Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Gorgeous Vegan Lipstick by Orkid Cosmetics

As we all know, most of the lipsticks are using beeswax in their formula.If you are a vegan , it might be a daunting hunt not just for food, clothing but also beauty selection too. Recently, I was introduced by The Butterfly Project to vegan and cruelty free lipstick. Oh! this awesome lipstick is born here in Malaysia. Whoa!!! created from scratched by the owner Raeesa Sya who is ambitious enough to provide good halal affordable makeup! She vouch on high quality, safe beauty product and affordable by all.

I would say the packaging itself is chic and sleek for every occasion. I received 4 shades all together.

I brought it to my day working trip in Labuan.I brought Mars with me. The rest of the color will make me look pale. Afraid people will think I look sick. hahaha.. Applied it in the morning and board my morning flight.

Orkid Matte Suede Creamy Liquid Lipstick impressed me. Seriously, I thought this will dry out my lips like any other brand I applied before. I swear...not this one! My lips still maintain its moisture through out the trip. I board the plane back to KUL at late night and seriously impress my lips was not even chapped through out the whole long journey. Like the owner said, you can get your money back if you find this sticky. Its not even sticky like any other liquid lipstick.

I am glad to put this on. I don't get enough of this. Orkid will be in my handbag most of the time now. I was originally not big fan of any Matte Suede. I still using Mars because I love that color so much. I was thinking of offering the rest to my other sis who love that kind of natural colors.

I applied all 4 colors for this review. See what I told you about looking pale.

What do you think? Which orkid suit me better? Mar? Vibes ? Turnt? Blush?  Let me know?

For your information Orkid Matte Suede Creamy Liquid Lipstick is formulated without Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Gluten.
Its enriched with Vitamin E to help hydrate and nourish lips. Well...this explained!

Why don't you check out Orkid Cosmetics and get that chap lips moisture at the same time stay beautiful with all those Matte Suede Colors!! 

As mentioned to own one of this won't burn your wallet at all. Only RM39 at or follow

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

TBP Blog Detox May 2017 : My Fave Cleanser

Recently, The Butterfly Project launching a blog detox to all members. We were given one topic for a short write up. Sort of a blogging exercise too. I find this interesting. First topic is 'My Fave Cleanser'.

Not sure about you but myself always not so loyal when it comes to skin care. I normally change to other brand once the existing finished. huhuh...what you expect? Too many brand out there and you expect me to be loyal ?

Oh...YES! I am that person who always finished off skin care to the last drop. 

Recent cleanser which I am still using is Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser. But its been many month now...I am still using this same brand as my cleanser. I am a loyal person after all.

Neutrogena claims that Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser will gives 2x Brightening power. No doubt if you include this in beauty regime twice a day in longer period. Why I said that? Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser has mulberry extract as part of ingredients and this ingredient are clinically proven has whitening vitamin properties in it.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser has rich and creamy texture. The color is in light beige.

Why Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser is my Fave ? 

I  love the sweet pleasant mild mulberry scents.I feel my skin cleaner and refreshing after one wash. Yes it helps to remove dirt and make up residue. Easy absorption of essence and moisturizer. I prefer cleanser with oil free. So far no skin reaction to my skin. As brightening effect ?

Tada..... I could say after 2 months, it improved my dull skin a lot!

Which is your fave cleanser ? Why?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Lose some inches with Hot Body Shaper Cream by Clinelle

Lose Some Inches

Last April , I was so desperate to reduce some of my excess baggage on tummy area. Reason, I need to wear my old jeans. Don't expect me to wear skirt for my travelling. I would be like Marilyn Monroe by the beach busy manning my wind blowing skirt rather than taking photo. WTH! Seriously, was worries sick because most of my jeans was so tick and its not workable at all even after suck my tummy in by holding up my breathe. isk isk isk...This is the damage of sitting long hours in the office plus couch potato at night watching the KDrama. huhuhuh..

