Wednesday, August 24, 2016


How I wish every day is a good hair day...... like this photo? haihhhh... reality it always a bad hair day for me. haihhh!!!! *face palm*
My scalp has been itchy lately! and its killing me. I don't have dandruff but just itchy and not to mention the springy noodles like frizzy hair...guess this so call hormone imbalance kind of things hit me. 'Chingu' describe I am closing to menopause time. Which I feel this 'Chinggu' deserve a hard smack on head. But 'Chingu' think I am the one who deserve a hard knock to my head as wake up call and accept the aging process with open heart. Otteoke!!!!

Goshhhh!!!! this itchiness is killing me. I really need a scalp treatment badly. 

But I am one person who is really impatient to go for such treatment. Reason? 
I need to be seated for so long and then to be led to wash basin then to be seated again. WTH! I am so lazy and find this process really so 'mafan' ar!!!! Can't I just have the scalp treatment while lying down enjoying my beautiful day dream? I wish...I wish... and continue wishing for such hair salon to read my mind. huh? Got such

Recently I visited Jeff Lee The Hair Company  at uptown branch. Seriously this isn't another regular salon I visited in 40 years of living. Not exaggerating for the sake of promo but you really need to try out this Korean Hair spa and you will fall in love like I did. WTH! 

I was told this is the first hair salon in Malaysia provides hair treatment service while you are lying down on a comfortable bed. Yeayyyy!!! they read my mind and this is what you call pampering.

I visited JeffLee The Hair Company at Uptown branch which is double storey shop lot. This is the ground floor where all staff getting ready to accept the busy weekend service appointment.

I was led to second floor.

This is the tool to analyse my itchy scalp.

As I thought my scalp is very dry and he told me spotted few red spot on my scalp area. I knew it!!!! So 'Paisehhhhh'!!!! haihhhh!!!! Just maintain my ' thick face ' and enjoy the whole process which I really did! muahahahaha..

This is the bed for my hair treatment that day. Totally Korean style and they call it Korean Hair Spa. The founder of this hair salon is brilliant to bring in such service to Malaysia.

I received 4 steps Korean Hair Spa cost RM170 and approximate time 1 hr plus:

1st Step : Apply scalp treatment + Head Massage

2nd Step : Apply Shampoo + Neck Massage

3rd Step : Apply Hair Mask + Hand Massage

4th Step : Steam hair + back massage 

The staff have certificate as masseur so you don't need to worry about the pressing the wrong point of your head or neck. They are mostly certified and this Salon emphasis in service quality control too.

JeffLee use Kerastase and L'oreal Professional products , so you don't need to worry about damaging your hair or whatsoever. Plus this  hair salon has been in the business for many many year and this is their second branch. Their first which is still operating is in Sri Petaling.

Trust me I can feel that I was in good hand here.

How do I described my overall hair treatment experience???
Heavenly! I enjoyed all four step of Korean Hair Spa treatment while lying down. This 'ajumma think she can do this like forever!!! Ohhhhh!!!! 

I am one person who is very difficult to rate the hair salon and never visit the same hair salon in my entire life due to not satisfy with the treatment. But for this one.......5 Star!

I promise myself to visit them next month for other hair service and will trust my crowning glory to JeffLee The Hair Company.

Wanna drop by to experience best Korean Hair Spa in Malaysia while lying down dreaming on comfortable bed?

Drop by at JeffLee The Hair Group Sdn Bhd

Uptown Branch
51G & 51A, Uptown 37, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : + 603 7731 6866

Sri Petaling Branch
101-G, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603 9056 2611

Call them for an appointment. Their young dynamic and friendly staff will attend to you happily with their best service.

You can also check out their FB page here.

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