soon. WTH! Got bucket list some more? hehehehe

I was a bit nervous when I read this place was closed due to typhoon damage. I thought I will never get to accomplish one of my list. Tried my luck and...phewwwww...I was lucky because it re open during my recent trip.

Mukumugi is a remote place and this is a home for aboriginal tribe who is famous for its traditional knife works.

The owner of the place I stayed in Hualien was amaze that I visited this place. Bet not many people know this place and even local like him also never been here. Assaaaaaaaa!!!!


Mukumugi valley located in Tongmen Village which is about 20 km from Hualien City. It really a remote place.No public transport unless you rent a scooter or hire a cab. If you don't like to explore and less adventurous, you can always hire a tour package.

How I get to Mukumugi Valley ? 

I hire a cab to the place and then asked the driver to come and pick me up after 5 hours. Haihhhh...I wish I ask the cab driver to pick me up later. I think the best hours to spend there is 6 hours. 3 hours in and 3 hours out. So I can take my sweet time enjoying the nature. Well at least I don't have to rush out.

If you have the local phone with you would be easier. You can just call the cab driver after you done with your hiking. I don't have such thing with me since purchase a local sim card or whatsoever is not my norm when traveling. Base on trust and faith I just request the driver to pick me up after certain time. My back up plan just in case the cab driver doesn't turn up is to get the police officer nearby to call my Bed and Breakfast owner and seek for help. is good to have plan B. Plan C is to hitch hike. WTH! Never done that before and hope I don't reach that Plan C.

map and Mukumugi Valley


Mukumugi is a remote place and surrounded by mountains. This place is less touristy area compare with Taroke Gorge which is crowded by the Chinese Tourist. When I visited Mukumugi, I was the only foreigner there. WTH!


1. Bring your ID / PASSPORT

If you read online many says need to do advance application to visit Mukumugi.No need advance application. Just need to go there and fill up some details. So easy if you can read and write Chinese. I was nervous about this at first because I can't even write or even read a single Chinese word. Thank God! I met many good people when I was there in Taiwan. The cab driver help me to communicate with the police office there at the station. No entrance fee for this permit application.My cab driver help me to fill up my details. good of her. Yup! the same lady I hire during my Taroke Gorge the day before.

All you need to do is bring your passport along with you and show to them then fill up the form. There you are off to explore.

Just bear in mind, I was told they only limit 300  visitors per day depends on the weather. Reason they need to preserve this untouched natural beauty valley.The best time is go early in the morning to make sure you are the first 300 in the list. 

The police there quite friendly and helpful to me. I was the second person to enter Mukmugi Valley for that day. Kiasu woman went very early to be the first 300. WTH! There was this elderly couple right behind me. They came with a tour guide. Aihhhh! I just went in base on feelings. Just walk straight ahead and you won't get lost!

flower, roads and tunnel

2. Get ready to hike and walk and walk and walk and enjoy the view

This place is local tribe place and not many vehicles would be allow to enter this area. Its a normal walk to me but a long walk because I walked up to the end of the road. Be prepared to enter and exit more than at least 15 tunnels. WTH! Thank God! I have torch lights in my smartphone.

A bit eerie at first especially when you always alone walking inside dark tunnels. Most of the tunnels are wet with spring water. So watch out because the ground can be slippery too. Make sure to wear proper shoes. Sometimes you need to do some cliff jumping too. Well...this will be for the adventurous too. You need a strong knee to climb up and down if you are the adventurous seeker. Me end up overworked my knee for this trip. Wait up for my update in my next week post for knee treatment soon. WTH!

Split roads
Once you reach to this split road, just take the left  and start to walk until you pass through local fresh vegetables and eateries.

market and skulls
I have fun mingling with local at this place. No need Chinese language. Just talk whatever language comfortable to you. More body language and smile to communicate with them.

rice cakes and monkey skulls
I bought this awesome rice cakes which I fall in love with. Seriously , can't get enough of that cheesy  texture like grilled rice cakes top with sesame and peanut powder. Owhhh! eat it with monkey head skeleton view. WTH! What a way to start my long walk into the valley.

girl by the lake

3. Bring water, lunch box and swim suit

Gosh! I feel like wanna camp here. The amber crystal clear water really mesmerized me. I don't swim but just dip in my feet and the water was nice. There are many tame small fish too.