I remember losing some inches back then. But I end up spent RM3k plus for that at the slimming center. But...hell I am not going to spend that kind of money again. Not ever again! Lesson learn! My inches back up less than a month. There you go....the story move on!

I remember there was once bought Clinelle Chili slimming gel. I love all about this one except for my hand super cilli hot after apply it on my tummy and other stubborn fat area. I can't even put on my lens after using that because of the hot chili sensation still stick onto the finger after many times washing it.

I then saw Clinelle came out with this new Hot Body Shaper Cream which gives 3x Super Strength.  They claimed it proven shaping result in 7 days. I got suck up into this advertisement by Clinelle. hahahaha... Here me go click buy on the 1+1 deal from Clinelle website with high hope like any curvy plus size women in the world. WTH! Sounds like American Dream huh?

Clinelle Body Fitness - Hot Body Shaper Cream

Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream claimed :

* 3-in-1 formula , gives 3x Super-Strength highly effective ingredients - Organic Brown Algae to contour your body, to reduce cellulite and to brighten your skin.

* The product is clinically proven to show an amazing result in improving overall body shape.

My experience using Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream

After a month using this, I would say it helps me to lose those bulged if I use it diligently and watch out my diet. I don't apply twice a day as suggested. Sometimes , I forgot about it. be honest not sometimes but most of the time. hahaha...Lazy bum! Most of the time I applied it in the evening. Well...don't expect me to apply this in the morning which is the busiest time for me.

The tube make it easier to apply since you just need to turn the tube, squeeze out the cream and then massage it in circular motion onto your target area. You will feel some burning sensation just for a while and it will go away with less than 2 -3 minutes after you stop massaging the cream onto your skin. Among all Clinelle Body Fitness Series, I love this new Hot Body Shaper Cream better because That metal roller ball really save my hands from the cream burning sensation.The smells is acceptable. Not the burning or rotten smells. I can say its a pleasant to your nose.

This work well with regular exercise. Well if you go to slimming center the process is more or less simple since they have that machine. That machine can't do magic to your body at all if you don't watch out your diet and do regular exercise. The slimming center girl will push you to buy more detox shaker and ask you go on diet at the same time.

What I did with this Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream to lose some inches on my tummy and thigh area?

* Apply Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream and do the plastic wrap 
* Then go for home Sauna for 30 minutes.

I did see some 'S' line visible to this routine. huhuhuh..thought will live and die with 'H' line all the way. With fasting month, I think my shape will look much better soon. Now I am using this more seriously. I still have hope!

Recent Butterfly event Clinelle sponsored One tube of this Hot Body Shaper Cream, yeayyy!!! I am going to make use of this since I have 3 tube of this at home all together. 

I would recommend this Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream to people who are looking out to shape out the body. At least the ingredients is safe and Clinelle being a good well known brand won't jeopardized its brand name to any illegal and not safe ingredients.

You can get Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream from its official website . Fast delivery and reliable too. The price for Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream is RM89.90 for one tube and there is a bundle saver which is RM119.00 for 2 tubes.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Unboxing The Goodies : The Butterfly Project brings Color to my Dull Life

I remember my first time stumble upon The Butterfly Project Community when I purchase first beauty box call bag of love. Then just try my luck to click join as community member and sign up for Himalaya event which is opening for registration on that time. So lucky when I got selected. Even came back from Hari Raya Holiday early to attend the event. I was so excited to attend my first beauty event as Caterpillars.  (don't la imagine me went to event wiggle wiggle like caterpillars!!!!)
Then I attended Butterfly Christmas Party. I was like me! me! select me to join the party with Tammy Miss President of The Butterfly Project. Thanks to her who are attentive and don't reject people like me and accept me to be part of her community.

