Friday, June 2, 2017

The Best Place to Buy Korean Beauty in Malaysia

I am not sure about you but when I first jumped onto the Korean Drama trend bandwagon, I really wanna look as good as those people I watch on screen. WTH! I know..I know you gonna comment, they are plastic and this and that. But still.... their make up and so on look super gorgeous. Aihhhh! just agree with me la...don't be in denial! kekeke

Ever since I began my super-one-sided love affairs with countless Korean Actors, I am dying to look good myself. (At this point reading...don't dare 'die laughing' at me!) I know for those who met me would do that. I use to be gorgeous too you know!!! Just wait for your wrinkle to catch up with you unless you wanna do filler and botox , then end up with expressionless tight face. Go ahead!

I am more into skin care rather than makeup. Everyone of us can't runaway from aging process. All we can do is to slow down the process with better skincare routine. Remember that famous 10 steps Korean Woman Skin Care routine? For makeup? Gosh! me can't even apply eyeliner forget it. For me lipstick and CC Cushion is more than enough! Skincare is most important.

Where do I shop for my Korean Beauty product?

So many channels to buy Korean Beauty product until you don't even know where to choose. I bought mine only from this famous online beauty shop call 

Why ?

1. Authentic

I prefer a well known site because don't want to end up buy a face products and end up damage my skin. At , I don't have to worry about buying fake product. They sells only 100% authentic Korean Beauty products!

2. Wide Selections

I prefer more options and variety of selections when come to online shopping. Admit! I don't really loyal to one brand. I rather go for in trend and change my choice according to season. about Online Shopping Queen Syndrome! brings me to many K brand. For example I get to know Witch Pouch from this site. I am so obsess with the lip tint which I can't even leave home without it! K Beauty always on the move and keep changing. So I keep myself in trends by getting update from by subscribing to their mailing list.

3. Free Shipping and Fast Delivery

There are two things, I hate the most when do online shopping. Pay expensive shipping fee and take ages for items to reach. I don't have to worry about this at Sometimes they even impressed me because items reached like within 3 working days all the way from Korea to Malaysia. I Shipping fee? Never pay shipping fee here since they offer Free Shipping for purchase RM99 and above.

4. Free Gift or Purchase with Purchase

I love this kind of deal when it come to shopping. I normally received extra goodies from them on top of my purchase. They are not stingy to do some giveaway to their customers. I am talking about full size items free gift , you know! Not the 'kici meow meow' sample size, K!

Talk about Free gift! I am sharing to my is having a Special Giveaway Event in conjunction to Festive Season Raya Celebration. You wanna know what item you can get? Go to peek on now.You won't regret! Many items are on sales now. Smart shopper will make purchase during Festive promotion.

5. Limited Edition Box

The Limited Edition Box from is always something I want! Trust me are worth to collect. I have many at home. The design are all beautiful and use it to store my other items. Talking about the Limited Edition Box from, here your chance to own one of those special occasion box for your collection. If you purchase your Raya Beauty care and products from during this festive season , your items may reach you in those beautiful Raya Limited Edition Box.  If you are lucky enough la...because those boxes always out of stocks since its limited!. You need to act fast like me. ehehehe...

6. User Friendly website

I tried both website and also mobile app shopping with and both don't let me down. Fast loading and easy to browse. I am so everything need to be fast or I ditch! hahaha..The payment method also at secure window. If you have problem the customer support gives attentive response.

Talk about online beauty haul....mmmmmm...shall I go for another online haul at ???? Me? Shopping again??? Oh Yeayyyy!!!! 

Happy Raya Shopping you all! Grab that FREE GIVEAWAY by while stock last.

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