Sunday, December 31, 2017

Butterflies Escaped with Traveloka at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel

Year 2017 ended well for me. I was one of the 40 lucky Butterflies handpicked for Staycation event by Traveloka Malaysia at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel.  At first, I was a bit skeptical and hesitate when received the invitation email. 

Can I do this? Mingle around and socializing with other Butterflies? Make more nervous when was told I need to share my room with another fellow Butterflies. I even have problem sharing room with my own Sisters. isk isk isk...Can I do this? I asked myself again and again. But this is something I wants to do for a very long time. I just accepted the invitation with the mind to worry later. I will try my best and hope to have fun and end my Year 2017 with special memories.

Read my journey 2 Days / 1 Night Escape with Traveloka Malaysia at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel.

Reporting at 10:00 am for registration at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel. I went in with my jeans and best blouse when I saw Butterfly Lee Yan walked in with Off Shoulder Body Hugging Shirt pair with Mermaid like Knee Length Skirt.... Damn! Am I under dress ? Shall I change my jean with my black lacey layered Skirt from my luggage ? Then I saw another Butterflies walk in with jeans as well. Phewwww!!! I am doing alright. Lets open my mind and enjoy this journey. 

Who is our sponsor , Traveloka ?

Traveloka Make your Holiday Plan Easier

As an avid traveler, Traveloka is not a foreign name to my ears. In fact , I could say this is the fastest  growing Travel platform. In fact now Traveloka is popular for leading online flight and hotel booking platform in South East Asia. Positive growth! Despite knowing they are exist, never come across my mind to use their service. Lack of knowledge or should I say kind of 'luddite'!

I am a very 'old school' kind of traveler who plan my journey by booking for my flight direct from airlines website and booking my accommodation from familiar name Hotel Booking platform website.

The problem to plan Holiday using my 'old school' style :

* I have problem to get best price since I concentrate on certain airlines. 
* Difficult to get the best connecting flights
* I may not get the best price for accommodation 

If I  use Traveloka from the start to plan all my journey, I would have :

* Save some money
* Save my precious time
* Save my medical bill from being so stressful choosing the best and good price airline and accommodation.

I opened up my conservative mind after listening to Traveloka 's Country Manager briefing the other day. I can see the 'light'.......

5  special things about Traveloka compare to other travel websites and apps 

User friendly apps 

I have tried this and it is really straight forward and easy browsing website. I event taught my Office Cleaner on how to use this apps. She was so happy since now she can easily check her flight ticket price online.

Guarantee best price for both hotel and airlines 

Traveloka 's Country Manager for Malaysia and Singapore spoken during the briefing , you can email them if you find better price in other platform. So don't worry much. You will get the best price if you book from Traveloka.

Convenient payment option

Traveloka accepts Online Banking, Credit Card , Paypal and even cash payment at selected 7 Eleven. Not everybody own credit card , Online Banking and Paypal. Foreigners who work here may not have those access. This is where the cash payment at 7 Eleven is a fantastic option for them.

0% installment plan 

For those who own Maybank Credit Card - AMEX , MasterCar and Visa. This is really suitable for those who looking forward to plan their Europe dreams holiday. You can enjoy 6-month plan for booking reaches minimum of RM500 and 12- month plan for booking reaches RM1,000. Now, everybody deserve a dreams vacation. You have no reason for not giving yourself a deserving getaway. What is life without any break!

Set Price Alert function

We don't have to keep browsing the website to get good prices and promos. Traveloka has special Price Alert functions which you can set and the notification will comes to your mobile when they have good promos on your dreams destination. I could say this is one brilliant features at Traveloka. In fact this is my favourite features of all at Traveloka apps.

I am currently hook by Traveloka apps on my tablet. Planning for my next year journey to China soon. This time planning to go for more than 10 days journey. I wish to go for a month but work is more important to ensure continuity of life line. hehehehe...Don't be greedy!

