Monday, June 20, 2016


You all have been reading my abroad travelling experience. That doesn’t means that I neglect my own beautiful country , Malaysia. Malaysia has many beautiful places to visit too. If you are living in Klang Valley, the nearest place is Port Dickson.

Port Dickson is the most appropriate place to visit if you eager to play on the beach while vacationing in Malaysia. It’s located close to the city center, only 15 minutes drive away to the southern side.

Port Dickson has a plenty enticing beaches. It’s so great if you can be around them the whole time while visiting Port Dickson. And the best way to do that is by choosing the hotel that located close to the best Port Dickson Beaches.

When you still wondering, here’s the best recommendation for you from Traveloka. There is no need to burn hole to your pocket for a good accommodation. These 5 best 3-star hotels in Port Dickson will bring you only a stone’s throw to the beach.

Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson
Jalan Pantai, Kompleks Baitul Hilal (MAINS Hotel Sdb), Lot 4506 Batu 8
The beach resort hotel will spoil and brings you being surrounded amidst the best beaches of Port Dickson. It’s real because the hotel sits along Teluk Kemang coastal road, indeed really close to Pantai Teluk Kemang and Pantai Seri Purnama. Just take a walk for a while to reach the popular beaches. The hotel is designed on low-rise architecture to brings up fresh and soothe sensation. Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson offers 85 guest rooms. All the rooms are designed so stylish and feature high taste furniture and modern amenities. The on-site facilities comprise swimming pool, business center, and eclectic restaurant.

Glory Beach Port Dickson
Jalan Seremban Batu 2
Landed on 10 acres land, alongside with Tanjung Gemok Beach surely makes this hotel looks so compromising. Glory Beach Port Dickson is more suitable for those wishes to feels more private just like at home. The 3-star Port Dickson hotel is offers serviced apartment concept hotel. It has 260 units; each contains 2-3 bedrooms, minibar, and kitchenette. This hotel also serves a lot of leisure facilities: covering gym and steam room, massage services, children’s playground, poolside bar, seafront swimming pool, mini market, and souvenir shops. You can enjoy BBQ party with supporting facilities provided by the hotel. There are also watersport activities and extreme games facilities available on site to enjoy.
I personally stayed at this place before and I love my stay there. Your kids will love this fun place so much.

Paradise Spa Hotel
Jalan Seremban Tanjung Gemok PT 1483, Batu 2
This is the 3-star hotel that very comfortable for budget travelers. It offers the pricey retreat with 83 guest rooms that fully facilitated with modern amenities. Some rooms offer sea view from a wide window. The best spot to enjoy the sea panorama is on the rooftop pool. If you willing to play on the beach, Tanjong Gemok is the nearest and can be reached by just 2 minutes strolling away. Some facilities you can use in this hotel include an outdoors pool, spa, restaurant, and business center.

Ancasa Residence Port Dickson
Jalan Pantai Teluk Kemang 8.5 Miles
The 3-star Port Dickson Hotel is sitting beautifully along Pantai Teluk Kemang. It promises you blissfully retreat; especially since it accommodations are well designed inspired by ethnic and natural styles, adjacent to wide Balinese landscape garden. Alongside the great places to rest, this hotel also provides some facilities, embracing restaurant, gym, spa, shop, and meeting facilities. The swimming pool is so refreshing in a tropical setting. The spa treatment is so pampering with traditional recipes.

Hotel Seri Malaysia Port Dickson
Jalan Pantai Lot PT 49, Port Dickson
The 3-star hotel is overlooking the Malacca Straits, compromising you best scenic view. Hotel Seri Malaysia Port Dickson building and interior springs on old at glimpse but very well treated. This hotel features plenty spacious and warm guest rooms that supported with modern amenities. As 3-star hotel, there are some facilities provided as additional value. It embraces outdoor swimming pool, restaurant and cafe, banquet hall, and some function rooms. There are thatched roof gazebos on the poolside as a great place to relax.

No need to spend more for best and comfortable accommodationWish you awesome holiday soon!!!

Friday, June 17, 2016


Rilakkuma and Canon camera

My first camera is Canon! Yeayyyy!!!
Then when I was invited for Canon EOSM10 X RILAKKUMA launching event, I was like...hurayyyyy!!! Why? Goshhhh!!! Rilakkuma is a teddy bear and whoever been reading my blog will know I am a teddy bear lover. WTH!

Canon + Rilakkuma = Princess Cindyrina 

Canon EOSM10 X Rilakkuma is a special limited edition box set , bundled up with a limited edition 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy.

Super excited?

What's so special about Canon EOSM10?

* High performance mirrorless interchangeable -lens camera
* Compact and lightweight series
* 18.0 megapixels APS-C sensor
* Fast hybrid CMOS AF II systems
* Designed for perfect selfies
* Super duper convenient self portrait mode features with only one-touch beautification shortcut that offers a skin smoothing effect. 
* Wi-Fi features with seamless sharing on social media platforms

Price Canon EOSM10 starts at RM1,999. 