For photographer, I am pretty sure this place is perfect for good natural photography. I just brought my Samsung Note 3 to capture the photo. not well equip.

bread and lake
I have fun picnic with egg sandwich which I brought and enjoy the beautiful blue lagoon. Gosh! while enjoying my humble lunch, my mind trying to create a historical like story on how the aboriginal hunts and live at this place. I was dreaming about being trap in this valley and get married with handsome aboriginal leader and me live happily ever after as aboriginal leader's wife and time to time teach my kids to hunt for fish.Gosh! the fantasy is so beautiful than the reality. It sounded like I was dreaming to become Jane and married the Tarzan! hahahaha..Rina Oh Rina...

This is what I meant by dark and eerie tunnels. Not one or two tunnels. If you walk all the way like will be more than 15 tunnels and each is around 1 - 2 km long. So...not that bad. Just don't know.... how I would react if snake or worms fall onto my head while walking inside that tunnels. Nobody will hear me scream or come to help because I basically alone since it was early in the morning. All I heard is some monkeys and wild animal sounds from time to time. ngeeeeeee.... try not to think much but just charge forward like every other creatures are invisible to me. All I can see is the beauty of natural creation. Some crowds start to show up while I was walking back to find my cab. Yeay! people started late and the 'kiasu' me come early to avoid the crowd.

lake scenery

Not just blue lagoon. I found green water too. My photography skill is totally out! Real view is truly amazing!


Watch out your head. If there is earth quake during your visit there will be some land slide and rocks rolling down. So...make sure you check the best month and timing when visit to this natural wonder place.

bananas, rice grilled in bamboo
On the way out, I stop at the local shop again and have a quick lunch with local bamboo rice and grilled rice cakes. That wild banana is for free. I don't eat banana anyway. hehehehe


I was rushing out because afraid my cab driver leave me at this place and I will end up marry the aboriginal then found that cat trying to steal some food. Naughty cat!

Mukumugi Valley

Good bye Mukumugi Valley! I am very happy to be here. Everything is like in the fairy tales story book I read during my childhood. Hope the tourist won't come here and spoil the nature.

For visitors who wanna visit this place , make sure to bring along your courtesy and respect to mother nature and surround natural living things. Be a good human being!

Friday, May 20, 2016


Recently, I was invited to launch preview by AmorePacific Malaysia of its latest brand Mamonde. Mamonde is a french word for 'My World'. AmorePacific is not new in beauty products to name some of very well known brand under the same wings are Laneige, Etude House, Innisfree and Sulhwasoo

Mamonde is expecting to reach to our Malaysian shores in August 2016 with the opening of its beauty counter in Aeo Bandar Utama. Since Mamonde origin from South Korea, it has launched in U.S, China, Thailand and Malaysia. If I am not mistaken Malaysia is the second country they launhed after China.

The event was like a fairy tales to me. We were walked to the ' Mamonde Garden ' full of blooming flowers. Flowers theme is synonyms to Mamonde since it product formulation use the flower science technologies and its floral properties. 

One can imagine what is the scents of these products. I love the lovely scents of the flowers. I was told Mamonde's skincare is the first of its kind in the cosmetics market use flowers as key ingredients in product formulations.

Mamonde star products include The First Energy Essence / Serum, Cover Powder Cushion, Age Control Power Eye Cream, Moisture Ceramide Cream, Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam, Rose Water Toner and Floral Hydro Cream.

Mamonde Brand Story

Mamonde branded was inspired by Flowers. Flowers is a sign of beauty and symbol of grace. It also has its ability to speak it soul in a way words cannot express. AmorePacific Research Institute discover close relation between flowers and Woman's beauty.
Research was carried out on various flowers from root to its stem and petals to discover the amazing power and energy of flowers. The finding was amazing when the researcher discover flowers contain moisturising and skin nourishing ingredients that not only provide nourishment but also moisutre and balance oil production to maintain vibrant skin.

Mamonde Products are formulated from various types of flowers :

VITALIZING - The honeysuckle and Evening Primrose

MOISTURISING AND HYDRATING - Rose , Hibiscus , Narcissus and Peach Blossoms

ANTI-AGING - Camellia


BRIGHTENING - Magnolia, Water Lily

PORE CARE & BALANCING - Heartleaf Houttuynia and Sage

I personally attracted to Age Control Series by Mamonde. Reason being it was made by The Camellia. Camellia is not just a beautiful and fragrance flowers it also a resilient plant that thrives through out winter. Goshhhh! I was so mesmerized by its nice smells too. 