One Night at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel

I pass by this place almost every day to work. I never thought there is a hidden gems right in the heart of 'Golden Triangle'. I thought this place is just another hotel.
The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel are centrally located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur main shopping and entertainment district of Bukit Bintang. 

The entrance of this this stylish boutique hotel is so inviting and having an experience staying the night here is like a totally escaped from the bustling city life despite its location.

Every nook and corner decorated with stylish and sense of nostalgic. 

The KL Journal Hotel has great feature which every travellers needed :

* Convenient and good location
* Modern, stylish and relaxing environment
* Smart plug in connectivity plus free high speed wifi
* Creative communal spaces called Worker's Union which carefully designed for work and play environment.
* A local coffeeshop concept call ' Kedai Kopi Journal
* Relaxed Alfresco area at The Terrace Bar and Grill
* For health conscious guest can visit good city view gym and rooftop infinity pool
* FOC parking  

Walking into the spacious room with simple yet nostalgic decoration , really make one feel no regret to book the night stay at KL Journal Hotel.

My room for the night is so spacious and came with comfortable double bed and soft pillows. I love that the flooring is parquet rather than dusty carpet. 

The wall was decorated with black and white kids playing soccer on the the field near Jalan Sungei Besi. This photo was captured by local photographer called Che' Mat who famous with his lens shooting city dweller lifestyle observation.

I love the bathroom space too. The water pressure from the rain shower really give a good therapeutic effect on one's head. I have good shower here. hehehe...

If you don't feel like walking out from the hotel. Just go up to the rooftop and enjoy a great chill out sit while enjoying this spectacular neon light city view.

I would recommend The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel for those who want to spend the night in the heart of City of shopping and entertainment destination without burning out their wallet. your room at KL Journal Hotel from Traveloka apps. Everything from click of button right on your mobile. Super convenient,right?

Having Fun with Wunderbath Workshop

All Butterflies can choose one workshop to join for the day. There are 4 DIY workshop to choose from :

1. Floral Hoop - this painting class. I know my skills in drawing is hopeless and helpless. So don't want to even waste my time stressing out here.

2. Leather passport - I have allergic in leather smells. It make me nausea. Pass!

3. Travel Journaling - I need to print out my travel photo in advance. Since requested to bring 5 of my best travel photo, I can't even choose one. You want me choose 5 ? Nooooooo!!!!

4. Bathbomb - I am one person who love scents and essential oil. This is super perfect for me. Yeayyyyyy. Bathbomb is the one for me. I choose this! ...and I made a really good choice. Super happy with my choice for that day.

Wunderbath who organised the Bathbomb workshop really make me feel relax and therapeutic at the same time plus I got to customize my own Bathbomb and Shower body scrub. Serious love this class so much. Love the smells of all essential oil.

Tadahhhh! my own bathbomb and coffee body scrub. I haven't tried my bathbomb yet because I don't have bathtub at home,. I have tried the coffee body scrub which I added some tea tree essential oil in. My skin really soft after that. Seriously..... not joking or highly advertised but this is really one good coffee scrub. However, I totally forgotten the teacher reminder not to use this for night shower for those who have caffeine in tolerance. My night shower ended with soft skin alright but....I hardly fall asleep that night. uwaaaaaaaa....cannot sleep due to the caffeine from that coffee!

After having fun at DIY workshop with Wunderbath, we went back to the room and getting ready for dinner and gift exchange. It was a buffet dinner.

 I kind love the mushroom soup and that blueberries cupcakes.
My room mate Angie , gave me a set of milk shower foam. Thank you.

The Butterfly Project 

My companion through out this Staycation - from left Angie Tan (my roommate). me , Betty Liew and Ivy Gan. First time met Ivy. They are really fun to be with.

My room mate Angie also is bubby and cheerful girl. I don't feel a bit awkward being with her.

Thank you Angie for being a good roomies. You are beautiful, funny and happy person I have been with. I wish you all the best for year 2018.

She also made my dreams come true. I always wanted to have this kind of five finger socks feet pose with BFF. I made it in year 2017. yeayyyy!!!! pssstttt...I bought that socks from Osaka.