You can get this camera for FREE?

Read below to know how you can get Canon EOSM10 X Rilakkuma  FREE. Yup! you read it right. You can get one for FREE not just camera but the cute teddy bear too.

Canon document next to a coconut drink

 I was there early for the event. Super duper love the chilling and relaxing setting.

Rilakkuma and coconut drink

 Rilakkuma was on every table. Super jealous ?

Rilakkuma and coconut drink

This is the biggest Rilakkuma chilling at the corner before it get bullied by bloggers. WTH!
Hehehehe...I was the first blogger who bullied this fella though since I was early. ngeeeeee..

people sitting in decorated cafe

Angie react to my random camera pointing on that day. Cheerful gal!

girl posing with Rilakkuma

For those who don't know anything about Rilakkuma. Haihhhhh...shook head.

Rilakkuma is a ToyTravel teddy bear which means 'Relax Bear' in Japanese. Well before this was a hit. I already travel with my beloved Min Zhi which is an adorable teddy bear which conquered the Great Wall of China with me many years ago and also been there done that with me exploring Prambanan Temple and Borobodur of Jogyakarta.  Min Zhi is a gift from my friend , Dom who is now still working in Beijing,China.

Rilakkuma in a box

Just the two of us become just the three of us with new addition of rilakkuma species to my traveling companion. I wi11 call this rilakkuma Joong Ki. kakakakaka don't mad at me Song Joong Ki fan. This is just a name!

plush toys

You wanna get Canon EOSM10 X Rilakkuma  for FREE?

informational banner

Join Canon #ToyTravel Photo Challenge with on 4 Steps :

Step 1

* Follow Instaram@CanonAsia on Instagram or Canon Imaging Asia on Facebook

Step 2

* Take picture according to the them using your favourite toy with hashtags #EOSM10Rilakkuma and #toytravel, then post them on your Facebook/Instagram profiles

Step 3

Set you profile / post to public

Step 4

There will be 3 themes for this contest and you will have one month to capture the perfect ToyTravel photo for each theme.

The first theme was announced on 6th June 2016 and the first winner will be revealed on every end of month.



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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Just sharing this to who ever happen to drop by this site. Not that I have many fan here though. Anyway, if you stumble upon this site by accident, I am a lady who love to share my experience to others. 

Recently, Gobdigoun a brand from Seoul, South Korea sent me a box of face mask to add to my beauty regime. I tried for 7 days consecutive night before sleep. 

Sharing to you my experience and what this Placenta Power , Goddigoun did to my skin. WTH!

Results after using Gobdigoun Placenta Bio Cellulose Gel Mask :

Tadaaaaa!!!! the results are just gorgeous! I feel my skin really pumped up boink! boink!My skin look freshen up, smooth and brighten up. I kind of love it on how it hydrating feeling and the moist it become. No more dry and a healthy looking skin just born. WTH!

It does increase elasticity and diminishing fine lines. Though it gives the whitening effect which I think this won't come like in short period of usage. It require frequent mask moment in beauty regime. 

Overall, this mask revitalise my tired looking skin and highly recommended to try.

Experience while using Gobdigoun Placenta Bio Cellulose Gel Mask :

It came to me in a beautiful box of 10 mask sheets in it. Each pack carefully. Love the box logo though. The logo with velvet emboss. It look so luxurious and is like it fit for just a Princess! WTH!

Tear open the mask wrap and you can find super watery mask. The mask sheet is in 2 layer, the first layer is the gel material and second is like a gauze type material to support the gel from being too slippery when you place on face.

This mask kind of fit well onto my face and love that it was place around my face nicely for 15 minutes. Wohohoho... 

What ingredient they use to make Gobdigoun Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask?

* Australian Sheep Placenta Extract which has goodness skin ingredients like amino acid and peptide which help elasticity and moisturizing effect on skin.

* Squalan Macadamia terniforlia seed oil to improve balance between moist and oil of skin.

Interested to get you hand on this powerful mask from Gobdigoun?

Visit Gobdigoun :
* Website
* Facebook
Or....if you are somewhere in can direct visit their store :

You can stop at MyeongDong Station exit 8. You can refer map below.

Address :  Beautiplex which located at 26, Myeongdong, 8ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul which is near MyeongDong Station. 
Telephone no. +82 2 773 118     Fax no. +82 2 774 1188  Mobile no. +82 0 10 9007 9074

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored advertorial post.

Friday, June 10, 2016


Last week , I went down to get my self bottle of warm soy bean near my office.

Me : Uncle! one warm soy bean without sugar?

Uncle : No sugar ar....