I feel too long to wait for August. I definitely wanna try this Age Control series by Mamonde.

Happy Woman pose especially for Mamonde. I will share my experience using First energy Essence and First Energy Serum by Mamonde soon.

Visit Mamonde Official social media at :

Facebook : mamondemy
Instagram : mamondemalaysia

Disclaimer : This is sponsored post

Monday, May 16, 2016


How many of you have heard about ampoule? 

Ampoule contains highly concentrated active ingredients which easily penetrate into skin.
Many thinks ampoule and serum is the same in fact both function is almost similar. Well they're not quite the same because the difference is the amout of active ingredients and the molecule size of the active ingredient and its size is smaller than in the serum.

Conclusion is ampoules are more potent than serums!


My skin condition was terrible when I just came from Taiwan trip. hehehehe...I tried to pack to minimal and end up with the only facial wash, toner and emulsion. No, moisturize or even eye gel. isk isk skin type is super dry too. So the result was that on the photo...super dry and rough skin.

box of ampoules

I was lucky to receive this sponsor from DocLab to try out Premium Face Ampoule which contains HA Hyaluronic Acid. Well..most of us know that HA Hyaluronic Acid helps to boost skin moisture and deep hydration. I was like YES!!!! this is what my skin need!

bottles of ampoules

Each box DocLab Premium Face Ampoule box contains 5 units x 2ml ampoules for face. The packaging is super air tight to maintain quality and effectiveness of ampoules.

poster on benefits of hyaluronic acid

How to use Face Ampoule?

* CLEANSE face  ----- TONER ------ AMPOULE ------- MOISTURISER

For better absorption, it is advisable to exfoliate your skin before applying.

When you apply ampoule onto skin please massage lightly to ensure effectiveness until you finish the whole bottle. Don't keep or whatsoever. Advisable to use until the last drop once you open the bottle.

Caution: If you have very sensitive skin it is advisable to apply ampoule on top of moisturiser for first time user. The reason is due to it highly concentrated nature.

There is a time when our skin at SOS condition, you can apply ampoule then follow up with mask for better absorption.

Can you apply serum and ampoule in the same skin routine?

Yes you can! The order will be as follows :


girl posing with ampoule

DocLab Premium Face Ampoule benefits :

* Boost up skin moisture and deep hydration with Hyaluronic Acid
* Restore skin suppleness and enhance elasticity with Collagen ingredients
* Helps to retexturise skin, improve in smoothen fine lines and its Ginseng extracts help to reduce wrinkles too.
* It has natural antioxidant and vitamin E for skin protection too.
* Hazel extract and Aloe Vera extract helps to soothe and refine skin  

opened bottles of ampoules

I was advice to use simple face massage techniques when applying DocLab Premium Face Ampoule to improve its efficiency.

Step 1

Pour an appropriate amount on palm and apply them on cheeks, chin and forehead the useful tips of your finger to massage the cheeks to ensure deep penetration of ingredients. Do this 3 times!

Step 2

Use middle and ring fingers to massage up from nasolabial folds to the ridge of nose

Step 3

Use all fingers tip and massage diagonally for deep penetration and do this 3 times!

Step 4

Make use of all you fingers tip and massage up the chin line to enhance penetration and the finish up with firm massage. Don't neglect your neck area too!


My experience after applying 4 bottles of DocLab Premium Face Ampoules...

I applied it every night and the effect is almost immediate. I could feel that my skin not dry anymore and have better absorption. This photo was taken this morning while at work! Healthier skin, right?


I don't need to apply anymore moisturiser or cream after apply the DocLab Premium Face Ampoules. This ampoules is rich enough for your skin and if you apply this ampoules in consecutive 5 days, you will see the best results on your skin. I feel the difference! Healthier and glowing than before.

Product Origin : South Korea

Price : RM138/ box (5 ampoule x 2ml)

How to purchase yourself box of DocLab Premium Face Ampoules?

Whatapps : Ms Lim at 019 2062386

Friday, May 13, 2016


Hola Amigos!!!! means 'Hello Friends'!!! ehem.. ehem...I am learning Spanish? Don't you think this is a common phrase to us?

Let's learn about typical Mexican Food. I bet you can travel to Mexico and order food like a pro after read this post. Your friend will jaw drop to hear you order Mexican Food without even looking at the menu. kekekeke...Well.. Mexican food basically... 