Thank you The Butterfly Project for transforming this Loner Butterfly into someone who able to socialize and mingle with others. I really glad to find this community back in year 2014 and be included in this amazing bloggers community. It really change my life and make me able to fly out from my cocoon.

Thank you to Miss President, Tammy Lim who never give up on this one Butterfly. I always admire her courage to found , build  and grow this community and manage it well until now. Its not an easy task to manage  group of ladies under one community. I really wish The Butterfly Project Community continue its positive growth.

The Butterfly Project
A group for ladies blogger with tagline beauty from head to toe. Free registration ladies. Just hop on to their website below and get yourself register. Its a fun community for positive ladies. If you feel like bringing in the negative vibes into the community, please stay away...ya! Go find another community.
Official website :
Official Facebook :
Official instagram :

Thank you to our Sponsor Traveloka Malaysia for this Staycation :
Popular for leading online flight and hotel booking platform in South East Asia
Official website :
Official facebook :
Official instagram :

Happy New Year 2018 to all! Drop by to this blog for more of my life journey through out year 2018.  Welcome to all positive stalker.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

AirAsia Open Doors Campaign Challenge

AirAsia Open Doors Challenge

Stand a chance to win Over Two Million Big Points in Air Asia Open Door Campaign in conjunction with its 16th-Anniversary Celebration. Its a really unique challenge runs across Malaysia. 

How to win AirAsia BIG Points Open Door Campaign?

Win AirAsia BIG Points

1st Step : Find some 16 hidden doors around Malaysia

2nd Step : Snap a photo of you with the door (like above photo)

3rd Step : Upload  it on instagram with hashtags #AirAsiaOpenDoors 

Thats all....only 3 steps and you are on your way to win over two million BIG Points!

The challenge starting from today until 14 January 2018. I could say this is one unique challenge activation to the public.

Participants can also earn more points through other online activities such as share, vote, gain votes to move up the rank. At the end of the 4 week contest, Top 186 contestants will stand a chance to win a Grand Prize of one million BIG Points. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

John Legend Live in Genting, March 2018

John Legend Darkness and Light Tour Live in Genting

I know most of you are in Holiday Mood now. Here another good news to welcome Year 2018 soon. Anyone here is a fan of John Legend ? 
He is Ten-Time Grammy Award winning and the singer has produces several hit songs such as 'Green Light' and 'Love Me Now'.

He is coming to Malaysia for his Darkness and Light World tour to Resort World Genting on the 17th March 2018. With five studio albums to his name , the singer is set to perform his R&B and soul numbers for his fans at the Arena of Stars.

More information about the tickets for the concert will be released soon. If you need more information on this please call +603 6101 1118 or visit

Friday, December 15, 2017

AirAsia Travel Advisory

AirAsia Travel Advisory eases holiday experience Guests are advised to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior scheduled time of departure for AirAsia flights and at least 4 hours earlier for AirAsia X flights

AirAsia and AirAsia X would like to encourage all guests travelling during the school holiday period to follow the travel advisory for a hassle-free holiday experience. It is advisable for guests to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to scheduled time of departure for AirAsia flights and at least 4 hours earlier for AirAsia X flights to clear all travel formalities and avoid the expected congestion due to the surge of passenger numbers travelling during this period.   AirAsia would also like to remind guests to conduct self-check-in via web, mobile or kiosk services for a smoother journey. Web, mobile and kiosk check-in services are available 14 days and up to 1 hour prior to departure for all AirAsia flights and up to 4 hours prior to departure for all AirAsia X flights. The self-service options including Self Check-In and Self Bag Tag are fully operational at klia2, Langkawi International Airport, Penang International Airport, Senai International Airport, Kuching International Airport, Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sultan Abdul Halim Airport, Bintulu Airport, Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Sultan Mahmud Airport, Labuan Airport, Miri Airport, Sandakan Airport, Sibu Airport and Tawau Airport.   For guests with baggage to check-in, Baggage Drop counters close 60 minutes before flight departure for all AirAsia and AirAsia X flights. As congestion is expected at the security scanning, baggage clearance and immigration checkpoints during this holiday season, it is best to complete baggage drop and proceed to the boarding gate as early as possible.