I may not be that active attending event like other bloggers due to my day job but I slowly learn about this blogging industry. All my life before join The Butterfly Project is just work and study for many many years. No personal life at all. Don't even talk about being social with others. I am just a loner. I don't even have a hobby before I join Butterfly Project. Now, blogging is part of my life and this is the hobby that I can express myself well.
If you have been reading my blog, you will find that my style of writing is not a strict or formal one. I more towards expressing whatever comes to my mind and everything through my own words. Don't penalized me on my sucks grammar Reading blog is suppose to be entertaining rather than stressful reading. (my opinion je ni.). Sort of personal diary which I will browse from time to time to recall my prime time. Youth! Its going to fade soon....

Happy 4th Birthday The Butterfly Project! 

This is the 4th year and I wish this community grow larger and stay on, even until Miss President ,Tammy's hair turn silver. ngeeeeeee...don't strangle me reading this statement ,ya Tammy! Hope she didn't read this.  Aihhhh!!! too many butterflies...I am sure she will miss my blog. kekekeke

Gosh! can't imagine all the beauty blogger in Butterfly is actually a group of Hot Grandmamas and Grand Aunties . kakakakaka.. I think too far is it ?

When I got to know The Butterfly is organizing 4th Birthday party, I was like worried unable to join. I was travelling to Kaohsiung for many days at that time. Every now and then check the FB for registration opening. Then worried ...did I miss it out! Oh no...but can't ask anybody..afraid people think I am too much. Gedikkksss!!!! who is she? Why so keen? Never see her before? Not so active beauty blogger also. My own perception again.

The moment registration open , I was like yeayyy!!! registered! Now I can travel in peace and sleep tightly. WTH! The peacefulness not there yet for me. I feel nervous whether they will invite me. Everyday check email from Tammy. Is she going to include this 'kici meow'? WTH! 
What kind of life am I leading ? Aduhaii!!!!  But this is me in real.

After the invitation then I worried about what to wear. The theme color is pastel. I was like..WTH! when I open my wardrobe room. All Grim Reaper's dress code! All Black like the NZ football team and few of Navy Blue. Now got to buy new clothes.  At the end bought one blouse from East India. There you go... me donning with my first ever pastel color blouse in my life. WTH!

Despite my nervousness and anxiety, I manage to attend this beautiful and meaningful event and try my best to mingle. Which I still having problems....haihhhh...

When first walk into the party room...I was like..Whoa!!! so much effort and thoughts to put this thing together. Not to forget the attendance full of uncontrollable hot ladies!!!! WTH!

This board kind of not expected at all. Smart fella who came out with this idea.

Oh! the photo booth for today's event sponsored by G and G Studiobooth. I was skeptical when first saw this booth. I was contemplating to myself. Can I go pose in front of this camera? Introvert side of me is killing me! Then keep thinking...when else can I do this? I may not have this kind of chance after this. WTH! But afraid people laugh at me too. Lucky I manage to pull myself together. The next thing I know...was in the queue and then...have so much fun playing around the props and pose.

Then time to mingle with other bloggers, briefing by Dee Leonard. I know some of them like me say I know Lee Min Ho. WTH! 
Everybody is having so much fun. Love to see all this smiling faces. I feel good can bring my girl side of me out here and be part of this eventful birthday bash!

The briefing and introduction by all blogger also very funny.  I visited most of their blogs and finally get to know the real blog owner here.

The goodies bag is awesome. It feels like Christmas comes super duper early this year. I was like...whoaaaaa!!!! mine..mine..mine...

These are content of from the generous sponsor. WTH! Can't wait to try out and writes about my experience using this items.

Thank you Tammy , Miss President of The Butterfly Project for being very passionate about what you are doing and include me to be part of your awesome beauty bloggers community. I really wish to hear great news from you soon. What I mean is...Wedding Bells! Ding Dong Ding Dong. (beaming eyes!)

Thank you to The Butterfly Project pixies too. You guys are super awesome and sporting. Thank you to Miera who remember me from Horien event. Sorry for mispronounce your blog name. WTH! I have hard time get over my mistake after return from that event.