Tortilla is usual in Mexicans menu since it can easily make with flour. Tortillas often served with meal as bread or used in typical dishes. eg. rolled and baked for enchiladas, fried for tacos or grilled for quesadillas.


Don't hate beans. Beans is a good source of protein. Most beans are commonly boiled and then fried as garnish.


Chilies are great for anti oxidant source. Ours in Asia mainly slim and small chilies which gives hot and spicy effect. North American Countries the Chilies main big and the bigger the chili the milder of its flavor. 


One of my favourite after watch famous Venezuela drama. WTH!!!! Guacamole is basically avocado mashed with onions, chilies and cilantro (other words is coriander). Served as a dip and I normally love this with my wrap or sandwiches.

SALSA dear Amigos!!! this is not type of dance. Salsa is just a sauce. Mainly with red or green mixed of onion, tomatoes and chilies with coriander.

You have learn about Mexican let us learn about typical dishes so you won't scratch your head much when you read the rest of my post. hehehehehe...I rolled my tongue a lot when read the menu. WTH!

Typical Mexican Dishes :


- which means raw fish marinated in lime juice , often in a chopped salad


- this basically a large fat Poblano Chilies stuffed with cheese or spicy mean (picadillo). As I mentioned earlier the bigger the chilies the mid taste it become. Extra caution the sauce may not taste as mild as the big chilies.


- just a tortillas coated in tomato and chili sauce , stuffed with vegetables, chicken or beef then folded and baked. Mainly topped with sour cream. I bet this dishes is nothing new for us Malaysian it just the ingredients it different.


- this is a simple dish and mainly served with beans or some salad. I's tortillas stuffed with cheese , folded and grilled 


- Many of us familiar with this name. This is basically tortillas fried until crispy and served with various fillings.


- thin and crisp tortillas served loaded with guacamole , sour cream, chilies ,chicken etc.

Congratulation!!! You have master the Mexican food and dishes. Now you are ready to taste the Mexican Food. WTH!

I was so excited to receive the invitation for the Taste of Mexico at Hard Rock Cafe. Most of you who have been reading my blog know I love traveling and experience different cultures too. I have visited numbers of Southeast Asia Countries and most flight I took max 6 hours travel all the way more than 8 hours flight will be a pain to my ass. For your information Mexico is part of North America Country. It will be long hours flight. Damn!

No need to spend thousands for airfares and hotel or even long hours flight for Mexican food. While you are craving for the Taste of Mexico, take this opportunity to visit the coolest and awesome cafe in town which no need lengthy intro from me...Hard Rock Cafe! They are bringing Mexico near to you. Drop by to Hard Rock Cafe in this month of May to experience embrace ethnic and flavor forward cuisine from Mexico.

Mexican food

The menu range are superb ! I bet it suits our Malaysian taste bud too. You have learn some basic skill earlier of this post. Now its time to apply it in real. hehehe..' PEDIR A MI AMIGOS'! which means 'ORDER UP MY FRIENDS'!

Order this at any Hard Rock Cafe franchise to Taste of Mexico.


There are three street tacos for you to choose.

* Barbacoa (Barbecue)
* South West Pulled Chicken
* Grilled Spicy Shrimp

Each tacos rich with delicious fresh shredded lettuce , parmesan cheese, pico de gallo, fetta cheese, picante sauce and sour cream wrap with flour tortillas.




If you don't  like Assorted Mexican Street Tacos, there are other tacos for your selection. You can try,


Shredded chipotle chicken , fetta cheese , fresh cheese, avocado and top with yellow chilli pepper sauce served with tormatillo salsa and spicy sauce.


Chipotle (chipotle means smoked hot chili peppers used in Mexican cooking) sweet potato, quinoa, pico de gallo and parmesan cheese ( don't worry much) and served with tormatilla (Mexican hust tomato) salsa, feta cheese and sour cream.

For those who loves to munch and light snacks can opt for crispy...


Yucatan style shrimp ceviche

Fresh steamed shrimp with combination of fragrance citrus lime, orange, avocado, cucumber for cooling effect and give it to more kick with cilantaro, tomatillos, habanero peppers and serrano peppers served with crispy munchy yellow corn chips.

One of favourite of the Taste of Mexico at Hark Rock Cafe...JENG JENG JENG introducing...