For those who are traveling to and from Singapore, AirAsia is now operating at the new state-of the-art and fully automated Terminal 4 in Singapore Changi Airport, which can be reached by taxi, private hire cars, bus and personal transportation. Guests departing from Terminal 4 are also advised to arrive 3 hours before departure to ensure sufficient time to move through the new terminal.

Guests with group booking, reduced mobility or with special needs are only allowed to check-in at the counter and should allocate more time to clear all travelling formalities. Rest assured, AirAsia’s ground staff will be available at the airport to assist all guests with their travelling needs to ensure a pleasant traveling experience during this holiday period.   Each guest (except infants) is only allowed ONE piece of cabin baggage (not larger than 56 x 36 x 23cm in dimension) AND one laptop bag or handbag or small bag on-board and the total permitted weight for 2 pieces of unchecked baggage must not weigh more than 7kg in total. All guests are encouraged to pre-book sufficient baggage weight for more savings. Log on to ‘Manage My Booking’ to add more baggage weight allocation at up to 4 hours before the scheduled time of departure or via the AirAsia mobile app on iPhone and Android devices.

It is also recommended for guests to pre-book online their Santan Combo Meals at only RM10 for AirAsia (AK) flights and RM15 for AirAsia X (D7) flights, as increased demand during this period may result in insufficient meals available for onboard purchases. Parents travelling with their little ones can pre-book a special kids meal, the Lil' Star Combo, which consists of a mini pizza, drink and a snack box.

Combo Meals are available for pre-book up to 24 hours before scheduled departure via 'Manage My Booking'.   Also, enhance your travel experience with FREE inflight entertainment including popular movies and short films, chart-topping hits and travel guides when you connect to ROKKI Wi-Fi on your mobile device. For those who can't live without the Internet, they can stay connected to their favourite chat and Internet apps with a ROKKI plan from as low as RM9. Not only that, AirAsia also provides an online shopping experience whereby guests can also enjoy exclusive in-flight deals from ROKKI Shop.   Furthermore, year-end duty free and merchandise shopping is also made a whole lot easier with Prebook + Collect service by Big Duty Free. Guests can enjoy greater savings and convenience when they pre-book on up to 48 hours for AirAsia (AK) flights and 72 hours for AirAsia X (D7) flights, and have the items delivered straight to their seat for free, either on their departure or arrival flight.   AirAsia wishes all of our guests happy holidays. Keep updated with AirAsia’s latest promotions and activities via Twitter ( and Facebook (

About AirAsia

AirAsia, the leading and largest low-cost carrier in Asia by passengers carried, services an extensive network of 130 destinations. Since starting operations in 2001, AirAsia has carried more than 400 million guests and grown its fleet from just two aircraft to over 200. The airline is proud to be a truly Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) airline with established operations based in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines as well as India and Japan, servicing a network stretching across Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and the US. AirAsia has been named the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline at the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards nine times in a row from 2009 to 2017. AirAsia was also awarded World's Leading Low-Cost Airline for the fifth consecutive year at the 2017 World Travel Awards, where it became the inaugural recipient of the World's Leading Low- Cost Airline Cabin Crew award.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

My Experience of 2 Days Juice Cleanse

I always wanted to try out juice cleanse for quite sometimes. But the price of cold pressed juice kind of expensive. It can cost you around RM10 to 13 depends on the mixture. Many will comment back why don't you prepare this on yourself. Well, don't think I have time to buy lots of ingredients and do the cold pressed and bottle it on my own. I am working people like many others. 

After lots of survey , found cool juice provide reasonable price for cold pressed juice in Klang Valley. They even offer free delivery.