Me : Yup! How much?

Uncle : Good Body! 
( replied without looking at me since he is busy preparing my order)

Me : huh!

Why so pervert one this Uncle...aissshhhh!!! I so sexy meh???

Me : Uncle! how much ar???

Uncle : Good Body !

Replied without looking at me. He still busy packing my order.

This uncle ??? Wanna flirt with me.... aishhhhh...I just gave him RM10/- note since this Uncle keep wanna flirt with me. People ask price properly...just give proper answer la...haisssshhh... Good Body! Good Body! I am so angry and embarrassed at that time.

What is this??? 

I still fat...what???? Don't think I have good body! You teasing me on purpose is it???

Uncle : Your change, Amoy. Thank you ar!

Me : oooo..welcome!  (still feel upset)

I took my change counted the balance which is amount to RM7.60. 
mmmm...wait a minute!!!
This meanssssssss????? That soy bean cost me RM2.40?

Two Forty???? Aikkkkkssss!!!! Did I just committed a sin with that Uncle just now???

Oh my God!!!

Ohhhhh nooooooo!!!! my ageing ears!!!!! Damn it! I misunderstood you Uncle aaaarrrrr!!!!

You've been telling me the price is Two Forty and I heard it as ' Good Body'! I am the pervert one!!!! Otteoke!!!
Wanna bang my head to the wall thousand times!!! WTH!!! I was really out of my mind????
At that time...when I realize my mistake...I feel wanna bury myself underground!!!!

I need to do ear candling to clean my ears then....haissshhhh!!!!
I swear it sound like that after few times I asked him to repeat.
How am I suppose to seek forgiveness???

Buy more soy bean from him, perhaps?

Monday, June 6, 2016


Recently, my wrinkles really shows a lot. Gosh! I feel like aging is catching me up super turbo fast!
I was like damn! Can you...aging slow down a little?
I have many things to do with my youth...isk isk isk *face palm* 

Then...I was approached by Gobdigoun to try out their product. Gobdigoun is a brand selling at Myeong-Dong , Seoul South Korea in LG Brand skin care product store. Gobdigoun has been around since year 2010 where they started business in South Korea. I was told compare to lower price skin care products in Korea , Gobdigoun products are with high quality and middle higher price products. Among their best items are Australian Placental Powder of Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask which also a best selling products in China, Taiwan and Japan. 

They sent 2 Gobdigoun products for me to try.

Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta Golden Cream

Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta  Golden Cream

Gosh! never in my life received this kind of luxurious face cream. Look at the unique shape and beautiful elegant golden color jar.

It contain with placenta which helps to nourish the skin. This is a multi - action moisturizer and totally high performance to give dramatically reduces the look of multiple signs of aging , fine lines, wrinkles , loss of firmness , dullness and dehydration.

beauty cream next to packaging

All benefit I wanted is in this golden color jar. WTH! I have been using this since they were delivered to me. I am happy with the result!

Ingredients and Benefit of Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta  Golden Cream :

99.9% 24k Gold Composition 

- Help to drain the skin toxins and promote blood circulation.
- clean skin and helps to stimulate the skin whitening 

47% of Centella Asiatica extract and fermented yeast

- This ingredient helps with significant skin regeneration effect
- repair damaged cells as well as improved dry skin
- skin will be more soft and elastic which eventually prevent fine lines and restoring the smooth and delicate skin.

Aloe Vera Extract

- Aloe vera is well known to help repair skin and moisture lock water
- this agent helps to soothe and relieve skin discomfort which eventually restores skin vitality and elasticity.

Extraction of sunflower seed oil and shea butter

- it helps moisturizing repair muscle and improves dry skin problem

Hyaluronic Acid

- HA is well known to supplement and lock the skin water which helps to solve the problem of water shortage and keep your skin moisture all the time.

Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta  Golden Cream texture :

Though it look thick, its not as thick as you thought. Love the little gold beads that is 24k gold extracts. This totally a high class anti aging beads!
I love the soft feels and good smells of this cream. It absorb well onto skin too.

Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta Golden Cream

My experience using Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta Golden Cream:

I apply Goddigoun 24K Power Placenta Golden Cream on cleanse and tone skin at night time. I gently massage upward for best result. I could feel the cream and the 24k Gold Beads absorb well onto my skin. My skin looks more supple and healthy the next morning. My makeup glides well and it looks healthier. 

Gosh! don't get jealous if you find me look younger than my real age! hahaha

If you are somewhere in can directly visit their store :

You can stop at MyeongDong Station exit 8. You can refer map below.

map of Seoul

Address : Beautiplex which located at 26, Myeongdong, 8ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul which is near MyeongDong Station. 
Telephone no. +82 2 773 118     Fax no. +82 2 774 1188  Mobile no. +82 0 10 9007 9074

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored advertorial post.