One can taste shredded chipotle chicken conbination of sweet juicy grilled pineapples and rich of feta cheese and fresh cheese served with spicy sauce, sour cream and guacamole.
What makes me love this one so much? hihihihi...I am a big fan of guacamole.

Craving for crispy fried food? Well this crispy starters will satisfied your craving...


crispy shrimp with aji amarillo sauce

Nope!!! not that Aji No Moto thingy..this one is panko (bread crumbs) breaded shrimp with fresh cheese. Its served with crispy spicy pecans, green onion and it come with refreshing zesty yellow chilli pepper sauce and feta cheese. Not spicy at all! In fact you can even taste like eating chilli. Finger liking good! 

For salad fan like yours truly....hehehe this one is not something can be missed.


grilled shrimp with mexican salad

Once you taste can even convert the non raw avocados eater to one. I witnessed the conversion that day..WTH! What's in the salad? Well... spring mixed green mix with black beans, pico de gallo, avocado, jalapenos, roasted corn top with achiote (type of spice) spiced shrimp and tossed with refreshing chilli orange vinaigrette and drizzled of yellow chilli pepper for the anti oxidant effect. 

Ladies!!!! Order up!

Don't miss this promotion which will only last up to 31st May 2016. 

Do you have a May Birthday babies among you? Don't crack your head on where to go...Why don't organise something different and celebrate their special day Mexican Style! It will be a celebration to remember for your special someone too!

For Muslim friends, don't worry food at Hard Rock Cafe Malaysia is Halal and from Halal source. I personally spoken to person who done the purchasing of raw ingredients for Hard Rock. Other than they sell liquor they assured no liquor drop or non halal ingredients in food serve here.

'Ten Un Buen Fin De Semana' !!!!! which means 'Have a Nice weekend!!!' in Spanish.

Check out .

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


What will you do if you have 2 full days in Taipei?
For natural lover, I would choose for natural trails. For shopaholic this place is also a heaven for people like you. For foodies all you can !

Somehow, I end up booked myself at Tamsui area. Which is really a good place to stay and get all above I mentioned. Lucky me!


Tamsui is about 45 minutes MRT ride from Main Station. I stayed near by the sea and totally enjoyed the beautiful sunset there. I never miss the peaceful morning and evening walk by the sea there.

While you in Tamsui don't forget to take ferry cross to Bali and visit the Fisherman's Wharf there.If you lazy to walk around , you can also ride on R26 bus  and this bus will take you to many town's main tourist sites.

If you happen to be here during public holiday or weekend, this place will flocked by many local.

You will never go hungry in Taiwan. Stroll around the old street in Tamsui to get great bargain of items made in Taiwan and also enjoy delicious street food.

Yamingshan National Park

I was contemplating between Elephant Hills or Yamingshan National Park and at the end choose this place.

Since I stayed at Tamsui area so going to this place is not that far at all. I just need to stop at Jiantan Station and then take small bus no. S15. Just pay NTD15 which I paid with Easycard.

After 2 hours hiking up I reach to the top and get to enjoy totally awesome view.  It is a flat land on top the part and in fact it is a lava terrace here. I follow Qingtiangang trail. Along the way met this Taiwan Auntie who is 89 years old. WTH! That Auntie get 2 thumbs and 2 toes up from me. She hiked the hill steadily. Damn!!! me and my weak knee can't lose to hers. Jia You!

You can visit Shinlin night market after get down from Yamingshan Park. Just head toward Exit 1 at  Jiantan Station.

Maokong Gondola

I visited this place specifically to experience the ride of bottom crystal celar cable car. Yeayyyy!!! I made it!

How to go to Maokong Gondola?
Just take MRT brown line and stop at Taipei Zoo.

I paid NTD50 for the gondola ride both way using easycard.

I rode the gondola all the way up to enjoy awesome view of tea plantation.

Enjoy the view while riding the maokong gondola and if you love the zoo, just stop at the zoo station.

Its short time in Taipei and I wish I have more days to explore. But back to reality of life, I need to work to finance my next trip!

Friday, May 6, 2016


I just came back from Taiwan last Monday. I am still adjusting to the reality mode of life after a week long holiday. WTH! The worst part after a vacation.

My flight landed in Taipei around 2:50pm and from there I took airport bus to the Taipei Main Station for my train to Hualien at 5:40pm. I reached Hualien around 8pm. Goshhh!!! my whole day gone. Anyway, its my choice. So I will stop my complaint here. kekeke

How to get to Taipei Main Station from Taoyuan Airport?