Thank you to generous goodies bag sponsor (click the link for my product reviews):

* Wanderlust Thing - Unicorn Face/ Eye Make Up Brush set
* W.Lab - Pocket Shadow Palette Blooming
* Orkid Cosmetic - Liquid Lipsticks
* 1028 - Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara
* Photobook Malaysia - FREE Voucher for The Simple Book 6x6 Hardcover 20pgs and 50x4R prints (I will review this next August because I am waiting to print out my family vacation photo end of July 2017 :) )
* G and G Studiobooth - Photoprints

You are awesome!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Travel to Taiwan : Experience staying at Tea Plantation near Sizhuo, Alishan

I took bus down from Alishan Mountain to another small town call Sizhuo. Its about 45 minutes journey down and I stop right in front the Hi Life Convenient store. Then wait for 'Mingsu' aka B&B owner to fetch me up to his place. Sorry! no public transport to get to this place since it located inside a huge tea plantation. I reached a bit early which is at 1:00pm but my appointment with him is around 3:00pm. It was freaking cold. I waited inside the Hi Life until around 2:30pm. 

The journey towards this B&B is like taking a roller coaster and a ride inside car driven by Takumi Fujiwara. You know that  famous anime Initial D ? Or do you remember Jay Chou playing that character in Chinese movie? He deliver tofu with his Toyota Sprinter AE86.

The route here is up hill...down hill and up hill and all those sharp 180 degree corner. Worst than Genting or even Cameron Highlands. The view is all white in front due to mist. Basically, you can't even see a things. That B&B a young dude around late 20s drove his white CX5 one hand only with some boring face expression. Whoaaa!!! this is what you call practice to perfectto!

This is my first time staying in this type of B&B. Everything fascinated me. Love the cool breeze and fresh air here. My room view is huge bamboo jungle. The surrounding is huge tea plantation and vegetables farm. Whoa!!!!! Can't wait to explore tomorrow.

No nearby restaurant. But the 'Mingsu' owner drove me to nearest town and I can call him anytime if I want a ride back. My first night dinner was sesame sauce noodles with highland cabbage top with sweet soy sauce and wasabi sauce. It was raining heavily and I was hungry. I finished it all. In normal days....don't think I will finish off this. hehehe...but I love the cabbage though. Its sweet and fresh with zest of wasabi.

I then walk towards nearby convenient shop to stock up some snacks and light food.

I woke up early in the morning and was given a delicious vegetarian rice ball and warm tea milk. No photo because forgot to take.hahaha...

I then prepare myself to go for a simple exploration around the 'Mingsu' . I don't forgot to keep breathing this fresh air to my lung. Hopefully it heal off some of the lacking inside my body.

Nearly to lunch time, I request to be driven out to old town Fenqihu. Its about 30 minutes drive from place I stayed. Owner told me to go around 11:30am and he said just call him whenever time I feel like coming back. Asssaaaa!!!!

Fenqihu is a small village off the expressway and also a former maintenance station for the forest railway. Current forest railway from Chiayi reaches here. I am taking the train down tomorrow afternoon.

Visited the forest railway museum. Interesting museum. Don't miss this place.

I enjoy my lunch bento with highlands and wild vegetables. Then quench my thirst with Alishan famous Aiyu Jello drink. I enjoy Alishan famous coffee with some wasabi cracker and also fried wild mushroom for my tea time break. I was suppose to enjoy the view while drinking and snacking but the weather was too misty that day. Owner said it suppose to be beautiful but the only think in front of me that day.....was just....ALL WHITE!!!! isk isk isk.... mist was too thick.

Forgot to mentioned if you in Fenqihu, don't miss this Bento place. You can buy and enjoy it on your train ride. To be honest that train not that comfortable for you to enjoy your bento. I think its best to eat it in the restaurant itself.

