Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Do we really need Eye Cream?

Choose The Right Eye Cream

Those days , I always have this dilemma on whether I really need eye cream. If talking about few years back, I would just apply facial moisturizer onto my skin area too. Then when getting older and read some beauty care tips and found that we need a different cream for eye area.

Reason ?

* Skin around eye areas is thinner and delicate than the rest of face.
* Eye area is the first places to show signs of aging

Still depends, I read somewhere says we don't need separate cream for eye area if the facial cream has complete formula.

However , to find an effective eye cream turns out to be a difficult task. At least for me!

First, let me share my eye area problems. Basically, I have all three common problems on the eye area, which is :

* Dryness
* Fine lines
* Dark circles and Puffiness

I then started to experiments eye cream, serum and balm for my under eyes area. I can tell you not easy to get one that suitable for my skin. Those things are pricey too.

 Here are 3 eye care serum , balm and cream I recently use.

1.  Skin and Lab Dr Spot Clear

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Blinded by the advertisement talk, led me to get this one. It says 'Don't worry Wrinkle' with power lifting complex and works quickly to help reduce the appearance of lines and visibly revive eyes.

Well....my experience to use Skin & Lab Dr Spot clear :

* I totally hate the metal roller. It doesn't roll very well onto my skin
* The serum is just like water gush out from that roller which really wasted. I end up use my finger and dab the serum onto my skin area.
* Did I feel any different ? Hell NO! 
* Will I buy this again? No Thank you! 

2. SAEM Iceland Hydrating Eye Stick

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Tell you the truth , I bought this because of that adorable polar bear casing. WTH! 

When this item reached, I was feeling...meh! its a big mistake to buy this. The texture similar to lip balm to apply onto my eye area. WTH!
I applied it for 3 weeks and all I get is the icy cool feeling on eye area and thats it!
Did it give any tiny bit improvement? NO!

3. Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Eyes Cream

I was skeptical after the failure from other two eye serum and balm. I bought this because of the brand name and also it says can reduce puffiness and lighten dark circles.

Well... it does lighten up dark circles and also moisturize my eye skin area. The texture of this eye cream are super light and non greasy too. If you are talking about easy absorbent to skin. I am still using it and now at 2nd week. I can feel this is far suitable then the other two I had tried. pheeewwww!!! finally, something works!

Since my eye area are a lot dryer, out of the 3 three eye care I bought, Hada Labo Super HA Moist Eye Cream suit my skin well. I can see it reduce the puffiness and also moisturize eye area. If talking about reduce fine lines.....mmmmmm.... I guess my aging process is moving ahead than the cream. So I need more time or no time to reduce that. isk isk isk. For my dark circle problem, I guess need more sleep to reduce that.

Can you share with me which eye cream or serum do you use?

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