I took a Kuo Kuan Bus to Taipei Main Station which cost me NTD125. The journey around 1 hour. The bus is every 10 minutes so don't worry. Everything is very proper , systematic  and convenient in Taiwan.

If you are not a bus type , you can take Cab but it will cost you around NTD900 - 1,200. Your choice!

How to go to Hualien from Taipei?

Tze-Chiang Limited Express is the fastest class. There are different types of Tze Chiang Limited Express, Taroko Express and Puyuma Express and these takes about 2 hours to reach Hualien and cost is the same which is NTD440/way. I took Puyuma Express mountain line. Make sure to get left hand side seat for awesome view along the way. 

You can also take bus but the journey will be around 3 hours. That is why I opted for Train. Train will be more comfortable. More leg room too.

Tips :

1. Purchase ticket online in advance with seat reserved for both way meaning to Hualien and back to Taipei. You can purchase online 2 weeks before departure date and redeem the ticket at the Train Station. Seriously the train always fully booked especially when weekend or public holiday. I was told even a normal days it will be hard to get a ticket too. I met one lady who end up stranded in Hualien because she didn't buy ticket in advance. Don't take this tip for granted or you need to pay for extra days accommodation and all your travel plan will go 'hair wire'!

2. Get yourself a bento from the train station. Like that old man in the photo. Many food to buy at train station. You will be spoil with choices. Its 2 hours journey though! I settled for shrimp rice roll from 7-11. Thats my dinner for my first night landed in Taiwan.

3. You can bring luggage because the compartment above head is quite spacious for luggage. So don't worry!

Getting around Hualien

- Well you can rent a motorcycle if you have valid international license. Some shop even rent out if you don't have license. But please don't make trouble at other people country.

- Rent a bicycle is only for short distance for your safety.

- The best way is to join a group day trip or hire a yellow cab for yourself.

I hire a cab driver for myself since I don't like to tour around with stranger. I paid NTD3,000 for a day trip to Taroko Gorge and NTD1,000 for half day trip to Mukmugi Valley. Well, if you can bargain lower will be better but I am that type who have diamond in my mouth when come to bargaining things.Shy la....and plus I am alone so don't want problem in other country plus people also wanna make a living, right! So kind of me...ahak ahak

Things to do if you have 2 full days in Hualien

1st day itinerary

Enjoy the magnificent view of Pacific Ocean at Qingshui Cliff

Walk through Swallow Grotto and trekking on the Shakadang Trail at Taroke Gorge

Brave yourself to walk on hanging bridge at Taroke Gorge

Visit to Aboriginal Village

Have fun riding the bicycle while enjoying the awesome beach view.

Evening Stroll at Chishingtan Beach

Second day itinerary

Be prepared to walk for at least 2 hours to witness the magical and awesome view at Mukumugi Valley

You can swim and play around with tame fish in this crystal clear non polluted water and enjoy the fresh breeze air.

Night time eat all you can at Tungtamen Night Market which is also combined with Aboriginal market section.

There you go...a simple itinerary if you happens to have 2 full day at Hualien. Personally I prefer to be at Hualien rather than in Taipei. Maybe because I am from small town girl, so the layback and close to nature environment suits me well. The people are generally friendly and helpful. I was label as aboriginal girl in Hualien because I look like one from those tribes. Goshhh!!! Every where I went people recognize me well because I look different from them...I guest!

I went to Hualien with limited mandarin skills. Just a basic one and the rest was all body language and yet we understand each other well. Just be polite and don't forget that smiley face. Respect people and people will treat you well too.

 I did lots of walking and climbing the hills and stairs in Hualien so when I reached Taipei my weak leg almost make me fall and collapsed. WTH!

Oh! forgot to mention ,first time in my life experience earthquake when I was in Hualien. At first thought 'invisible thing' is playing around by shaking my bed hard while I was trying to sleep. haihhhh... I glance at my watch and it show 11:17pm and the light was on too. It stop for a while and the shaking came back mild just for a while few minutes later. Oh! then I realise I am at Taiwan where earthquake is very usual here. Then when I checked online there is strong-felt earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.6 struck northeastern Taiwan. A strong shake at Yilan and Hualien. Apparently, it was a talk in Hualien the next day according for my cab driver. No damage and no casualties reported. Phewwww!!! Thank God!

To download this article for offline reading or travel directions to the attractions highlighted in this article click here.