I didn't aim to lose weight for this juice cleansing. I just need to give my digestive system a break, get rids of toxins , loads up some vitamins and nutrients from raw fruits and veggies which I don't have chance to consume on my daily diet.

What you need to know before start Juice Cleanse ?

You need to prepare your body for a juice cleanse. You can't just start juice cleanse without much preparation for your body. Thats dangerous! 

What I did before start Juice Cleanse ?

* Eat more vegetables  and grains for 2 -3 days before the cleanse
* I drank lots of green tea
* Avoid meat, processed food, caffeine
* Try to eat less carb 

What to expect during Juice Cleanse Day ?

1. Start your morning right 

I started my morning with glass of warm water with lemon to wake my system and get it functional. 'Hello my organ'.

2. Drink Juice Orderly

Cool Juice send me 2 sets of juice for 2 days the day before which I kept in my fridge. Love that they numbered the bottle for my convenient. I just pick it according to number. Oh! by the way I choose Classic Detox for this cleansing.

6 types of juice all together for a day. You need to consume it every 2 hours. Cool Juice suggested the following timing :

* 8am - Hola! Kale : Spinach, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Apple, Cucumber and Lemon
Benefit : Lower cholesterol level, anti cancer, bone strengthening and body detoxifies.

* 10am - Chia Addict : Lemongrass, Orange , Apple, Lemon, Chia Seed
Benefit : Blood cleanser, liver and kidney detoxifier, promotes glowing skin, weight management , rich in fibre and omega 3s.

* 12:00 - Big-Head Bro : Broccoli, Pineapple, Cucumber, Spinach and Lemon
Benefit : Cancer prevention, bone strengthening , anti cancer and digestion aid

* 2pm - C-Booster : Carrot, Orange and Apple
Benefit : Promote healthy eyes and skin, immunity booster and infection fighting

* 4pm - Leafy Green : Penny wort, Guava, Apple , Lemon, Ginger
Benefit : Blood purifier, improving memory, stress relief, promote healthy heart and improve constipation.

* 6pm - Spice up : Turmeric root, orange , apple, lemon and ginger
Benefit : Anti - inflammatory, antioxidants, anti cancer, reduce skin irritation and boost immune system

* 8pm - Almond Mylk : Raw organic almond, alkaline water, agave nectar, Himalayan salt, cinnamon
Benefit : Lower cholesterol level , promote heart health, anti cancer and maintain blood pressure.

It is important to drink juice accordingly because when you drink it directly affect how the absorption, assimilate and digestion nutrients

3. Drink More Water 

Make sure you have easy access to plenty of water because you will feel super duper thirsty. Expect to drink plenty of water during juice cleanse.

4. Easy access to toilet

Since it make you drink plenty of water then you need to pee a lot. Seriously, I went on every 30 minutes . You need to be thick face if people ask you why you need go toilet many times. huhuhuhu..Most suffering when I was driving back home which normally took me more than one hour to reach. WTH! Suffer! Thats from my experience.

5. Managing Hunger

I was lucky for doing pretty good job during the pre cleanse. I don't feel any hunger pang at all. I feel more energetic than before. If you feel hungry during juice cleanse it is advisable to drink some green tea or drink more water. cheating!

6. Working out

I don't work out during my juice cleanse. I just take it easy for my body. But I walk outside a lot.

My favorite starter of the day is Hola Kale. Refreshing start early morning!

Loving the Vitamin C boost in the middle of the day.

My favourite of all and always excited for 8pm to come is this baby. Almond Mylk. Can't get enough with one bottle.

How I feel after 2 days juice cleanse?

As I said don't expect to lose weight. I did lose 2kg in 2 days which is water weight. I went to pee a lot through out the session and drink a lot too. I have been having this water retention problem in my body for a while. Doing this juice cleanse kind of good effort to reboot my body. I just place another order for next week but not for juice cleanse. I ordered bottles of cold pressed juice for nutrients and vitamin since my daily diet intake kind of imbalance. 