Bought some crunchy small peaches and also famous rice cakes for my night snacks.

Then I got too greedy saw this fresh made egg rolls. Who can miss this???? I bought one packet of those to add to my night snacking . The stall owner keep insist me to buy one box. I was like NO! NO! NO!!!!! But deep in my heart ..I wanna buy ...I wanna buy...kekekeke... I don't think can have real dinner since I enjoy too many street food at Fenqihu. shy la...everytime to trouble the B&B owner drive me out. I am not that thick face..duhh!!!

I woke up early the next morning to enjoy another exploration around the mingsu. Seriously , I can stay here another week which the mingsu owner found that I am strange! kekekeke... I guess he has been there too long until feel fed up with the view and environment. He told me normally people only book for 1 night. Nobody booked for 2 nights before. 

I was like....?????

I can't get enough of this view and fresh air. As usual every where I went...I will end up planning to retire there. Last time was Jeju Island near South Korea than Matsumoto, Japan. My latest retirement craze is this tea plantation near Sizhuo, Alishan. I wish have a liberty to do that. The only thing I can think off now is to marry one of those rich tea plantation owner nearby. But...things about people in this place ..they get married very early and at my age now????? They probably thought I am qualify to be a grandmother instead of mother. Wife???? Dreams on!!!  Aihhhhhh...NO HOPE! Back to KL work my ass off also cannot achieve this impossible dream ! There is no limit to dream. I know my limit to reality though!

Did I mentioned Alishan Oolong tea is the highest grade and good quality ? If you visit to Alishan don't forget to bring back some of this good tea. I bought some back!!! Yeayyyy...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Travel to Taiwan : Chasing after the Sunrise and Hiking Trail at Alishan Mountain

The main reason I flew to Kaohsiung is to visit this enchanted Alishan Forest Recreation area. I read about its diverse ecologies, colorful indigenous cultures, forest railways and amazing scenery of sea clouds and magnificent sunrise view.

This forest located in Chiayi County up more than 2,000 meters above sea level. This place is famous during Cherry Blossom Festival.

How to get to Alishan from Qinjing ?

I board the bus down from Qinjing to Puli and then from there change another bus to HSR Taichung Station and then to HSR Chiayi Station.

I took the bus up from HSR Chiayi Station up to Alishan. There are few taxi driver waiting asking you to get in to their taxi. But I find it much cheaper to get there with bus eventhough I have to wait for 2 hours. I miss the the first bus by seconds.

Tips : Before you go advice to check on the bus schedule online. They keep changing the timing. If you go in group it is worth to rent one taxi up. I think the cost is around NT2,500 for one trip up for whole taxi. Bus will cost you around NT250++. Bus driver will stop near the entrance and you need to bring your passport and money down to pay for entrance fees. That cost you around NT150/-pax.

Many people took the forest train up but due timing is not permitted for me so I took the bus up and down with the train instead.


First night at Alishan ,I booked a room walking distance to Alishan Railway Station. I was planning to take the train around 4:00am to Zhushan Station for Sunrise view. I don't think I can stay up at that hotel for long. The place is totally not my style. The only place is warm in the whole area is the bed. That because they have electric blanket on it. Other places is super cold for me.

Then I spend my remaining night at this awesome tea plantation near Sizhuo.

Things to do at Alishan Mountain

1. Chasing after the Sunrise

I woke up as early as 3:00am to walk out to Alishan Train Station to join the early morning queue. I bought the ticket as soon as I reached Alishan the day before.Try to go early to get the seat on the train or you will end up squeezing like sardines with others standing all the way to Zhushan Station. Not a long journey but don't wanna to be standing at early morning with others.

Honestly , it is hard to see the sunrise from Alishan due to the heavy mist. I am not lucky that day so the only view I get is white mist. shy la that sun. Like other people that day, I board down the train back but this time I stop at Zhaoping Station to challenge myself to walk along the tracks with hope I still can see left over cherry blossom.