Since I manage well in my 2 days juice cleanse. I am planning to do the 3 days next year after my working trip next 2 weeks.

This review is base on my pleasant experience getting all my cold pressed juice stock up. It is super delicious and fresh. I can feel their effort and research before even starting this cold pressed business. Congratulation to Cool Juice they just won me over as their customer.

Feel free to visit and start placing that bottles full of goodness nutrients and vitamins.

I am on my way to better health and hopefully to have less pain before my time to departure from this world.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Going to Work with Flu is Selfish Act

My Rant for this month because I can't sleep at all last night. 

I am writing this because feeling frustrated to my colleague who come to work with bad flu and cough. I pity him for falling sick but don't show like you so heroic or sort of hardworking. This is selfish act. Especially, he like to come near me when I have something to talk to him. Keep your distance man! 

I told him to take a rest at home for  1 or 2 days. He said many things to follow up. Big problem! What kind of mind set who thinking they are indispensable ? I always told myself to do work as if you gonna fall sick tomorrow. In positive way, I will make sure everything still run smoothly even I am not around at work. Always have this kind of mind set when perform your task. Make sure you can delegate to others easily if you call in sick. 

Both colds and flu are contagious and lead to symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, headache and cough.It can spread out even through air you breathe in. I know flu will not recover in just 1 or 2 days rest. All you need to do once catch flu please stay at home for 1 or 2 days, take medication and rest. At least its not so bad if you come back to work after 3rd day. This man don't even take a rest. I bought him 'Ho Yan Hor' , he don't drink. I ask if he take any medication, he said didn't. WTH! Be responsible to yourself too la.... Take care of your own body and give it a rest.

People may think I too care for him. I am not! I just care about myself. Thats all! I feel like not coming to work but I am healthy and no reason to do that. Just now my mental a bit sick and even think that my throat start to dry too. Mental not so strong to handle this. I know this is unnecessary but I am trying my best not to fall sick this month because can't afford to do so. But who choose to fall sick, right? Things come and just come without notice even how hard you try to stay healthy. I just gotten my immune booster recently and it not even fully boost up yet. I am still in the midst of recovering.

If you still wanna be a champion then please please wear a mask or something. Take precaution and care for your colleagues too. Now..I am the one who wear mask to work instead of him. He come near me ...I will walk few step behind. Near..near... step back..step back...

I need to extra careful now because I am getting older and my immune system is getting super weak. Plus next 2 week I will be traveling out to East Malaysia for a week to close the office there. That will be a hard work for me. If I fall sick it will be extreme. Uwaaaaaa!!!!

I pray for the germs or virus not come to me. But....he is somebody that I need to talk to at work. Gosh!!!

There you go my childish worries for this week. Stressful for menial reason.  To me this is so big thing!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

My First Time Baking Oksusu Ppang

Lately, I have been neglecting fibre intake. I did took some but not enough for my age. Now that I have sometimes to spend to look after myself...isk ..isk...sounds like busy bee huh? I am trying my best to add in more fibre into my daily diet. I also try my best to avoid starchy base food. No bread for me. Bread the easiest for breakfast though. While pay is good too but not big fan of those.

So I look for alternative. I remember first ate corn bread in Seoul. I bought in one bakery near some old street. They call corn bread as Oksusu Ppang in Korea. I love the plain and traditional taste of this bread. I decided to bake this myself since I can't find this sell anywhere on bakery shelf here in Malaysia.

Gotten the recipe at Maangchi the famous Korean food  cooking youtuber. Very simple and easy recipe. 

Ingredients for Corn Bread Oksusu Ppang :- 

* corn meal
* milk
* egg
* vegetable oil but I opt for coconut oil
* sea salt for some taste or whatever salt you want it to be.
* baking powder
* Brown sugar if like your corn bread sweet. I skip sugar.

How to make Corn Bread?

Mix corn meal , salt , milk, coconut oil and egg together and stir it well. Then keep it aside to soak for 20 minutes. This soaking process is to make Corn meal softer.  The ratio of ingredients is one cup of corn meal to one and half cup of milk plus one egg and 2 table spoon of coconut oil. You can adjust it to your liking.

After soak for 20 minutes,add one teaspoon of baking powder and stir it well. Then bake it into pre heated oven for15 to 20 minutes. Depends on your mould. I brush some butter on bread mould for my corn bread to taste savoury.

My first time baked corn bread turn out very well. Solid corn bread ready to eat with jam or even butter. I love to eat this with yogurt top with fresh fruits.

My first baked corn bread is a success minus the sweet sugar taste this one taste almost similar to what I ate in Seoul many years back.  I bake this from time to time for my breakfast. 

Do you know corn meal is full of fibre and good for health? Try this's very easy. If you are not satisfy on the recipe I shared...Just search Oksusu Ppang at YouTube. 😅

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Brightening and Radiance with Scientific Skincare

Simple , Science , Effective

I really overwork myself recently. Totally forgotten about skin care at all. I did the normal routine but forgotten about doing this in order plus keep trying my best to finish off the almost expire one. Auntie Scrooge !

Result from my ignorance and reckless act?
My skin become darker, uneven and rough. Damn! 

I open up new skincare pack for my daily skincare routine. This time from Lab101. I was a bit sceptical because this brand use scientific formula.
My first impression for word a scientific is the products will be full of chemical. Yayaya...I know...that was my delusional thinking of science.

Lab101 is a well-known skincare from Taiwan. So I am more confidence to try this out. I have been using Lab101 Bio Brilliance Series and UV Protector for 3 weeks now. Not all suit to my skin.

Lab101 - Bio Brilliance Series

This series is suitable for those who are looking out to reduce dark pigments and brightening skin.  It comes with DermalRx SRC and AA-2G melanin-target, block, smash and clear melanin.

Lab101 - UV Protector

An innovative sunscreen technology to transforming the high SPF sunscreen to an invisible shield that blocks UV and protects skin from suntan, dryness, photographing and sensitiveness.

My experience after trying out Lab101 for 3 weeks now ?
Skin still in the midst of recovering from this lazy owner. Isk isk

Lab101 - Bio Brilliance Brightening Anti Spot Serum

Product claimed :
* promotes even skin tone
* reduce existing dark spots
* revealing a brighter and more even skin tone

I applied this after cleansing and toning routine. 
It come in transparent liquid with pleasant refreshing smells. The serum is not sticky and easily absorb into skin. I did see it started to even up my skin tone and the small dark spot still there. Hopefully it will reduce after using this longer.

Lab101-Bio Brilliance Brightening Radiance Fluid

Product Claimed:
* strengthen skin natural moisture barrier
* reduce the appearance of dark spots
* smoother skin
* even toned 
* radiant skin

I applied after spot serum every morning and night. It come with white creamy fluid. I love the flower scents of this fluid. Non sticky and absorb easily into my skin.

I tried this for 3 weeks now and feel my skin feels smoother and nothing else. I still have faith this will do as it claimed. I really need it so much.

Extra information, I am glad that my skin not oily after wake up in the morning when use Lab101 Bio Brilliance series. Really hate if it oily. So uncomfortable.

Lab101-UV Protector Sun Expert Multi-Protective Cream SPF50++

Product claimed:
* UVA/ UVB filters
* powerful anti-oxidants
* anti pollution protection
* suitable for baby and pregnancy

My experience using this UV Protector:

I don't like the Color is beige and not easy to even up this cream onto my skin. Guess this doesn't suit me at all. I give up on my second week use.

I would continue using Lab101 - Bio Brilliance Series because I still feel this give improvements to my skin. I am loving this.

If you need more details on Lab101 you can check more at

Lab101 Safety Commitment

1. High efficacy, Hypo Allergenic
2. Adhere to safe and additive free
3. Medical Skin care lab
4. Strictly follow ISO 22716 GMP manufacturing process
5. Active ingredients from globally well known factories.