2. Enjoy the walking trail

I kind of enjoy the walking trail on top of Alishan. Its not a difficult trail at all just the steps really bothering me. Anyway, I went on my hike with my walking stick. Just make sure you go there in the morning to avoid the group tourist. It can be nuisance to walk around with their noise. I manage to enjoy my time alone in the woods and really love it so much.

I manage to snap photos with late bloomers cherry blossom. Awesome! I thought would never get a chance to see it at all. There were few trees waiting for me. WTH! Thank you!

It was raining half way trek. By the time I reached Sisters Pond,then when the rain stop the mist was like covering the whole view. Surprisingly it is difficult to even see a single animal or insects around in this wood. Not hoping to see one but feel a bit weird because I can't even see a squirrel or a bird.

Isn't this look like a boar ?

It was really tiring to hike all the way with cold weather. I was glad to finally find a stop.

I bought some steamed 'guguma' aka sweet potatoes and corn. The owner asked me to top up some wasabi powder onto the sweet potatoes. I tried... and it was...whoa!!! exploded!!! and I love it. I bought packet of salted wasabi powder back home. WTH!  Wasabi is very famous here. So does basil seeds. If you see top right photo, that's wasabi.

Then the owner offer me warm basil seeds honey drink  to quench my thirst. Bless you! Thank God..I met generous and kind people during my trip.

After a short break, I then decided to walk towards the sacred tree site. I manage to cross the bridge then walk few meters before the heavy rain came. Aihhhh!!!!

At this point my leg feel very sore and started to cramp. Not sure how far I can go on. Plus feeling overly tired due to woke up at 3:00am that morning. Then met this girl who can speak English and she told me the train station nearby Sacred Tree only open at 10:30am. She turn back because need to check out at 11:00am. Me too! Aihhhh...turn back is better than stubbornly continue the journey. Even the path getting slippery by now. Guess! this is the limit of my journey here. I then bought a mini van ticket at nearby temple and join the queue to go back to hotel. I need to pack my bag and then take bus down to Sizhuo which I will be spending 2 nights there.

Weather in Alishan

Prepare warm clothing. Look at me cover up like that still feel every part of my body is freezing cold. It will be chilly and damp weather on top of Alishan. Try to bring waterproof jackets and shoes.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Travel to Kaohsiung : Things to do at Qingjing Grassland

Qingjing is a great place for people who love fresh air , lush forests, flowers and beautiful starry nights. This place located far away from city area in the mountains and hillsides. Oh! if you love cows and sheep then this place is a best place to interact with this farm animals. The culture at Qinjing I could say quite unique since its a combination of Taiwanese Aboriginal and Kuomintang Army Veterans who relocated here after the Chinese Civil War with their family mainly from Yunnan Province.

The Weather at Qingjing

Through out the day, Misty and Fog over the mountain tops and the sun will appears to rise from sea of clouds at dawn. Best time to walk in the afternoon. The weather can be chilly. Dress warm.

How to go to Qingjing from Kaohsiung? 

* Take HSR train at Zuoying Station to Taichung Station

* From Taichung Station take bus direct to Qingjing (Please note bus will stop at Puli to take other passenger before continue the journey up to Qingjing)

* I took Nantou bus and bought the ticket at the counter. You can buy the day pass together with bus ticket which means it include the entrance ticket to some of famous attraction at Qingjing. I just bought the bus ticket since the hotel I reserved include the entrance ticket.

Total journey from Kaohsiung to Qingjing is around 5 hours. phewwwww!!!! Half day gone! But the journey is worth it since I can see many beautiful view along the way.

Things to do at Qingjing

1. Book yourself a night stay at one of those uphill guesthouse

Imagine waking up to the nice view the next morning and enjoy cup of hot coffee with some fresh home baked bread under the chill weather. I booked for 2 nights stay.

2. Carton King

Carton King is a famous chain store in Taiwan selling everything made from Carton. As you walk inside this place from Table to Chairs and even the interior design is made of Carton.

Nothing to shout out about the food there but the environment and view is worth to give it a try. Lucky me this place is just opposite the place I stay.

3. Small Swiss Garden

Located beside Carton King. Enjoy the nice flower view here. More flowers will bloom in June. But I still enjoy strolling around the beautiful garden after my lunch at Carton King.Just walk right to almost the end you will find nice Cafe for hot latte or some ice cream. The owner have a cheeky cat name 'Polly'.

In the evening, I take a walk at nearby Maple trail. Its not in season for color changing yet. But the place smells fresh and enjoy the walking so much.

The lavender is blooming soon.

Here you will find many ducks and pigeon walking around freely. You can try to mingle around with duck here too. You need to careful on duck shit here. Its everywhere! hehehe.

Since I received two entrance ticket , I visited this place again at night to enjoy the dancing fountain show. I brought some hot latte and sat there to enjoy the show.

4. Tea Plantation Trail

Even though the tea plantation here is not that big but it still worth to walk. This place is just behind the guesthouse. Lovely view.

5. Green Green Grasslands

I visited this place in the morning. I was waiting for the bus but then forgot to take the new entrance ticket from the guesthouse reception. Turn back to guesthouse and was told I still can use yesterday ticket. Ceh!!! never tell me that earlier. Tired walking in the morning. By that time I miss the bus. Suddenly feeling 'meh' early in the morning. Then one mini van stop ask if I wanna go up to Green Green Grasslands for NT50. I just took that minivan up with 3 other passenger who share the same destination as me. Its common here. My plan is to take public transport up the hill and later walk down using one of those walking trail.

Finally , reach to the top of Green Green Grasslands. I walked around with my walking stick. People were staring at me. Especially the old people. They look at me with such a pitiful expression. The younger one will avoid me. Haihhhh....face not that important now. Most important I can support my leg well. Don't care that. Focus! focus! Be mentally strong!

What will you see at Green Green Grasslands?

Sheep roaming around. Sheep poo dropping is everywhere. So Green Green Grassland is a place full of shit ? Haih!!! just pray I don't step on some of those. For those who love to pet the sheep you can do so. I don't. I am not a fan of this place but I love the surroundings view. I just walk and enjoy the view here. I tried my best to avoid the nuisance and loud Chinese tourist group possible. Then try some warm sheep milk and some ice cream while admiring the magnificent view before my eyes !

If you have time and walk faster than me you can catch horse show which I find it interesting. I manage to catch the ending part since I walked super slow. Old that lorrrr! From there I choose to walk towards the maple trail down to guesthouse I stayed. Quite a long walk though.  But the view and surrounding is worth the pain. WTH! Not many people going through this trail.

I was alone for quite sometime until met this one teenage boy wondering alone like me too. At first thought he was lost. I confidently struck a conversation with him. Ecehhhh... Luckily he speaks good American English. He is local came with his family but he skip the lunch and wanna enjoy this trail. Yes. This is his second time! the first timer still have guts to ask whether he is lost. Suddenly became so caring..huh ? I am too lonely. hahaha

Some late blooming cherry blossom still on the tree. Refreshing view.

I found some fresh apples for sale. I bought some and seriously this one is crispy and sweet. Totally fresh from the farm.

Other place you can visit is Old England which I don't. Apparently , you need to purchase their hi tea set to enter the place and take the photo. No energy to walk there. There are some museum and so on too.

I need to retire early today since tomorrow another long journey which I will be heading to Chiayi and then up to Alishan Mountain. 

Tips : It is possible to stay at Taichung and take the bus up to Qingjing for day trip. If you need to overnight at Qinjing it is doable for a night stay. There are many other nice attraction which I skip since my condition is not so good. I was throwing up and fever because of some not suitable food the night before isk isk isk.